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u should totally give us a list of these mentioned post trk pynch au's :))))))))

Of course, anything to promote my fave fics. Most (if not all) of these are very well known in the fandom already but oh wells they’re incredibly well written and the characterisations are just amazing. 

The completed au’s:

  • The breach of all thy laws: 
    • a prison au (i know, who would’ve thought?) but it’s super great and also kinda broke my heart a little bit at the end  
  • Reunions trilogy
    • the summary is kinda in the name i suppose. ronan and adam went to high school together and then end up crossing each other’s path in the future 

Uncompleted, but not abandoned:

  • To feel your heartlines: 
    • this masterpiece is an au based on four weddings and a funeral you don’t have to have seen the movie to read the fic but oh my god it’s one of the greatest fics i’ve ever read it’s so well written 
  • Finding that love song:
    • the famous band au that if you haven’t heard about yet i assume you either don’t read fanfic or just live under a rock. honestly it’s legendary  
  • What stays and what fades away:
    • this new gem that has popped up out of nowhere and taken over everyone’s life. adam and ronan broke up after high school and haven’t seen each other for five years until blue and gansey get engaged and lets just say an old flame rekindles (it’s gonna fuck you up in the best way fyi)
  • The obstacle of you:
    • camp counselors au!!!! it’s written by the same author of to feel your heartlines, hasn’t been updated for a while but i’m sure it will be in the future and it starts off great anyway so defo worth a read 

These are canon complaint and post-trk fics but still so great:

  • The forest grows back: 
    • this one is completed and deals with all the characters aftermath at the end of trk, explores a lot of issues with the book and just all round really great 
  • He closed his eyes and let the storm soak him:
    • much more pynch centered and again deals with all the aftermath of trk and how their relationship develops and grows after their first kiss. it’s wonderful, so cute and sweet and also really emotional
  • Inside Out:
    • another great pynch centered fic that deals with aftermath and explores the development of their relationship. it’s wonderful, super emotional and heartfelt 

Unfortunately the list isn’t that long but i know for a fact there are plenty of other greats fics out there and maybe i’ll make a longer list for them someday. But these are all the Must Read’s for now. Enjoyyyy !!!! 

we’re doing traditional animation lessons in art and today we’re practicing the walk cycle

after the guided practice we had to choose our own character to try it on and after some thoughts on the time restraints i chose cryptid cat

Derek’s Beta

Prompt: Y/N is going through heat and Derek is her Alpha, he refrains from fucking her until one day in her cycle he can’t take it no more and snaps. Make it so they’re going through the cycle, please.

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Warning: Smut, no plot just smut, probably one of my worst smuts(nah I like it a little), fucking, rough, dominating sex, Derek Hale, unprotected sex, masturbating, more smut.

Word Count:

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Nesta on her period

I finally got around to writing this for @propshophannah and @yumna402 who asked me to write this from this post so yeah, here it is:

TITLE: When She’s Scary.

SHIP: Nessian

Everyone flees from Nesta when she’s on her period. Except our favourite baby bat.

“Sweetheart, you smell like blood and everyone’s avoiding you more than usual, what’s up?” Cassian asks, breezing into Nesta bed room, smirking. She groans into her pillow and doesn’t raise her head to flip him off.

“Piss off, Cassian.”

“No can do. I’m under orders of my High Lord to stay with you today.” Cassian notices as Nesta curls slightly further into her foetal position. His face softens and he lets go of his normal snark.

“You’re on your cycle aren’t you?” He says, sitting beside her curled up body on the bed. She nods almost angrily.

Sighing, Cassian gently lets some of his magic go, controlling it to press firmly against Nesta’s back. She growls at him aggressively and he pulls away.

“I’m going to talk to Mor about some tonics. You should be training, not curled up here because in the human realm you would grit your teeth and hope it doesn’t hurt too bad” Testing his luck, he pushes up, lays a kiss on her cheek and bounds across the room, just missing the pillow she threw at him. He picks it off the floor and gives it back to her, before walking out.


