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Day 18

Today’s going to be a mix, but all of them are songs. The first three are just Mulder and Scully videos with, you know, romantic songs playing over the top. They’re like, lookin’ at each other and…doin’ stuff. <3

Stay (One of my FAVES)

Love Me Like You Do

We Found Love - also one of my very faves for some some reason. :)

If I Could Build My Whole World Around You - Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Jealous - Cover by Isabeau Walker

My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson (It’s an oldie but I love it so much still. Kelly’s voice is just…amazing)

It’s Quiet Uptown - Kelly Clarkson (yes, double Kelly for you today, because I’m re-enjoying her). :)

Be Thou My Vision - Audrey Assad (I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I encourage you to at least listen to this woman’s voice. So pure, smooth, and beautiful).

@helvonasche ToDae…Part 2 of Part 2. Why? Because I can, and why not? kekeke

It’s weird, I’m weird…just enjoy the spam. 

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but really guys, there’s no need to say “those ranters are stupid” “they’re attacking you for no reason” and stuff like that
I really appreciate you protecting me, but let’s be honest
most of them are in the right, I did my mistakes, I’m self aware, I made people suffer and intoxicated others, if no one said nothing I would still here doing my mistakes
obviously some of them were a bit harsh
but I’m not mad at them
lately I’ve been feeling just mad at myself, because I am the one that did the wrong things

and that’s why I’m really really trying to improve
I want me and the others to be fine

so now that billy is gonna start watching s4 there’s probably gonna be some more controversy, s4 brought up a lot of arguments and anger in this fandom and if you’re watching his reactions you’re about to go through all that again, billy has become a bit overinflated, we sort of latched on because of the ending of skam but it’s mostly been all in good fun and i hope we can remember that, while i do really like watching his videos please remember that he’s just some random guy from massachusetts and he’s definitely not gonna be prefect, s4 gets confusing, he’s probably gonna miss stuff, assume wrong things, yell at characters for wrong reason or characters you might love, and possibly skip over important parts, he’s already done some things that made me side eye him a bit but he’s also said good things and been quite observant in ways, let’s please not take out our frustrations on this guy when we are responsible for him having a decently large public following, i’ve liked watching people react to skam because i’m a person that loves looking at how different people interpret things, the whole time i’ve watched skam i’ve gone through blogs and posts of people i didn’t agree with just to see where they were coming from, so if you watch his videos be prepared to come up against something that frustrates you, take the time to make a comment explaining why you believe he’s wrong if you want to but we already went through a lot of fighting and hate as a fandom this last season and i think everything will be better if we avoid repeating all that because of this one guy, all i’m saying is let’s try and be chill, okay?

They Want to Have Sex but Her Being Insecure cause She Didn’t Shave: C-CLOWN

I’m not too familiar with the members of this group, only some of their songs, so if any gifs are used wrong, please do inform me so I can change them.




Might pat his own shoulder from relief after hearing your reason because initially he thought that you not wanting to have sex was because of something he did.


“Shaved or not, to me, you are still beautiful~.”


“You know I don’t care about stuff like that, so if you didn’t wanna do anything today you should’ve simply told me so…”


“Well, if you’re uncomfortable, of course I’m not going to push it. Let’s cuddle instead, yeah?”


I think he’d find your fussing amusing, tbh. Like, you’d see him sporting a big ass smile as he’d laugh. Firstly, he thought you simply got more distant with him and didn’t want to have sex with him, secondly, he always saw you as a cool and collected person so your fussing cracked him up.

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Hi, uhm... I don't know if you're knowledgeable about this kind of stuff, and I apologize if this is a bother, but I'm trying to reach out to some people to get advice. See, I'm moving into my very first, very own place in three weeks, and I want to cleanse it. Problem is that I can't do smudging, for many reasons, nor do I have any crystals. Do you have any advice on how to cleanse and protect without using those things? (I'll probably use runes, at the very least, because Swedish.)


Take look at this post about re-claiming rituals, from my main blog. You can pick and mix all that’s written there and adapt to your situation. There is some stuff about burning sage and incense (and candles) which you will omit I guess, and other stuff which you may find very handy.

