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So… here’s a little idea I’ve been toying with lately. As you guys already know, my computer got infected and hacked due to downloading some CC that was behind links. I lost my Netflix account to hackers and seriously risked losing my PayPal account, too. Needless to say, I won’t be touching an link (or other similar service) with a 10-foot pole from now on.

However, here’s the thing: I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that finding cc that is not hidden behind a paywall or an link lately is becoming harder and harder.

And this is why I’d like to start an “Ad-free Creators United” project, a database/cc finds blog to make it easier for everyone to find creations that are NOT hidden behind an or Patreon link. To do this, however, I’ll need the help of a few fellow simmers, aka… YOU!

What are you looking for?
TS2, TS3 and TS4 players who are willing to help me hunt down FREE custom content for sims games and help me keep the cc finds blog updated.

What does “free” content mean?
Any cc creation that is NOT hidden behind an, or Patreon link.

Will this be something like Paysites Must Be Destroyed?
Nope. The blog will be solely dedicated to promoting creations that are shared for free (with no or Patreon links) by their original creators. Basically, it’ll be just a cc finds blog for free creations. No re-uploading of pay content.

How do I participate?
Send me an ask or a message if you’re willing to help me with the finds blog. Please, only send me your message if you’re ACTUALLY willing to work on this. If you don’t have enough time and/or are unsure on whether you can work on the blog itself, you are encouraged to reblog this post and spread the word around.

Fine, I want to take part to this. How many people do you need?
For now, I’ll need:

  • 2 persons to take care of TS2 cc finds;
  • 1 person to take care of TS3 cc finds (I’ll be the other person :D);
  • 2 persons to take care of TS4 cc finds;

Last but not least…

Are you a creator who doesn’t use Get your name added to the database!
If you’re a creator and you’re sharing your creations for free, please reblog this post and fill in the following form:

  • Creator name: [your name]
  • Blog url: [the blog where you share your sims creations]
  • Games you create for: [a list of the sims game/s you create cc for]
  • What you create: [CAS, furniture, objects, retextures, mods, traits, retextures, recolors, mesh conversions, new meshes? List anything you usually create for here]

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Madonna photographed by Stephen Torton, 1982.

Madonna and Basquiat dated for a while, but his heroin addiction ended up pulling them apart. “He was an amazing man and deeply talented. I loved him,” she said. “When I broke up with him, he made me give all [his paintings] back to him. And then he painted over them black.” She regrets giving the art back, but felt pressured to do so since it was something he had created. (The Howard Stern Show, March 2015)

Madonna: “Basquiat was my boyfriend for a while, and I remember getting up in the middle of the night and he wouldn’t be in bed lying next to me; he’d be standing, painting, at four in the morning, this close to the canvas, in a trance. I was blown away by that, that he worked when he felt moved. And they gave jobs to everyone. Keith would meet kids on the street and ask them to come stretch his canvases for him. Basquiat had every B-boy and every graffiti artist in his loft. He was constantly giving everything away. I think they felt guilty that they became successful and were surrounded by people who were penniless, so they shared what they had. They were incredibly generous people, and that rubbed off on me. You stay inspired that way. I could never work in a recording studio where you have this lovely view and a beach and the waves are crashing. For me, it’s all about being in a tiny room with little windows. It’s almost like you have to be in a prison. And you can create beauty when you’re in that sort of deprived environment, which is a re-creation of your formative years.”

“I remember having conversations with Keith [Haring] and with Basquiat about the importance of your art being accessible to people,“ she recalled. “That was their big thing—it should be available to everyone. It was so important for Keith to be able to draw on subways and walls. And Basquiat used to say to me, ‘You’re so lucky that you make music, because music comes out of radios everywhere.’ He thought that what I did was more pop, more connected to pop culture than what he did. Little did he know that his art would become pop culture. But it’s not like we really had discussions about the meaning of art. I remember hearing them talk about those things.”

(Interview Magazine, December 2014)


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Спасибо вам большое за то, что подписываетесь на меня! Вы не представляете, как мне приятно. Мои работы не пропадают зря.
Вот и сейчас хочу представить вам мои первые футболочки для малышей. Возможно кому-то они и понравятся) А если нет, то не беда, для меня это лишняя тренировка)

Steven Universe Theory: White Diamond Is The Enemy


As of January 6th, 2017, we have been officially introduced to three diamonds: Yellow, Blue and Pink. But what about White?

Personally, the most interesting theorizing for me has been originating from the Pyramid Temple, and here’s why.

