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Drarry: Morse Code

• Harry teaches Draco morse code once they start seeing each other 
• they sit in class just tapping and scratching away with their quills but nobody thinks twice about it because everyone has tics coming up to exams
• until Hermione realises that it never happens at the same time, almost as if they’re playing tag team in making nonsensical patterns
• over the next few days she studies them closely, noticing the furtive glances and hidden sniggers
• so she hits the library but finds nothing that could explain the situation
• she tries hard to concentrate in potions the next day but is distracted and frustrated by the renewed tapping coming from Harry’s bench next to her
• then she hears it: tap tap tap, scratch scratch scratch, tap tap tap
• looking up at Draco she sees him roll his eyes and try to hide a smile
• so Hermione teaches herself morse code just to double check that her instincts were correct
• and of course she was
• anyways fast forward to when Harry comes out
• they’re the last ones up in the common room and Harry has never been good at keeping secrets from those two so it just bursts out
• Ron takes a few moments to mull it over and, as Harry ensures him he won’t make any advances, Ron grins and gives him a hug because of course he’s supportive, he’s Ron fucking Weasley
• meanwhile Hermione has been awfully quiet so Harry asks if she has anything to say 
• without speaking she picks up her quill and looking Harry dead in the eye goes scratch tap, scratch scratch scratch…
• NO

The Dixie Chicks join Beyoncé on stage to perform “Daddy Lessons” off Beyoncé’s latest album, Lemonade, at the 2016 CMAs. 02 November 2016.

Beyoncé continues her 2016 awards show domination. After her knockout performance with Kendrick Lamar at the BET Awards and her 15-minute live re-creation of Lemonade at the MTV VMAs, Beyoncé raised the bar once again, this time with a surprise duet with the Dixie Chicks at the 2016 Country Music Awards. Read more.


You’re not happy to see me. Well, of course I am, but why do you insist on scaring me half to death every time you’re in town? Well besides the fact that it’s really fun – well, actually, that’s it. It’s just really fun. Oh man just once, you could call me and tell me you’re coming home, like a normal person. Normal’s boring. Normal’s overrated. Normal’s not why you love me.

Re-creation of Isamu Noguchi´s Paris studio in 1927 by the Noguchi Museum as part of Impasse Ronsin-exhibition at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York, featuring over 100 authentic art works, personal items and tools by Noguchi. Exhibition open until January 14th 2017. / Instagram


“The Astral Dragon Nebula”.

I would like to thank you for subscribtion to a Forgotten Galaxy! And sharing across the world all these celestial creations.
We’re all made from a star dust. A part of it greatness. We are creators and masters of thoughts. A noble characters and builders of own destiny.
We hold the key to any situation…

Regards, Vladislav Cadaversky.

Pull me in with your whispers of temptation, you’re heaven on earth, world’s best creation. You’re not a pit stop, you’re my final destination.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love #9.

Hey there, friends, Trash here! Some of you may know me from the @mchanzo blog, while some of you might not know me at all. That’s a-okay; I’m not really important right now. What is important, is that I and my co-admin, Kae, will be throwing a McHanzo ship week next month! Let me throw some information your way–


  • December 18 – December 24


  • Art, fics, edits, and any type of creation is acceptable.
  • Creations must focus on McHanzo (Hanzo Shimada/Jesse McCree).
  • If your creation is NSFW (i.e. something that would be considered ‘Explicit’ in nature), please be sure to place it under a ‘read more’/cut. If you’re unsure if your creation would be considered NSFW, feel free to run it by us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.
  • You can participate at any time you’d like within the week. You can get involved the very first day of the ship week, you can jump in a day or two after it kicks off, or you can post something for all seven prompts on the last day. Even if you post a day or two after the ship week ends, we’ll still reblog your work. 
  • Above all else, have fun with this ship week! We want to see all the amazing content this community can come up with!


  • Follow this blog, that way you can see the prompt list, keep up with everything leading up to McHanzo Week, and see what everyone comes up with during the actual event. 
  • The prompt list will be up in the near future and will give you some ideas for what you can create each day.
  • Even though the prompt list will have suggestions, you’re more than welcome to take the prompt and interpret it however you’d like. 
  • During McHanzo Week, tag your creations as ‘McHanzo Week 2016′ so we can find them and reblog each one onto this blog.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to send them our way.

Marco comes out to Spinner. Again. #DegrassiReunion


Casual dress for an 18th century gent! This outfit has 3 parts: the coat and vest (top), the breeches (bottoms), and the cravat (accessories). Clipping occurs if your sim is heavy set or is on the juice. Cravat clips in certain poses.




jorgeaperson12323  asked:

Hey Darky *drags my finger under your chin while passing by* how would you feel if someone out ranked you But on a more serious note how does being a figment let you control a set space *points at the darkness surrounding us* anyway that's all for now Mr wanna-be adult since you won't stop denying that you're only 13 since creation Anyway goodbye from an actual threat *creates door*

Dark did not bother responding. In fact, he didn’t speak any words at all. He slowly stood, the motion fluid and placid, almost respectful if one didn’t know what he was planning on doing. With a sigh, sounding disappointed, annoyed, and plain tired, he wound himself around in order to gain closeness to their body. When the buzzing of his skin almost connected with theirs, his hand lashed out, clapping his palm around their throat. Wheeling, he flung them in a circle with such force a few of their insides were jostled and rearranged. Promptly, and calmly, he lifted them from the ground, and slammed their skull down onto his desk, splintering the wood beneath their head and created a large indent of crushed material. Holding them down, he observed them with a tilt of his head, tssking between his canines.

“Look at that. You made a mark on my desk.”

He pulled them away from the damage they had done, and with his fingers shakingly grasping onto their jugular, lifted them until they were dangling in front of his face, which now finally was painted with a threatening snarl. Glowering upon them, daring to say a word, he squeezed until he heard a few joints pop.

“Let me make something… CLeAR to you. I do not like… being mocked. I do not LIke… being tested. And the next time you dare walk into MY domain, testing MY strength and insulting ME. I. Will. Kill. You. Does your pitiful human mind understand?”

He quite literally dropped them to the floor at his boots, and he didn’t even give them the honor of spitting in their direction. He turned away, motioning them off.

“Get out of my sight.”


My dad and I have both played dragon age for a year now and we always have arguments over the circle. He thinks all mages should be free, while I support the re-creation of the circles. (Granted the Templars inside are constantly checked) Though I hate the chantry and all its done, I still really want the circles to be a sanctuary for mages to learn and prosper and just LIVE. I just can’t stand to think what would happen if the more vulnerable mages were forced to the outside with no protection.