There are things I didn’t mention there, because too long posts are not good, but which you can use instead of burning.
For instance if you have a receptacle (a bowl, a wineglass, a cup…) that makes a nice sound when struck, you can use it for sound cleansing. Pour some clear water into it (or an infusion of herbs if you prefer) and place it in the center of each room. Strike it for a satisfying sound (make a test, maybe you need to strike with a metal spoon, or maybe with a chopstick, idk). Let the sound fill the room and die down naturally. Strike as many times as you find appropriate.

This can be also done with other nice-sounding things, like bells, or possibly musical instruments  even. Or an empty bowl, or a bowl that has appropriate runes drawn on the inside.

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They say that artists are never satisfied with their work, and that has always rang true in me. I've always want to produce my own work and get it out there, but my self criticism has always brought me down and demotivated me from doing what I've always dreamt of doing: create art in the form of video games in the VN industry. Do you have any advice for somebody who wants to be very much like you and create a game but is unable to because they're their own biggest critic? Thank you <333333

Creating stuff is hard. There’s no way around that.

Enjoying other people’s creations? Way better! 

But for some reason, some of us are just driven to create. But it’s tough. Hard work and occasionally emotionally wrenching.

And that’s just the process of making. Sharing that very personal piece of you? The efforts of all your hard work with other people? TERRIFYING.

The only thing that helped me overcome that hurdle, that fear, that voice in the back of my head that was always saying that I wasn’t good enough and neither was what I was making, everyone would hate it, is focusing on one hypothetical person.

No matter what you are making, no matter how objectively good or terrible it is, in this world full of so many people who like so many different things.

So as long as you make something and put it out there, chances are pretty darn good that there’s going to be at least one person who loves what you made.

Instead of focusing on your inner critic, or your external ones, just focus on that one person. That one person is is sitting there somewhere waiting, wishing there was a game just like the one you are going to make. Who will become happy and excited to find your eventual game, because it is exactly what they were dreaming of.

You wouldn’t make a game you saw no value in, and chances are you aren’t alone in that.

So when things get hard, focus on pleasing just that one person, that is dreaming that your game will someday be made.

And chances are, once you do that and gather the courage to put your game out there, you will find there is more than one. That’s what happened for me <3

BEST OF LUCK! You can do this! Your inner critic is a lying liar who lies! You are awesome! <3 <3 <3 <3

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We go hard at a lack of promo, not because they throw stunts our way. If they throw stunts our way and do some kind of promo we won't go as hard. So I don't get the inclusion of stunts.

It just looks like they’re trying to destroy him/the fandom and not promote his stuff which makes zero business sense to me for multiple reasons. I have so so so many questions.

So I changed my url… Because of…. Unexpected reasons. I will eventually reveal those reasons once I finish organizing/re-doing some stuff.

If by chance you had anything linked to me it will mean the links will be broken.

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You watch The Walking Dead, don't you? 👀👀 you said "stuff and things" like Rick Grimes.... Who are your favorite characters? Why? Least favorites? Why?

Lol, I do but I never realized Rick said that ??? So it’s a coincidence hahaha.
I’ve been watching TWD for like 5 or 6 years now or something like that?? 
My favourite characters are probably Carol, Daryl and Michonne. Why? I mean… They’re fucking badass! I also really love Tara for some reason (the only lesbian in the whole zombie apocalypse and ofc they had to kill her gf off because lesbians can’t be happy on tv). Also Aaron and his bf are cute af so one of them is probably gonna die next season. Just saying. Aand Maggie is cool too. Her accent <3 Ohh, and fucking Negan. Best villain ever. I almost forgot about Jesus. Jesus is the man! And Ezekiel! His CGI tiger rules. :P
Aaand the characters I hate. Oh boy… CARL. *insert coral meme here* No explanation needed, I hope. This kid seriously pisses me off. Same with Rick. This is like the only show (and OITNB) in which I hope the main character dies xdd Who else, who else… Rosita! This bitch. And idk who else. I guess that’s all.

Originally posted by frankwinchester

“I’ve always loved how Himaruya respects his female characters in general.  He doesn’t make them all wear sexy outfits, unless it fits their personalities.  Whenever he does do fanservice, with them, it’s not overplayed.  He knows that they’re not sexy blobs that the males lust over and are treated with respect.  At least, depending on their relations.  I wish that manga or anime writers could take note on portraying female characters instead of shoving us their unrealistic tits or blushy moe blobs.”