First of all I want to point out something that no one has before: The Pyramid Temple is the first place we see the Diamond Authority symbol. That’s right. The new symbol. The symbol made after the shattering of Pink Diamond. The symbol that everyone believed made its debut in ‘Jail Break,’ was completely visible in season one, episode eight. Don’t believe me?

The symbol is first seen to the far left as the gems are entering the temple. It is surrounded by what looks to be a sun, and rays of light. Seem familiar? A certain light with a song of some sort? That’s right. The corruption song, revealed to us in both Lapis’ backstory and Centi’s drawings.

The second time the symbol is more clearly visible, after Steven has ‘touched the magical thing he is definitely always never supposed to’ and the gems land in the center of the temple.

(Do I have your attention yet?) What this means is that this temple was created after the war…at least, after the shattering of Pink Diamond, and the re-creation of the Diamond Authority symbol. What exactly is the purpose of this temple? I’ll get to that in another theory.

I will be referencing SliceofOtaku’s ‘Source of Corruption’ theory…so feel free to go check it out!

After the gems enter the temple, before Steven messes with the magical thing, we are introduced to another mural, one that has been used in many theories thus far.

The mural introduces us to four main beings, three being what is assumed to be diamonds, and the last, Rose Quartz. Just barely out of sight, we can see the sun and the moon on opposite ends of the mural, so we can assume that the mural is meant to be read, or translated in a counterclockwise manner. We are also introduced to an unbelievable amount of hands, and small black figures that we assume represent humans, or crystal gems. Again, we’ll get back to a lot more information on this mural in another theory. The main focus is the center mural, the one with Rose Quartz.

Many have speculated that this mural is depicting Rose Quartz fighting against a Diamond. Others have speculated that this is Lapis Lazuli because of the wave like structure beneath her, but that theory has essentially been proven wrong, and it is safe to say that this is in fact a Diamond. But which Diamond?

Many theorized that this was Yellow Diamond or Blue Diamond, because of the triangular symbol on her chest. Others have speculated that this is just a universal symbol of a Diamond, and it could be Pink Diamond, and that this mural was the depiction of the last battle between Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz. I think differently.

White Diamond is and has always been the top of the Diamonds. This is shown by her symbol constantly being at the top of the Diamond Authority symbol, and her mural on the Moon Base shows that she has the most colonized planets and moons by far. Some would argue that she is the ‘oldest’ of the Diamonds. Regardless, she is definitely at the top of her game, even though we have little proof to show it.

When Yellow Diamond was first introduced, fans were in awe. I myself thought that she was just an epiphany of beauty, authority, and everything that a personified diamond would be. She was Yellow Diamond.

When the world was introduced to Blue Diamond, we were given a different aspect of the Diamonds entirely. Diamonds had feelings. Diamonds could be distraught. Diamonds could be vulnerable. Diamonds were capable of the same earth-shattering, depressing emotions that we humans are.

Later on in “That Will Be All” we see that even Yellow Diamond is troubled by the loss of Pink. Even though the two Diamonds are handling the situation very differently, the two still feel the loss of a close figure, some might even say a sister or a lover. Yellow attempts to console her fellow Diamond and encourages her to get back up and be the leader that she needs to be. Yellow has obviously continued her responsibilities as a Diamond, but Blue just hasn’t. Instead, she’s focused on keeping Pink’s legacy alive, and it has made her a shell of what she used to be. Yellow is obviously trying to pull her fellow Diamond from this pit of despair, and return her to her authoritative figure. But where is White Diamond? Surely the head of the Diamond Authority wouldn’t want a fellow Diamond wallowing in despair forever. Wouldn’t she?

Even though Yellow is trying to encourage Blue to stop mourning over the loss of Pink, she’s still there. She’s still concerned about her fellow Diamond. She’s present, and accounting for all of Blue’s latest activity. White Diamond is essentially nonexistent, but she’s not shattered.

We can tell that White Diamond is not shattered/bubbled/missing because:
- She is still present in the Diamond Authority symbol.
- She is not mentioned as a bubbled or shattered gem.
- She is not being mourned over like Pink.
- There are no gems that we have seen bubbled that resemble a Diamond.

Of course, this is only a theory, and it is entirely possible that White Diamond is shattered/bubbled/missing, but I feel that it’s highly unlikely. I mean with that many colonies to run at once, (and certainly more since the war) I think anyone would qualify as ‘missing.’

