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Hey! :)What would you like to see in Season 8 ?

Well-paced, well-written storytelling, but I know that’s a reach.

So really, I’d just like to see Rick and Michonne in more episodes. And more of the group together. The better episodes of S7 were when we got a little bit of everyone. I don’t know why that’s so hard or what budgetary reasons are preventing it, but they’re ruining their show with “bottle” episodes. So I definitely want less of those.

I’d also like to see more Carl, more Maggie, less Negan and The Saviors (the only time I want to see them is when they’re dying), the same Judith, more Richonne sex (like AN ACTUAL SCENE PLEASE), less of Daryl being either unnecessarily rash or mopey and sad, and hopefully, now that Rosita got shot 🙄 and the war has started, she can finally chill the fuck out.

As for the war, I don’t remember a whole lot about it from the comics, so I don’t really have any specific wishes. I know it’s probably gonna last most of the season, but I think it would be cool if it ended in episode 15 and then we got the 2-3 year time jump for episode 16. I think that would be exciting going into S9.

Lastly, I’m really concerned that Rick is gonna die at the end of AOW. I don’t know why, because he certainly doesn’t in the comics, but it’s always sort of been at the back of my mind. Because I know Andy can’t do this forever, and what would be a better death for the main character than dying during the biggest arc in the comics? Added to that, there’s the conversation that came up with Rick and Michonne in 7x12, and I, like Andy, like Michonne, started freaking out about the suddenly very tangible idea of Rick dying, lol. Like, I really can’t process it. So I guess my biggest wish for S8 is that Rick (and Michonne, but I don’t really think she’s in danger) stays alive.

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Okay BUT: Steve and Bucky don't catch the regular flu, but when they do get sick, it's always something weird and they both act like they're dying. "Go on without me..." "Steve, you have the super-sniffles. Calm down."


Sam isn’t allowed near them with his Normal Human immune system. Nat tells them to calm down and cover their noses when they sneeze or they’ll literally blow out the windows. Foobs spends the entire day fetching boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of tissues.

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What purpose do you think white onyx's and howlites have on homeworld


White Onyxs are a higher up guard. They belong in white diamonds court and are strong. They are known to be good generals and strong personal guards.

As for howlites
They’re known to be dyed to imitate other gems. So I am going to say Howlites were gems used to imitate other gems or like White Onyx, is a strong guard. Though howlites are bigger and tougher and used as a tank while fighting. They have an immense amount of strength.

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mcelroy brother laughs

justin: wheezy high-pitched cackle. effervescent, jovial, contagious. a sweet silly laugh for a sweet silly boy.

travis: somewhere between a lumberjack and an old lady. fun, sudden, elusive. the heartiest of the mcel-laughs for the heartiest of the mcel-boys.

griffin: a literal baby goose.  rings out like a trumpet blast from his lungs. just adorable god i love griffin so fucking much

ratings of non-human things to tell your problems to

The Statue in the park- 7/10, good honest face that doesn’t change when you tell it you’re afraid of dying alone, bad if it ever comes to life in a freak accident

the unfeeling walls of a local target- 5.5/10, good aesthetic for public confessions, very red, bad for employees staring at me

spirits of the dead- 3/10, my grandma be judging me

Your Cat- 10/10, she loves you!!!! and is soft!!! the stern look is only to tell you to get your shit together, she cares

Your Dog- 10/10, also soft and loves you, your dog thinks you’re great even if you tell it you haven’t showered in a week or you can’t make that phone call

the internet- 0/10 NOOOO, DO NOT, other people are on there

a conch shell- 8/10, you can hear ocean noises respond :D, better than my cousin standing in my room and making wooshing noises

the unblinking eye of God in the corner of your room- 5/10, that bitch don’t blink, but relates to you

you know you’re lazy when you’re super thirsty and still don’t want to get up to get some water because you don’t feel like doing things but you feel terrible since you’re probably dying

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What if someone isn't out or comfortable with people knowing that they're trans? Is there a way to do CPR on someone in a binder without putting their privacy at risk?

No. If someone needs CPR, it’s because they’ve stopped breathing and are probably experiencing cardiac arrest. Don’t bother worrying about what they might be comfortable with - they’re literally dying and every moment is vital. Ideally, have someone else cut their binder off (or any other tight clothing that might interfere with circulation) while you perform chest compressions - don’t let the removal stop you for more than a few seconds. It’ll have to come off before you can use an AED on them, but by then you’ll have someone else helping you. 

But like. Don’t let consideration for someone’s privacy or comfort stop you from acting in a life-or-death scenario. 


Tried to get the pose right but just ended up in this ridiculous finger gun situation


someone/something makes connor laugh (which barely ever happens) and to everyone’s surprise connor’s laugh is really soft and adorable?? everyone is dying

tree bros addition bc i’m trash: evan getting all blushy over it and when connor asks him why his face is so red evan is just like “you um.. have a really. uh, cute laugh,, is all *sweats*” and connor starts blushing too and they’re just gay nerds in love i’m sorry

Excessive (Hamilsquad x Reader)

AN: This took a week to get out and it’s not even good lolololol

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Request: Anonymous- Could I request a hamilsquad x reader where the reader accidentally burns or injures themselves in some way and the boys freak out like they’re dying? Idk why I thought of this but I just love your writing and would love to see a story like this! ❤❤❤ Thank you!!!

Warnings: Injury and swearing, though I feel swearing goes without saying at this point lmao

Word Count: 1,218

It had been a fairly unproductive day, but the boys had insisted on relaxing with you on the rare days that they all had off. Relaxing meant watching HGTV or some other home improvement channel, half asleep.

