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{Reaction} Got7 finding out you like Panic! at the Disco

`can you do a got7 reaction where their s/o loves the band panic! at the disco (like he/she sings often their songs etc ) ^^ thanks ♡

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Jackson Wang

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Jackson: *Pretends like he doesn’t care but he actually loves to hear you sing.* “Singing that again? You should sing Got7 songs” 

Mark Tuan

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Mark: *Joins in with you* “Casual love affair~” 


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Bambam: *Starts fanboying and dancing as if he’s watching you at a concert when in reality you’re singing into a hairbrush in the living room.* “I love you {y/n}!” 

Im Jaebum/ JB

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Jaebum: *Watches with a smile on his face.* “You’re so strange, Jagiya.” 

Park Jinyoung

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Jinyoung: “Apart from the whole thing being off key, you’re doing great Jagi.” *Teasing you - actually loves to hear you sing.*

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom: “I could listen to you sing all day Jagi, and you really need to introduce me to more bands that you like, the music is lit.” 

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae: *Dances around the kitchen with you as you shout out the lyrics to Panic! at the Disco.*

  • Me: God, I wish-
  • Aries/Scorpio Mercury: WISH?! 😱😰😨 Don't you 🤓know🤔 ✨"WISH"ES💫 are 👺FAKE🤥 and do 🙅🏻NOTHING🤦‍♀️. You 🤞WISHING🙏🏻 is just 🏃NOT DOING🏃‍♀️. You're ☝🏻HOLDING🤚🏻 yourself back. But if you want 🤷🏻‍♀️ I won't 🚦STOP🚧 you... 🙎 But I'm 🙅🏻NOT❌ going to be a 🐑SHEEP🐑 and 🏃‍♀️FOLLOW🚶🏾 you. You can ✨WISH☄️ while I 🔥DO💪. 🤙Call me📞 ⏰WHEN⏱ you want to take 🎬ACTION🏄‍♀️ to 🏃‍♀️CHASE🏃 your 💭DREAMS💭

Updated masterlist finally done:



Y/N is a single parent living in London. With an awkward co-parenting situation, a job and an eighteen month old, baby boy to juggle life could be easier. When she bumps into an old friend on the way to a job one in evening, maybe she’ll get just the helping hand she needs, or maybe more.

Standalone/ One Shots/ Blurbs/ Drabbles

Speeding Ticket
Niall One Shot |

Personal Assistant
Harry Styles One Shot | 8.2k | Y/N is Jeff’s PA but one of his clients takes a little more notice than most in her

Bright Red
Harry Styles One Shot | 2.1k | Y/N surprises Harry for his 23rd Birthday

My Girl
Harry Styles One Shot | 5.9k | Y/N and Harry are best friends but maybe they’re meant to do this.

Pizza and Ice Cream
Niall Horan | One Shot | 623 | Y/N has a rough day at work and Niall makes it better

and a Long Island Iced Tea
Harry Styles | One Shot | 4k | Can Harry forgive Y/N when she does thing she never thought she could do?

Whiskey & Wine
Harry Styles | One Shot | 4.9k | Harry’s in New York and is after a little bit of magic and a little bit of mischief

Blogmas 2016

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i've actually left the sherlock fandom since it was pretty bad for my mental health, but could you give me an update of sorts as to whats going on in general?? i have friends still in and i want to know. thanks!!

Hey Nonny!

I hope you’re doing much better now <3

Well… there’s nothing much right now other than the RP Twitter which may or may not be real (and probably the only light we have right now); Moffat further saying really bizarre stuff in relation to S4 / Mary otherwise everyone else is remaining radio silent about the season; and there’s still the speculation about a secret episode on Easter, though I think a Dr. Who episode is playing on Easter. The fandom is getting randomly shat on here and there. Other than that, it’s been quiet, though BBC occasionally releases a new BTS video to remind us the series is still existing, which is weird. I’m sure other people can summarize better, since my knowledge of everything is based on what comes across on my dash; I don’t go actively looking for anything. :P

That all said, continue to take care of yourself, Nonny. Trust me when I say that if something big happens in the fandom / about the show, you will probably hear about it off Tumblr :P

Breaking Bad has made me understand one thing very clearly. All the money in the world, all the providing / scheming for the future can’t replace “I love you”.