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seeing how you're a douchebag and everything shitty in this world, could you please make a starter-pack kit meme about fat, retarded douchebags like yourself so I can ID them easily? thanks!

you need to get some help, buddy. you can be better than this like, as a person. if not for everyone else’s sake, for yours. theres no reason to send someone you don’t know this sort of nasty message unless you’ve got some stuff you need to work on. 

Iristo Headcanons:(fuck it,I ship it,I accept it,I love it)

Who asked out who first:

They were both pretty shy about it,especially since Iris was seeing Nathaniel at the time,so Mephisto didn’t wanted to affect the relationship. Needless to say,the relationship ended due to Iris feelings for Mephisto,and only after Mephisto asked her out.

Who gets jealous more often:

Mephisto, definitely. He dosen’t considers himself a jealous lover,more like territorial,because he says ‘I’m not jealous. Jealousy is when you’re afraid of someone taking what’s yours. Territorial is when you’re protecting something that’s already yours’. Iris is very attractive, so he has many reasons to be,though.

Who wakes up at 3am because of a nightmare:

They both do,honestly, since they’ve been through some messed up stuff. Iris tends to do it more often thought. She tries not to wake Mephisto and goes to the bathroom and cries there. It usually ends up with Mephisto busting the door open because she wouldn’t open it and cuddle her until she falls asleep and carries her back to bed.

Who cooks more often:

They don’t. They’re not good at cooking at all,so they end up ordering Chinese take out.or pizza,it depends on their mood.

Who is more cuddly:

Definitely Mephisto. He and Iris really like to cuddle together when they’re, you know,not saving the world or going to concerts together. It helps him relax,because she’s small and fits perfectly in his arm. Iris is also uncommonly warm,and they fall asleep pretty fest.

Who is the little/big spoon:

Iris,like it says above,she’s small and worm,and she fits perfect for Mephisto’s arms.But it depends on how he feels. Sometimes he wants to hold Iris,and sometimes he wants to be held by Iris. It really dosen’t matter as long as she’s there with him.

Who tops:

Mephisto..(but if you feel like they would switch,that’s good for you)

What’s their non-sexual activity:

Definitely drawing together. They’re both pretty talented at it,and would end up drawing echother without realizing it.

What’s their pet-peeves:

Mephisto’s pet-peeves are ,when someone is eating with their mouth opened or don’t use a handkerchief but choose to use their clothes (ain’t gonna lie,I did that a couple of times XD) and people who blow cigarette smoke around him or Iris or people who are walking slow,WHEN THERE’S NOTHING IN FRONT OF THEM TO SLOW THEM DOWN! WHAT SLOWS YOU DOWN,OXYGEN?! …*cough * excuse him.

There’s a longer list,but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Iris pet-peeves are when someone is constantly talking about diets around her when she or Mephisto are eating junk food,or people who cut the line at supermarkets. She also dosen’t like when someone is passive aggressive around her or her friends and boyfriend. If you have something to say,say it.

What’s their favorite feature about echother:


Mephisto loves Iris’s freckles. He thinks they’re so adorable! He nicknamed them as “my little stars” and Iris finds this so cute! He also likes her hair. He loves to braid it in every possible way, or simply arrange it somehow.

Iris loves Mephisto’s smile. She knows what he’s been through and she thinks it’s the most admirable thing ever that he still can smile. She also likes his biceps and his eyes…and his hair is soft..and his arms are comfortable, and he makes an awesome blanket, and his-

And,as for personality..

Mephisto loves how non-judgmental Iris is. She dosen’t care who or what you are as long as you’re good and kind. But she’s also very strong and honest and she appreciates it. She’s strong,but humble. She’s sincere,but not mean. And he loves that.

Iris absolutely adores Mephisto’s positivity. He really dosen’t have a reason to be so positive all the time,but he does. His child like curiousness is cute,and Iris loves how he is so passionate about the things he likes. Art or photography, etc.

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Okay but if you're ever feeling sleep deprived and feel like teaching shit in a video, you're the honest to god only reason I can do binary (Definitelydidn'taccidentallymemorizetheASCIItable) without a translator so I mean don't doubt the video idea if you want to do it. (Also that video was the first video I ever did captions for and it was very fun)

Yooooo that’s super cool! Honestly I try not to do videos about math/code related stuff because I know most people find it boring but I definitely think about it a lot! haha

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Why should people hide what they look like Tom? I know the government puts you up against people that don't like the current system, but do you ever wonder why those people wanted to get rid of the masks in the first place? They must have had logical reasons...

