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Got7 Reaction || Their Girlfriend Screaming From The Bedroom And When They Come In They See She Climed Up The Door Frame Because She Saw A Spider And She Wants Them To Kill It
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“Oh my God, I’ll save you, just stop screaming”


“Yes honey, you scared me, but no hard feelings, not at all”


“Oh, you’re scared? I might just let this little guy stay for a while”
*Freaking rude*


“Whaa… Why are you on the door frame?”
Y/N: “There’s a spider! Kill it, pleeaase!”
“… Okay”
*Searches for it like the good boyfriend he is*


“You look so funny, I wanna take a picture of you”


“Ew, ew, ewww! I’m not gonna touch it! You’re scared so you do it!”


“Aghh! You scared me because of a spider! So evil!”


That’s always an interesting dynamic between Alec and Jace and the whole parabatai thing that we worked quite hard on, dealing with the physical connection that’s between the two of them and how that’s linked to the emotional connection between the two of them. So a lot of what happens, especially when we see more and more with, you know, Luke gave us the adamas and we connected through the adamas and through our rune, I think more and more we see that’s, and it happened in season one as well, that’s a very physical connection and we both experienced the same kind of things that each other is going through and we saw that kind of at the end of episode two, and that’s something I think we’re going to continue to do because it’s important to solidify how fundamental this relationship is.
—  Dom Sherwood on the parabatai bond between Jace and Alec [x]

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Hi love, first, thank you for all of your fic recs. They're the best, and I know you do them as a gift, not because you have to. So thanks! The crack fic with One Direction as mosquitos was so bizarrely wonderful. Which got me thinking...what are your favorite Larry crack fics?? I think many of us could use a good laugh rn. Thanks and have a lovely weekend!

Oh I actually don’t think I read a real crack fic before the Mosquito one ( Bloody Mary , by @lululawrence !)

But if you want to laugh while reading, you can take a look here : Funny fics :)

 (thanks a lot for your lovely message love)

|| By the way if I ever use thou/thee/thy/thine in a thread, like full on “thou art”, I’m not doing it for the purpose of sounding archaic (though elves in the Silmarillion mostly talk to each other that way, especially when they are family, and Fëanor does it all the time). I’m doing it because those are the informal pronouns. They’re literally the way someone would have once talked to a really close friend, to family, and to subjects; by extension, to someone of lower status.

So… if Fëanor talks that way in a thread, it’s because he’s being a lil’ shit in a linguistic sense, he’s talking down to someone, he’s not putting them on equal grounds by means of pronoun choice. It’s pretty much a subtle insult. 

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Do you have a follow forever list?

I’m sorry nonny! I never do these lists or answer about my favourite simblrs because I follow a lot of nice blogs so it means someone will be left aside or forgotten, which I’d hate to do because not being included does feel bitter, and the list of my favourite simblrs is just my opinion, this doesn’t mean others don’t deserve attention. I’d like to help you of course, so I can say that I mostly follow ts3 blogs of any kind (with a soft spot for legacy players like me) and some ts2 & ts4 ones. You can go through the notes under my posts if you want, you’ll find a lot of amazing people there ❤ (I love you guys, all of you. Not only because of liking my posts but you’re doing a great job yourselves)

P.s. will tag it later I’m on the phone

Why do you hate me? You hate me because you’re a bitch who pulls the others down just to bring yourself up. It’s because you see everything in me that you never got a chance to have. And since your insecurity intensifies whenever people choose me over you, I wish you’ll get well soon, girl.

Because this is where I document my terrible job:

Boss: Why isn’t this thing finished? Why wasn’t this listed?

Me: I don’t know, I just found out and I’m telling you now.

Boss: Honey, that’s -

Me: *starts to say something*

Boss: And I know you hate the word “honey” but I’m saying it out of frustration. This thing is your responsibility, so Honey, that’s not good enough and if you need to check the list every day then do that because I’m not mad that you’re telling me now, I’m mad that it didn’t happen a year ago

Me: Yeah, I’m pissed at me a year ago too, which is why I’m making us a quote to fix it now and letting you know as soon as I found out. I’ll have to you in two minutes.

Boss: Great, if you think you can handle that.

I mean at least thankfully it was loud enough that the rest of the office heard it and it’s not the first time we’ve had the “honey” argument in front of co-workers so I’ve got people to back up that this sort of thing is ongoing and I’ve made a point of posting and documenting each time this happens with a date and all that fancy jazz. And. Like. Admitting that he’s belittling me with a gendered nickname because he knows I hate it is pretty clearly not cool.

And that specific part of it is why I’m still crying at my desk.

But he has his goddamned quote.

It’s really annoying when you’re making a pantheon of gods and you want to do 9 because you’re a useless alignments nerd and the only good saying as a kinda curse is “by the nine” but you aren’t sure if you can use it because Elderscrolls.

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hey. you're an amazing human being and you should continue doing what you're doing, because you're awesome and i love you :)

Someone!!!!! LOV E S M E?????????!!!?!?????WTF THIS IS SUCH A PRECIOUS MESSAGE

People “reclaiming” slurs to sound edgy are so annoying I know you’re only doing it for shock value because words like fuck/shit/bitch/damn are so commonly used they don’t mean anything anymore so you use words like faggot and retarded and kike to seem edgy shut up

Turns out that going back to college when you’re 29 means that everyone in your classes are going to be 18. It’s weird. I’m okay with it but I’m constantly plagued with why I didn’t finish when I myself started going to college at 17? Why did I choose to move to the mountains? Date terrible people, suffer such loss at my expense only to find myself at 27 with no direction?? Life is weird. I’m doing it now though, at the expense of never having free time again. It really is never to late to do anything. We all get stuck in a life with fragile routines that we cannot break because we’re not lucky enough to do so. I may have been unlucky in most of twenties but I feel lucky to have the opportunity to go back now..

Sometimes, you do things and you do them not because you’re thinking but because you’re feeling. Because you’re feeling too much. And you can’t always control the things you do when you’re feeling too much.