Caring for someone isn’t all about planning and preparing for the worst case scenario. Fuck it. It’s about living and cherishing every moment as if it’s your last.

You can give someone the perfect problem-free life, but if that’s all you’re able to do… you’re basically just another rich asshole with a lot of money. Nothing special about that.

Saying “I love you”, living in the moment, cuddling under the stars, laughing, kissing, telling bad jokes, laying in the sunshine… that’s meaningful.

Actions honestly speak louder than words sometimes and this is one of those moments. This isn’t the time to be “too sad” or to get angry at Show Champion and demand they show scores or whatever. We have said MANY times, so many times that digital streaming, especially on Melon, is the most important factor that music shows take into consideration. Yes they’re #1 on Billboard and yes, their sales this time around was great. But honestly we lack so much when it comes to digital streaming. The most we charted on Melon was #90 something and we barely stayed on it for a day. It’s all great to say you want them to get their first win but to do that we all have to take action. I’m not trying to force or guilt anyone into this but if you KNOW you can buy a pass and you’re not doing so then I don’t even know what to say to you.

They got nominated today and I believe with all my heart they could have won if we weren’t so weak when it comes to digital points. I say this so many times but PLEASE just stream on Melon, please stream. I cannot stress enough how important this is.

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Headcanons? okay. Jacobi's a filthy Homestuck and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.

oh my god i cannot tell you how much this made me laugh, thank u

all i can think about is how kepler knows that jacobi occasionally references this Thing but he has no clue what it is? like sometimes jacobi will just say something slightly Off, like in response to an order, he’ll get: “we’re doing this, sir. we’re making it happen.” which is kind of a legitimate response?? but then maxwell will burst into laughter and kepler DOESN’T UNDERSTAND

When In Rome || Conor Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which Conor surprises you with a trip to Rome for your birthday. 

Dedicated too: The amazon delivery driver who complimented my Rome slogan shirt and inspired this fic. Thank you to him, whom delivered my books, I rate you A+++

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” you breath out, your eyes wide in bewilderment as you clutch onto Conor’s hand tightly. Here you were, sat on a plane in a little compartment specifically for first class couples - when really all you thought you’d be doing that day was going to visit your mom. It was your birthday, and you’d fallen asleep the night before dreaming off the next year of your life - the fact that your boyfriend could’ve, and did, plan a whole trip to Rome without you having an idea whatsoever, never even crossed your mind.

But here you were, sat on a plane at eight am after being woken up with your face being peppered with kisses and Conor’s quiet voice in your ear. “Get up baby, you have an hour to pack before we leave..”

You of course, had grumbled and opened your eyes to stare into his own blue orbs with confusion written all over your face as you wiped the sleep away with the back of your hand. “What’re you talking about?”

He grins, and you were surprised to see how awake he was, but when he reaches over to his left and grabs onto two pieces of paper and hands them to you: your heart stopped. “Oh my god.” You look up into his eyes and you swear, in that moment you could’ve cried a thousand tears. “You’re taking me to Rome?”

He nods and smiles against your lips when you throw yourself into his arms, kissing him passionately and squeeing your eyes shit, trying to contain your excitement. He stares at you in adoration, cupping your cheek with his hand and brushing the top of your cheek with the pad of his thumb. “Happy birthday, love.”

And now here you were, cuddled up together on your joint plane seat with your heart beamingly wildly in your chest. The whole morning had been a huge rush, but now that you were on the plane, all of your worries were allowed to be forgotten. You were thousands of feet above the ground, a movie playing on the TV screen infront of you which you were paying absolutely no attention too.

You were playing with Conor’s hand, fiddling with each of his fingers in turn and twiddling his ring around his finger with a content smile on your face. This was perfect; you didn’t have screening children kicking the back of your seat, or a large sweaty man using your shoulder as a headrest, it was just you and the man you loved. The flight was only two and a half hours, and so you didn’t make yourself too comfortable, and instead decided to bring out your laptop and write a little for your next blog post.