“People hide what they look like because they’re insecure and scared. Yes, I understand what the rebels want to do and I don’t doubt they have any logical reasons to be against the masks. Some things in the government I disagree, but I agree with the masks stuff. It just… Let’s just carry on with the next question.” He huffs, rubbing his ‘eyes’. 

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I think sj is important but it's gotten to the point where i, a white as snow chick, am terrified to make my mcs in a fantasy universe black because i dont know the culture or struggles; bruh i just want to write a good story and now im stuck and dunno what to do

say fuck it and go for it, if you ask me.

im incredibly nihilistic on race things. like yeah, respect black people and other people of ethnicity and also dont put white people down for the sole reason theyre white and other reason sometimes unintentionally uneducated. 

but like… i have black characters in my story im writing and one in particular comes from a place loosely based in west africa and mixed with some native american culture as well (because mixing cultures is cool and fun shit when you’re writing fantasy stuff)

and i use the word loosely because i just want a black character with an interesting background, i dont want to get too involved with researching these things because – hey, it’s still fantasy. you can take that and run with it if you wanted. fantasy is yours to control because it isnt real (despite what kinnies might say lmfao)

so, my honest to god answer is– just do it, man. who cares. its your character, yo. you have control over your character, you want a black character? fuck it, now your character’s black. unless you’re talking actually writing a character with today’s issues, there’s nothing wrong with having a black oc or even practicing racebending your OCs.


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Do you have any advice on how to make ask blogs? I've been currently thinking about making a Danger Days or maybe a Revenge Era MCR ask blog, so. It'll be my first ever ask blog and I actually want to do stuff right. I can't do digital art, and I don't even know how to start. I probably won't be even able to do it.

tbh it’s really important to accumulate a pretty decent amount of followers on your main blog, like, gain some popularity, so you can promo your own askblog. like it sounds harsh but if no one knows who you are then they’re not gonna know/care about your askblog!!

and the only reason I started zone-rats was because I really, really, really wanted to do it. like I’d been sitting on the idea for almost an entire year, just thinking and planning and shit, before I finally got the balls to actually make the blog. like I’m really fucking passionate about the Killjoys and Party Poison, and I just had a lot of ideas that I wanted to put out there SO BAD. so you need to choose something you’re really really passionate about, because running an askblog is stressful lmao and you’ll need to keep your motivation

and don’t worry about not doing digital art!! do u see my ass out there with a tablet??? however, you’ll definitely need a scanner. and if you have a computer of your own, photo editing software can be really helpful.. like my art for zone-rats is mostly traditional but I use gimp and firealpaca a lot to adjust colors or erase mistakes… like it’s not necessary but it’s nice to have

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if ur still doing the domestic meme: pls give me some sweet Mesta