Everyone had been pleasantly surprised when Alexander came downstairs late and without his computer.

“Good afternoon, Sleeping Beauty,” Hercules smiled and shifted to make room for Alexander on the couch. There was no reason for this, as Alex just curled up in Herc’s lap.

“Good afternoon, jackass,” Alex yawned once he got comfortable. “Good afternoon to everyone else.”

“Why does he get jackass?” John asked as he rubbed your side, not looking away from the tv.

Alex huffed. “I know I look like a disaster. He was making fun of me.”

“Obviously, Johnny boy,” you said, your voice dripping with sarcasm. “Get with the program. We all know we’re only dating this bridge troll out of pity.”

“The loser is right,” Gilbert chimed in.

“Shh, Property Brothers. Shut up,” you whispered.

And just like that, the room fell silent. This was a favorite of yours, and the boys knew you’d be more than willing to kill them if they talked over it.

Three commercial breaks later, you were starting to doze off. A nap started to sound better and better as John rubbed your side and Gilbert played with your fingers.

“We should bake,” Alex said suddenly, startling the rest of you. “We have brownie mix in the pantry.”

“That is most certainly not real baking,” Gilbert scoffed.

“Get over it, Frenchy,” John grunted as he moved you carefully into his lap. “You three can go bake, but doodle-bug here is almost asleep so we’re going to stay here.”

“Shut the fuck up. We get it. You’re a good, southern boy. You don’t have to throw around weird ass nicknames every three seconds in order to prove it,” Hercules grumbled and stood Alex up before he stood up himself. Gilbert joined them and the three of them shuffled out of the room, bickering about God knows what.

You woke up sometime later to the oven timer going off. John was snoring loudly and the other three weren’t arguing, so they’d probably gone off to fuck.

You took a minute to rub your eyes before you slowly shuffled into the kitchen. First you shut the annoying-as-fuck timer off, then went to pull the pan out of the oven.

“Fuck!” you screeched. The pan fell out of your hands and hit the oven door with a smack, then crashed against the floor.

John came running into the kitchen. “What happened?” he panted once he got to you.

“I forgot oven mitts,” you shook your head at yourself. “I’m fine. I just need to get my hands under water. But their brownies-”

“It doesn’t matter, sugar. Come on,” John guided you over the sink and started the water, letting it run to get cold. He guided your hands under the water and held them firmly when you tried to yank them away from the freezing water.

All you could think about as the water soothed the burn that was causing your hands to shake pretty severely was the ruined pan of brownies.

They had created a few moments of peace, which was unusual in that house. The boys were going to be upset.

“John,” you mumbled and pulled your hands out of the water. “I need to clean that up.”

“What happened? We heard the crash-” Hercules said frantically as he flew into the room, followed quickly by Alex and Gilbert.

They all huddled around you, looking between John and yourself. You cradled your hands to your stomach in a pathetic attempt to keep them hidden as they looked you up and down. Alex took your hands in his gently and turned them palms-up so that everyone else could see them.

“Merde, mon amour,” Gilbert scolded and shook his head. “I’ll get them bandaged. While I’m gone, you need to wash your hands since Alex didn’t wash his before he touched yours. Idiot.”

He mumbled the last part under his breath as he turned on his heel and went to get bandages.

Alex dropped your hands, a look of guilt spreading across his face. “What did you even do?” he asked quietly.

“I got the brownies out of the oven,” John turned you back to the sink as you talked. “I forgot about mitts. It’s not a big de- fuck you, asshole!”

You yelped and jerked your hands away when John put soap on them.

“Love you too, sweet pea. Herc, help me, please,” he sighed.

Hercules, who seemed to grow even larger the closer he got, moved behind you and held your hands back out over the sink so that John could finish washing them.

“What are you guys doing?” Gilbert asked, sounding almost bemused.

“Apparently washing your hands is a group effort now,” you grumbled. “And the pan still needs to get picked up.”

“There are other things to worry about right now,” Alex said from Gilbert’s side.

“It’s really not that big of a deal. Gilbert, can you please do whatever the fuck it is you’re going to do so that we can all move on with our lives. And can someone pick up the fucking brownies before I fucking lose it,” you hissed but kept leaning into Hercules and stopped trying to pull your hands away from John. You knew this was a lost cause.

Alex left Gilbert’s side to start cleaning up the brownies. “You’re cute when you’re angry, baby,” he smirked.

“I’ll fucking kick your ass, Hamilton,” you threatened over a yawn. “Gilbert. Move. Bouger.”

Gilbert snapped his hand to his forehead in mock salute and marched the five steps it took to get to you. The three of you not cleaning watched him rummage through the first aid kit that was more of a smaller version of his EMT bag. It was excessive, obviously, but he had insisted, and you were the only one who really argued against something so big as the boys had learned that you were accident prone early on in the relationship. Just the process of Gilbert finding what he needed took long enough that you started dozing off leaning against Herc.

Once he was done cleaning the mess, Alex joined the four of you. He leaned into John’s side and watched anxiously as Gilbert started to wrap your hands expertly in gauze.

“You need to have one of us change these for you a few times a day for a couple of days, okay? I know you don’t like us babying you, but second-degree burns are nothing to fool around with,” Gilbert instructed. He waited until you nodded to press a kiss to your forehead.

“I think Love It or List It is going to start soon. Don’t want to miss that,” John murmured and nodded to the living room. “The couch awaits.”

Herc scooped you up in his arms and followed the other three out to the living room. He sat in the middle of the couch, knowing that everyone would want to huddle back around you, which they did once you’d curled up in his lap. Someone turned the TV on and you were out like a light.