When you arrived, there was a car waiting for you outside the airport and you were beginning to think that Conor had been planning this trip for a while. He seemed way too prepared, telling you about all the attractions he wanted to visit during the week you were spending in the country. You couldn’t peel your eyes away from the window as you were driven through the city, sucking on your bottom lip excitedly as you pointed something out to Conor every three seconds.

If you were anyone else, he would’ve been annoyed by now; but the way your eyes lit up when you spotted something that interested you had him wanted to see you like this forever. When you arrived at the hotel, you had your luggage taken by the bellman and a glass of champagne handed to you by the women at the reception area as she checked you in. By the time you arrived at your penthouse, you face planted the bed and creamed into your pillow - too excited and overwhelmed for words.

Conor chuckles and throws himself down next to you, pulling you into his arms and running his hand through your hair as you snuggle down into his chest, your eyes wandering around the room and lingering on certain things you were sure you’d never before seen in a hotel room. From the plasma TV to the large built in fish tank and even the fully stocked mini fridge. Everything about Rome had been beautiful so far, and you could hardly wait to see more of the city.

You glance up at your boyfriend through your lashes and lean up, pressing your lips against his lazy and brushing your noses together cutely before you pulled away and looked into his eyes with and biting your lip. “I don’t think I’ve ever done anything this special for any of my birthdays: other than the time my parents took me to Butlins on my ninth birthday, of course.”

He grins and grips her your in his hands. “You deserve the whole fucking world, and if starting with Rome is your plan, then why don’t we spend this week deciding where to go next?”

You didn’t know what to say, tears welling up in your eyes and your hair falling around your face as you clenched your eyes shut and inhaled deeply. “Do you know how much I love you?”

Raising his hand knuckles up to graze your cheek and watch your eyes flutter open, he smirks and nods, raising his eyebrows playfully. “Well, I hope it’s a bloody lot, I just surprised you with a trip to bloody Rome!” You giggle and look down at him, tilting your head to the left and simply admiring every aspect of his face silently. He frowns cutely and squeezes your waist. “And what’re you looking at so intently?”

You shrug and purse your lips, straddling his chest at this point, your legs on each side of his body and your head directly above his. You lean down and snuggle your head into the crook of his neck, inhaling softly and humming in content. “I know we’re in Rome and all, but would there be any harm in spending some time in this awfully comfortable bed?”

Conor smirks as you lift your head, flipping you around in order for him to be hovering above you. “Well, when in Rome..”

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Hi ! I hope you're doing fine~ Can I request a scenario (if you have ideas, if not hc is fine ^^) about a date with Dazai and his s/o after a long and tiring day at work ? :> have a nice dayy~~

Have a nice day yourself, dear~

  • Dazai already has the date all planned out a few days before you finally get your day off. First of all, he needs an excuse to avoid his own work and second of all, Dazai loves preparing a date just for the two of you

  • keeps the date simple. Dazai knows you’re still stressed from work and just want to relax for as long as your break last. He doesn’t want you to stress over anything such as a not fitting dress or the food tasting horrible

  • very likely to enjoy a simple picnick with you in a calm park and some sake. Dazai will hold you close, listen to all of your complaints and stories that happened at work and rest his chin on your head. He only wants you to let out all your frustration even if it means ranting for 30 minutes

  • Dazai loves giving you piggy back rides. So if your feet are achy or you had one cup of sake too much, Dazai is more than willing to carry you home. The feeling of your light breathing on his neck and your legs dangling on each of his sides is always treasured

  • since he’s a hobby cook, Dazai even spoils you with his food. Some dishes might be unsuccessful, but you still love it because Dazai pours his entire soul into each dish and he made it just for you and for no one else, so you still appreciate it. 

  • watches any movie with you. Even if it’s a movie that Dazai can’t stand, he’ll still watch it with you. He honestly treasures that kind of alone-time with you 

  • if you’re not too tired from work, Dazai will continue worshipping you in the bedroom