  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:
    Nesta. Because she goes to bed at a reasonable hour, Mor, instead of staying out drinking until two in the morning. Besides, Nesta likes mornings. They’re quiet.
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast:
    Nesta. Mostly to lure Mor out of bed. She got Cassian to teach her the basics of cooking and then bought ten cookbooks in Velaris one day and has been teaching herself all the fancy stuff. The first time she made Mor eggs benedict with asparagus, Mor gushed about it for days. Nesta was so pleased that she vowed to become a world-class chef solely to make Mor give her that huge, sunny smile.
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:
    Mor. She’ll order something ridiculously delicious, arrange it on a tray with a lace doily, and bring it into the bedroom where Nesta’s been reading in bed for the past hour. It’s never a surprise, but Nesta’s always pleased and acts surprised.
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:
    Mor. Of course. Nesta always protests. It’s a game for them - Nesta wins if she persuades Mor that she needs to go to work now and spend the day in the library and gets all of her clothes on, and Mor wins if she gets Nesta to stay in their house and engage in activities that have nothing whatsoever to do with work or libraries. Mor always makes very good arguments.
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:
    Nesta. This is always a surprise, but Nesta can be seriously lazy, and Mor can be very hard-working. That’s actually their natural inclination. Mor hardly ever agrees, but she makes sure to set aside days to just spend with Nes.
  • Who chooses the movies:
    Mor. Nesta isn’t a huge movie fan, so she always lets Mor make the decisions about that. Her favorites are absolutely terrible movies that she can laugh at. She likes all kinds of comedies, actually.
  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:
    Mor. She likes the movies better than Nesta, but she also doesn’t really care about them as much as she does about kissing Nesta. She cares about kissing Nesta an awful lot.
  • Who orders lunch:
    Mor. She has very good taste in food even if she isn’t good at making it. She always gets things like quail eggs, caviar, champagne, imported ham, etc. Nesta appreciates the finer things in life, but doesn’t know enough about them since they became poor when she was young. She appreciates Mor teaching her about them.
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:
    Mor. She is a constant food-stealer from everyone, but especially from Nesta. It’s just another one of the ways she teases Nesta - teasing is a cornerstone of their relationship. Nesta tries to block her with her fork.
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:
    Mor. (so many of these are Mor omg) Mor loves curling up next to Nesta and falling asleep, and she does it anywhere - at Rita’s, at a park, on a boat… literally anywhere. So you can see Nesta sitting ramrod-straight and looking very strict and severe and a sleeping Mor curled up around her like she’s made of marshmallow. And Cauldron help anyone who makes a snarky or inappropriate comment about the Queen of Velaris while she’s asleep. Nesta will eviscerate them.
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:
    Mor. Nesta will be studying at her desk and Mor will climb into her lap, or nuzzle at her neck, and Nesta will just… melt, in spite of herself.
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:
    Mor. Mor loves ice cream more than life itself. Literally. She has risked her life to get ice cream more than once. Her favorite flavor is French vanilla. She and Nesta get ice cream at least once a week.
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:
    Nesta. Nesta loves to document everything about their lives. She doesn’t scrapbook - just takes pictures, writes the date on the back, and stores them in boxes. It makes her so happy.
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:
    Mor. Of course. And then she kisses the ice cream off and makes Nesta laugh. Mor’s kisses are one of the very few things that make Nesta laugh, and Nesta’s laugh is Mor’s absolute favorite thing in the entire world.
  • Who cooks dinner:
    Nesta. She especially does this on days Mor has to visit the Court of Nightmares. Mor always comes back with her face pale and drawn and immediately pours herself a drink. It makes Nesta feel better to be able to do that small thing for Mor - to have something warm and filling waiting for her, and just to let her know that someone really, really cares about her. Once in a while, if things were really bad, it can make Mor burst into tears. The first time this happened, Nesta was horrified and thought she did something wrong. (She hadn’t. At all. Mor was just so overwhelmed and glad she has Nesta.)
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:
    Nesta. Whoever makes dinner or orders dinner, Nesta always always always washes the dishes. It’s the one chore she never lets Mor do. Actually, Nesta always does things that involve handling breakable things, like plates. Nesta’s better with things. Mor’s better with people.
  • Who stays up until 2 reading:
    Nesta. Nesta loves to read and will absolutely read until all hours of the night. Mor will wake up at two with the lamp still on, pluck Nesta’s book out of her hands, and pull her down into her arms. Since Nesta usually doesn’t even realize what time it is, she is usually fine with this.
  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping:
    Nesta. Mor asleep is the most adorable thing ever. Her hair is mussed, her lips are slightly parted, and she occasionally sighs softly. Out of everything Mor goes through, nightmares don’t trouble her.
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep:
    Mor. Mor loves kisses, and she loves loves LOVES kissing Nesta awake on the very occasional day when she wakes up before Nesta does. It makes Nesta wake up with a smile on her face, and that makes Mor very happy. These are the days when they end up not getting up until noon.

Send me a ship and I’ll write some domestic headcanons about it!

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im nb too, and i have another complaint with the whole "don't look at gay porn unless you're an mlm" thing: i can rarely find non-gay porn of some of the stuff im into. some kinks are heavily mlm-dominated, and while im not an mlm, im still into them for reasons completely unrelated to gender. am i not allowed to indulge in my completely harmless kinks just because i'd have to look at two dudes doing it??

but looking at gay porn hurts gay men, anon. every time I bust my nut to gay porn, somewhere in the world, a gay man steps on a Lego.

there must be some cause/effect there, it can’t just be a coincidence.