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my leggy got shavey

ok! so, that one part of my leg has never been smooth and there’s now an autobot symbol with the blue spark flowers on it! i’ll post an actual photo of it but the tattoo guys in the shop geeked out over transformers :’D 

it wasn’t painful, tbh (at least not more than an injection?) it was kinda relaxing actually lmaoooo. also i’m now dedicating this leggy to megatron and might cover the leg with more (megatron)! (my sis also got a con symbol w/ a rose) 

ahhhhh i’m too preppy to actually talk to anyone for now so…  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

more hoe tips 💜

*when you’re done washing up in the shower, rub olive oil all over yourself. when you get out, pat yourself dry, and apply lotion. you will be soft as hell.

*also, add olive oil/argan oil/avocado oil/etc. to your lotion. it makes it more moisturizing.

*buy some exfoliating gloves. they keep your skin soft & even toned and are mess free.

*for a quick & easy hot oil treatment, mix olive oil, castor oil and avocado oil in an applicator bottle, and run the bottle under hot water to warm the oils up. apply to your hair (especially on those ends girl!) put a shower cap/plastic bag on your head, and wait for 30 minutes. i like to use my bonnet blowdryer attachment (you can find one at sallys) while i’m waiting so the oil can heat up & penetrate my hair more. afterward, wash your hair as usual.

-if ur cold but still wanna wear a hoe ass outfit, get one of those lil hand warmers, wrap some tissue around it and stuff it in ur bra. it’ll keep u warm. u can also use those lil sticky heating pads under your clothes

-body butter recipe

-micellar water is the best. it dissolves makeup quick as hell, and is good for all skin types. i love the garnier micellar water. the bioderma micelle water is good too. use it on a cotton pad and remove your makeup within minutes.

-stop drinking soda bc it’s filled with sugar, bad for the skin & teeth and just overall bad 4 u. i used to stay drinking soda until i switched to drinking sparkling/seltzer water. it still gives the same fizz without all the icky stuff.

-if your feet are rough soak your feet in warm/hot water for about 10 minutes. get a pumice stone/bar and scrub your feet. coat your feet with cocoa butter/ shea butter, and vaseline/aquaphor. put thick socks on, go to sleep and wake up with soft feet.

-when doing squats, squeeze your glutes when you come up. this way you’re really working your butt muscles and you’ll get a better result & a bigger 🍑

-to prevent uti’s, drink cranberry juice (diy recipe here) and take vitamin c.

-if down there gets sore/swollen after rough sex, take a pad or baby diaper, pour water in it, freeze it, and then put it in your underwear to relieve some of the pain. if it melts, just refreeze it.

-shave with olive oil. it keeps your smoother for longer, and you cut yourself less and get less ingrowns.

-if u wanna feel & smell sexy under your clothes (or you just get sweaty under your titties) lush makes a silky underwear dusting powder that smells so sexy and keeps you dry & smooth; and it’s only 10 dollars! but if ur a cheap hoe i understand and u can also just use plain arrowroot powder with some perfume oil mixed in.

-this rice water hair rinse will give u silkier, smoother hair and also aids in hair growth.

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how do i bake? xx

really easy steps:

1) make sure you’ve highlighted your face including your under eye, nose, chin, & forehead.

2) blend using a beauty blender

3) use a translucent loose powder that doesn’t cause flashback e.g. Laura Mercier translucent loose powder, coty airspun translucent loose powder or baby powder

4) dip your beauty blender in the product & press lightly on the highlighted areas of your face & let it set for about 10 minutes

5) meanwhile you can finish the rest of your makeup e.g. powder contouring to define the areas of your face

6) remove powder after 10 minutes, fan off the excess using a powder brush & you’re all done!

7) optional (dry skin) - use a hydrating spray after, like the mac fix+ or Tatcha to finish the look!

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Hi! do you have a tictail store or some online store where i can buy your merch? im so excited about buying your yoi's charms when they're done and i dont want to miss them!!

it’s funny you should ask Anon, I just opened up the store! :D I’m nervous as heck but !!!! thank you so much for being excited and enthused about this, it’s so encouraging and I appreciate your support so so so much ;____; MASSIVE BEAR HUGS TO ALL OF YOU

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Can I get a reaction where you (their gf) find out their 60m times from ISAC and demand them to race you. They are very confident they will win but you end up crushing them? Thank you!


Neither one of you was panting, but one of you was pouting.

“You cheated!” He pointed an accusing finger your way before heaving and resting both his hands on his knees.