“Okay, so I talked to Mor and she told me to head to the market place, but I didn’t know what you would want so I got a  couple of tonics for the aches and cramps, a heat pack for your stomach and just over ten pounds of your favourite chocolates and sweets. “ Cassian sat cross-legged on the floor so he could see Nesta’s face.

“Do you need or want to sit up to have the tonics” she nods weakly and he stands, supporting her back as she shifts and sits, her face contorting in pain. He softly reached behind her and rubbed her back, making her smile softly at him.

“Thanks Cassian. My family can’t even deal with me and yet you’re here.”

“I’m part of your family, am I not?” Nesta sighs softly, closing her eyes at the feeling of his hands on her back.

“No, Cass. You’re here, which makes you more.” She pauses. “Now, tonics please.” Cassian passes her the first one he could reach, still trying to understand what her comment meant.

“You mean more as well sweetheart” She growls at him, icy eyes flashing open to glare. “Okay, I won’t call you sweetheart, sorry.” She motions for the cup of water by her bed and he hands it to her. Nesta throws the water back like a spirit before tipping a little bit of the tonic into the cup and throwing that back as well.

“That tastes like shit” she coughs, face contorting in disgust. Cassian laughs, moving to sit beside her, continuing his circular motions on her back. He bends down and grabs the heat pack and chocolates.

“Your training for today is to heat this up, sleep, and throw pillows at me when I’m a prick”

“But I don’t want to have to throw pillows at you every time you speak” Cassian laughs and shuffles closer, letting her lean into him. His chuckles rumbled against her and it was strangely comforting.

“Well then, darling, cut the last exercise” He kisses her head and lets her snuggle into him not moving his hand from her back.



“Thank you” Nesta says tiredly.

“No problem, sweetheart” She growls half-heartedly before falling asleep against him.