So what does any of this have to do with White Diamond being the enemy? I’ll tell you. White Diamond shattered Pink Diamond.

That’s preposterous! Why? How? Where?

Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond! It’s fact!

No. It’s not. Just like media, it’s what they want you to believe. But who’s they? The higher-ups. The leaders. White Diamond.

Rose’s sword was made to destroy a gem’s body, never the gem. Rose would never shatter someone, as stated by Steven, and I think I stand by that. Of course everyone says that she had to do what she had to, and that it was true, but I just don’t buy it. I think Rose ‘poofed’ Pink Diamond, but nothing more.

Let’s go back to the mural.

Here we can see Rose battling a Diamond. But what is that in front of her? A diamond. A pink diamond. Could this be the actual Pink Diamond? Yes!

It has been made clear that White Diamond is the leader of the Diamond Authority. She wouldn’t care about a small rebellion. Not near enough to come to earth. So what would make her come to earth? Pink Diamond. The well-being of a fellow Diamond. As soon as Pink Diamond is ‘poofed’ or shattered, things get super real for the Diamonds. The rebellion isn’t a game anymore. One of their own is in danger, and that’s enough for White Diamond to put an end to it all.

Rose Quartz proved that this rebellion wasn’t something that could be handled with a snap of their fingers. The Beta Kindergarten was proof of that. As stated by Peridot, the Beta Kindergarten was Homeworld’s scrambled attempt to generate extra soldiers on the ground, mid-way through the rebellion. This wasn’t Homeworld’s attempt. This was Pink Diamond’s attempt. Jasper further reiterates this fact by her emotional speech about her purpose being to fight from the very beginning, because of what Rose Quartz did to her colony, her planet and her Diamond.

Rose Quartz has always been presented to us as a lovely, beautiful being. I personally can’t imagine her harming another gem, not to mention the being that created her. I think Rose Quartz ‘poofed’ Pink Diamond, holding her hostage, and was using her as a means of negotiating with Homeworld and the rest of the Diamond Authority. This is when White Diamond joins the war.

White Diamond finally travels to earth, and brings reinforcements with her. In a final attempt at ending the rebellion, and the gem colonization of earth, Rose Quartz negotiates with White Diamond alone.

It is common knowledge in the real world, that only diamonds can cut diamonds.

Depicted in one of the first murals ever given to us, White Diamond delivers a shattering blow meant for Rose Quartz, but instead strikes the bubbled and defenseless, Pink Diamond, and shatters her gem for good. Infuriated, distraught, and bent on revenge, White Diamond blames Rose Quartz for the death of her fellow Diamond, and who would deny it? The very leader of the Homeworld gems and the Great Diamond Authority.

At an unknown time period afterwards, Homeworld gems are called to retreat, and the three remaining Diamonds join together to create the corruption song. Sadly, many gems are unable to escape, left on earth as corrupted gems, mere shells of what they used to be. Thus, ending the rebellion and the colonization of earth. White Diamond returns to her duties as a Diamond, while Blue and Yellow mourn for their fellow Diamond.

Of course, gem activity does not come to an immediate halt after the rebellion, the Pyramid Temple and the Cluster being examples of that, but we’ll try to figure that out in another theory.

As for White Diamond’s involvement in future episodes of the show, I feel that she will be the last villain Steven and the Crystal Gems face. The show revolves around empathy, and I feel that both Blue and Yellow will be able to be won over by Steven’s compassionate nature, or at least they will think twice about what actually happened in the rebellion. Perhaps in some sort of argument within the council itself, White Diamond would angrily admit that she was the one that shattered Pink Diamond, or in a battle between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds, they discover Diamonds can’t be shattered by normal gems, and the Diamond’s whole worlds would be changed forever. Homeworld gems would be changed forever. All because of the one Diamond above them all.

White Diamond.

I hope you guys enjoyed my theory on White Diamond and I’ll be working on other theories soon!

The Captive Prince Week is back this year!

In a little less than two months from now, from July 29 to August 5, everyone is invited to celebrate the Captive Prince series by C. S. Pacat through any and all artistic means! To fuel your creativity, there are different prompt suggestions for each day:

  • Day 1 – July 29: Sapphires / “I made your pet jump.”
  • Day 2 – July 30: Freedom / “I think before you came, he didn’t really trust anyone.”
  • Day 3 – July 31: Kings / “It was one kingdom, once.”
  • Day 4 – August 1: Legacy / “He would do anything for his little brother.”
  • Day 5 – August 2: Courting / “I speak your language better than you speak mine, sweetheart.”
  • Day 6 – August 3: Sports / “It’s the game I like.”
  • Day 7 – August 4: Gardens / “You were watching the road.”
    • Extra day! Day 8 – August 5
  • Part 1: Loyalty / “I expect my Prince’s Guard to be the best.”
  • Part 2: Disguise / “I am the soul of discretion.”