At his statement, which sounded as if had been yelled from the mouth of an annoyed five years old who’s lost at a game of tag. “You can’t handle that I beat you!”

You were unfazed by the run, dancing in circles around him. Normally you’d take the high road and try to cheer him up, but after the round of bragging he’d had earlier, you felt that he deserved it.

Finally you’re done laughing and you wrap your arms around his shoulders and kiss his temple. He merely picks you up, recovered quickly after your kiss, and picks you up off the grassy ground.

“I admit defeat!”

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remember those??? WELL, they are back, a blast from the past!

they will now be available to commission starting from NOW, untill Jan 20th!!
There are no slots for now, but if my que starts filling up, there will be a small closing, then re-opening when im done with the current batch!

They are $20 each, $30 for couples/linked !
I can do anthros/furries, humans, hybrids, kemonomimi, females/males/nb etc!!

Just make sure to have a VISUAL DRAWN reference of the character you want me to draw!
Optional: feel free to give me any info of what you want for your character to wear or for the bg! ( scarf, beanie, santa hats??? christmas ligHTS!?!? NO SNOW?? )

To order one, please email > < with subject: Winter Icon !

Any and all reblogs would be REALLY appreciated!
Thank you SO much for reading!! <3

Sasuke’s Lights

For the “Mother-Daughter(s)” project ^^

The background was hard to do, had to be re-done all from the start but here it is finally the third installment for the Mother-Daughter(s) project  Yes I’m aware I made Sakura’s chest a little too big XD…sorry!

Comments are appreciated and please do not repost, use or edit this!! If you want to share then please reblog from the original post in tumblr or share from my facebook page!

You can find the other related pics on this tag: Mother-Daughter(s) Project

The worst part of being famous is eating. I don’t mind going out to a restaurant alone, but I still eat like a kid growing up in a family of seven – fast and thoughtlessly. It’s so you can get seconds before everyone else wants more. But now, when you’re done eating like a pig, and you’ve got sauce on your cheek and maybe on your eyelid, someone 3ft away leans over and says, “By the way, I’m a big fan.” And you think to yourself, “Yeah, right.” And then you go, “What did I look like? I looked like a cow.”

–Bob Odenkirk (The Times UK 12.03.16)


“Three weeks and I’ll join you in Texas.” Riley let her fingers trace his jawline as she stared into his meadow green eyes, feeling her heart race in a way that only he was able to create in her.

Lucas looked down at her smiling, “I wish you could come now.”

“I know, but I still have finals and have to finish my internship, but I will be on the first flight out as soon as they’re done. Nothing is going to stop me from joining you in Texas and becoming Mrs. Lucas Friar.” She felt his lips on hers knowing this was the last kiss for a while, she could feel it in her knees, his toes, the strength of his lips of his love swept through her.

“It’s just three weeks, I promise I’ll have the house as ready as it can be for your arrival.” His fingers twisted in the ends of her hair, he was going to miss doing this the next three weeks, all these simple little moments, touches, caresses, but he understood.

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texts | finnadox
  • Finn: that is most definitely the last time I challenge you to do anything. I don't know where all of my blood went but it's definitely no longer in my fucking head.
  • Finn: p.s it's real this time, we're done, no more shirts for you, or lunch dates, unless you come over at some point tonight. Just Saying.

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If you're too busy with school to do replies you shouldn't be a roleplayer. It's not some stupid little hobby you dabble in. It's full time commitment. Take a hiatus until you're done. And don't send memes/like starter calls if you're not done with your drafts. It's that simple.

I’m sorry.

when you’re done doing your eyeliner but you’re rushing so you forget your eyeliner hasn’t set yet so when you look up to set your under eyes it smears all over your eyelids and ruins your whole eyeshadow look and your whole day is ruined

do u ever write something bc u were inspired by someone’s pretty writing and then when you’re done you’re dissatisfied bc it will either be not as beautiful or borderline unintentionally plagiarising that someone’s pretty writing OR BOTH, sometimes both happen at the same time

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Hey! First off I love your art. And second, I don't want to be a burden, but do you think once you're done with black watch bros put it in a master post or all together? It's sorta hard navigating through tumblr to see the previous strip/story part. You don't have to if you don't want to not trying to push or anything :)

No, I totally agree and I wanted to do that, but then I thought that I might as well just post the whole thing on AO3 so that’s what I did

Click here for the AO3 collection of Blackwatch AU

I’ll probably upload it with a bunch of strips once I’ve collected enough of them, should serve as a masterpost of sort, right?