The first time Wanda says ‘I love you’ to Bucky…
  • by this point she and Bucky have been hanging out a lot
  • she thinks she may be in love with him but she doesn’t have much experience to go on—she loved Pietro, but what she feels for Bucky is nothing like that—and he’s pretty sure he’s in love with her but he doubts she could ever feel the same way
  • so they’re stuck in this cycle of tentative friendship mixed with eye-contact that lasts too long and not long enough
  • and of course no one else on the team notices their walking-on-eggshells-relationship because both of them are so subtly connected, even they  have trouble recognizing the tie between them
  • but they are friends, they feel close, and they might be in love with each other, too afraid to admit to anything, yet
  • on this particular day Bucky goes on a mission with the rest of the team and Wanda stays behind—because, hey, she still doesn’t trust herself not to blow up a few more innocent people (one day she’ll get back out there)
  • and her goodbye to Bucky sort of gets lost in all the pre-strike planning, so he leaves her with nothing more than a sad half-smile and a whispered, ‘I’ll see you later’
  • and she doesn’t freak out or get worried because this is routine, this is what they do, and everything seems to be going well, she checks in on the team’s progress through the comms., and nothing seems amiss and she realizes she sort of misses Bucky even though she can hear his voice clearly over the line, words never directed to her, but there, reassuring…
  • before she can register what’s going on, the comm. lines fritz out and back in again
  • Steve is yelling about an explosion and some unexpected guards 
  • there are too many voices overlapping
  • and Wanda’s heart pounds in her chest because even through all that static and panicked shouting she knows Bucky’s voice when she hears it and she doesn’t hear his voice
  • her hands shake as she tries to ask what’s going on, but everyone’s too busy trying to deal with whatever problem arose that they ignore her
  • she can feel the color draining from her cheeks and her heart feels like it might claw its’ way out of her ribcage, that’s how hard it’s beating and through all the thoughts and emotions flurrying in her mind, one phrase plagues her
  • I never told him, I never told him, I didn’t get to tell him
  • because only now does she realize that the possibility of losing Bucky absolutely terrifies her, it makes her want to kick and scream in refusal, makes her want to curl into herself and escape all the dread and the longing and the grief and all the while the team shouts orders and Wanda can feel the walls closing in and she knows if she doesn’t get out of there soon she will wipe out the entire computer system
  • she runs out of the room, not noticing the tears streaming down her cheeks, and she runs and tries to calm down, she runs and tries not to think the worst
  • he’s okay, he must be okay, everything’s okay, he’ll be back soon please please please please
  • when the team finally returns from their mission Wanda realizes she’s been holding her breath and the group shuffles into the conference room grumbling about what went wrong or what could’ve been handled better
  • but Wanda’s only looking for one person, her hazel eyes wide and shining with tears and hope and fear and when she sees Bucky’s bloody face she almost falls down, sobbing with joy that he’s standing and he’s here he’s here he’s okay
  • of course Bucky gets super worried and is like ‘Wanda are you okay what happened Wanda what’s wrong’
  • and she runs up to him, throws her arms around his neck and hugs him like he might disappear, so tightly and fiercely, her small hands clutching his shoulders and after he takes a moment to get over the absolute shock that she’s touching me she’s hugging me she’s holding me because Wanda always had a thing with touch and displays of affection
  • he holds her just as tightly, not really sure why she’s crying into his chest, trying to calm her but also being really confused and just happy that she’s so close to him and in his arms and Wanda’s blubbering something he can’t make out, but it seems like the same phrase over and over and he goes ‘Wanda, shh, darling, calm down, what’re you trying to say?’
  • so it takes a few tries but finally she says something coherent and he realizes she’s saying I love you I love you I love you and she doesn’t know what else to say but that
  • but she’s getting so worked up she starts saying the same three words in all the languages she knows and Bucky is bursting with happiness and astonishment because this beautiful creature is chanting that she loves him, she loves him, and he tries desperately not to cry before saying back to her
  • ‘I love you, too, Wanda, god, I love you’
  • pulls her closer as they hug and cry together
  • and the rest of the team just stares at them like wtf is happening rn while one of them (probably Sam, or Natasha, or maybe both) just smiles and mumbles something like, finally  

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this might seem like a weird question but do you have any tips to help your cycle? I've heard about yoga and meditation (yet to try at that time of the month). I struggle to leave the house at that time, I just don't feel as at peace as I do in the rest of the month.

is your emotional state during your cycle your biggest concern? things like yoga & meditation can help cultivate a feeling of calm and peace. i think most people note that when they’re on their cycle, they feel sensitive or feel like their emotions come in waves. personally, i started to feel better during my cycles when i shifted my perception of them (i will say that i have normal / regular cycles & they are a breeze, so idk if this advice will resonate with someone with uncomfortable, painful, or irregular cycles). i began to view my cycle as a sign of my health and found comfort in my body’s ritual. when i do notice my emotions becoming a bit more sensitive, i like to spend time by myself and indulge in self-care, journalling, meditating, etc. 

if you’re experiencing physical discomfort every cycle that is disrupting your feeling of peace or inhibiting you from doing things in your life, please consider visiting a doctor. cramps & pains are normal when they’re mild but if excruciating, they can be the sign of a condition. i like to drink warm tea (green, ginger, or mint tea are my favorites with honey & lemon!) and do yoga. being mindful of what you eat can help too; dairy & sugars–despite how much we can crave them–don’t do our bodies any good while we’re on our cycle. 

here are some yoga poses & flows to help with cycles :-) i hope this helps in some way! 


You could ask anyone: 3 0 0 F o x W a y, Henrietta, Virginia, was the place to go for the spiritual, the unseen, the mysterious, and the yet-to-occur.

The sun god who was the ultimate source of light, energy, and life. The first sunrise, when the sun emerged as a shining bird or golden child from dark watery chaos, was the most important event in Egyptian myth. Ra merged with the primeval form of the creator to make the cosmos and its laws. He ruled as King of the Gods, first on earth and later from the heavens. Ra was born to his mother the sky goddess each morning. He passed through many transformations before being absorbed back into her each evening. Alternatively, the progress of the sun was pictured as a voyage across the skies above and below the earth. Each night the divine crew of the solar barque had to overcome the forces of chaos so that Ra could revive the sleeping dead and renew the world.
—  Egyptian Mythology; A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses and Traditions of Ancient Egypt by Geraldine Pinch

I always wonder how Holt reacted when he realized he was out in the day time the first time it happened. 

Like, just imagine him suddenly coming out with no idea why and at first being too confused for it to really register, but suddenly it’s like “holy crap it's DAYLIGHT.

And he can’t help but stop and stare at the sky and take in how much brighter everything looks. He’s seen pictures of what things look like in the day, but seeing it in person is so much different. And he’s so excited he just can’t stand to go back inside right now even though he’s starting to get a sun burn cuz there's so many people out during the day. All the stores he’s never been able to go in cuz they close early are open and he doesn’t even care that what their selling turns out not to be something he’s really interested in.  

And when the music stops and he wakes up at night again he nearly convinces himself it was a dream but then it happens again and he’s just so happy. 

Ambition is such bullshit. Seriously, it’s just chasing vapor, like…
Whatever it is that you think that you need like that job or that gold star, blue ribbon,fancy desk, nice office, like it doesn’t… like once you get that, you’re gonna be confused because you’re not gonna be as happy as you thought you were going to be. Then you’re going to be sitting there being like, "why aren’t I happy? I have this… I got the desk.“ Because, man, there's another desk. Like there’s always going to be something more that your ambition is telling you that you need so it’s the next thing, and then when you get that, there’s another thing.
It’s an endless cycle. You’re forced into retirement. You’re kicking and screaming. The next thing you know, you’re in a big house, you’ve got four-and-a-half bathrooms, you don’t even have a ping-pong table and you’re dead.

Alec (Two Night Stand, 2014) 

This was a line from the movie that I really liked, it’s not on tumblr, so I thought I would post it. 

We had an appointment with our fertility doc this week.

Including the cycle we’re currently on, we’ve now done 7 Ovulation Induction cycles. We’ve had one pregnancy, from the fourth cycle, but that obviously wasn’t successful.

He’s happy for us to continue with Ovulation Induction for one or two more cycles, however beyond that, his recommendation is that we move on to IVF.

I found myself feeling quite emotional afterwards. IVF is this big scary thing to me. I remember hearing about is as a child and thinking it was crazy to mess with mother nature like that. When we embarked on this journey almost three years ago, I never thought we would have to deal with it. And yet, here we are. I’m not sure why I’m so hesitant to go on with IVF. The cost is certainly a bitter pill to swallow – to pay $10K for a 30-40% chance of getting pregnant, when others get it for free, even by accident… it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

I think my biggest hesitation comes from a place of deep-rooted fear of what this may or may not mean for our future. I’m afraid that IVF won’t work. I’m afraid we’ll spend all our savings, we’ll dig into our superannuation, and it’ll all be for nothing. I’m (very) afraid of OHSS. I’m afraid of what happens after IVF. Because there is nothing - IVF is the end of the line. I’m afraid of how our relationship will cope, how what our life will hold for us if having our own kids is no longer an option.

But that’s all in the future. That’s the worst that could happen. The best that could happen is that this is what gets us our baby – what gets us our family.

So unless we get lucky soon, come April we’ll be moving on to IVF.

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hatred? i just don't understand why would anyone be against death penalty for i don't know let's say anders breivik. i simply don't get it. his life has no value, he's literally the worst human being you can imagine.

By not killing him you’re stopping the cycle of violence that he initiated, it’s as simple as that. I’m not going to keep on arguing over this, I’ve came to the conclusion that arguing with anyone on tumblr is pointless, it will take us nowhere, have a nice day/night.