Context for the quotes can be found in the Prompts page. More information about the event as a whole can be found in the About & Guidelines page (please be sure to read the Guidelines carefully!) If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to drop them in the Askbox!

Quick reminders-

  • Fanart, fanfiction, edits, cosplay, crafts, fanmixes, etc. All types of artistic creations are welcome;
  • All posts must be tagged as #capriweek2k17 so they can be found and reblogged;
  • All posts should indicate what prompt(s) they are based on;
  • You can interpret all the prompts however you want;
  • The prompts may sound canon-exclusive, but AUs (including modern ones) are definitely welcome;
  • You can combine prompts (from the same day or from different ones);
  • NSFW is welcome! Just tag it appropriately;
  • You can schedule your posts if you do your stuff early! Late entries will also be tracked and reblogged;
  • Re-posted/stolen/plagiarized creations will not be tolerated;
  • Hate of any kind will not be tolerated.

Mark your calendars, and see you soon!


Pearls For Our Girls ; They’re Done!

A smaller project but still… we were in dire need of pearls for our ‘upper east side posh’ sims 😉. Click on the pics for better quality! They’re very blurry but I don’t know why… Why tumor?! Why?!?!?!😭😜) I took the pearl necklace that came with the vampire GP apart and created a nice pearl necklace. Small shout-out to these enthusiastic peeps❤️ @eenhoornsims@martinessimblr​ @standardheld (whom I can’t tag 😕… weird) @aflutters-simblr@nibbsnz​.Hope you guys like them!☺️ And of course everyone else!!!

Just Pearls; a version with (as it says :P) just pearls in the vampire palette and the Spring Colors of 2017.

With Amulet; a MM texturen of a rhinestone. 

Technical details:

  • New Mesh. Mesh-edit of EA’s Pearl necklace so; credits to EA.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • All LOD’s. LOD 0 (highest resolution) 1200 poly’s = to standard EA value.
  • Custom shadow map.
  • Made with Sims 4 Studio Harmony tested in both OS (Windows and Mac).

Terms of Use:

  • Don’t claim my creations as your own!
  • Do not (re)upload my creation to other sites. You wouldn’t like it either.
  • You can recolor my creation’s just DON’T include the mesh. If you like me to see your recolor’s @# me!☺️
  • Do NOT put a url shorters to re-direct to MY original mesh.
  • Give credit, where credit is due. 
  • I do not own/made patterns and/or textures UNLESS stated otherwise.
  • You can convert them to The Sims 1/ 2 / 3 but let me know first.

Download the version you like or the merged file.

Download (SFS - No AdFly)

And last but not least…Enjoy! Let me know what ya think! ☺️

Kaneki and Touka: Parallel Journeys, Part 3

Link to First Part here.

Link to Second Part here.

Touka’s Self-Reconciliation

When we meet Touka again, 3 years later, she practically glows with human kindness.

Thankfully, her feelings of impotence have not convinced her to erase the admirable human side she had been developing, because she has had the support of the remainders of Anteiku and their hybrid viewpoint. And since that is a hybrid viewpoint, the Ghoul side of her has resurfaced as well, as we find out at the end of the Tsukiyama Family Extermination arc.

Her re-acceptance of her Ghoul self is reflected through the regrowth of her kakuhou and being able to use her kagune again. But while she has brought herself to kill people again, it is not a revenge killing, as it was with Kusaba, but a commitment to violence in order to save a friend. Like Yoshimura before her, she is peaceful when she can be, but when a friend is endangered, she’s willing to fight. A true spiritual Half-Ghoul; something she proves again when she helps rescue Hinami from Cochlea.

And the symbol of this reconciliation is her creation of :re. As Tsukiyama points out, it is a second Anteiku; a second symbol of human nature and Ghoul nature co-existing. And just as Yoshimura created Anteiku as a home for the prodigal Half-Ghoul close to his heart, Touka created :re as a home for the prodigal Half-Ghoul close to hers.

Kaneki’s Self-Reconciliation

Kaneki’s struggle to reconcile his two selves, however, is still ongoing. At the end of the first series, in Kaneki’s mind his Ghoul self comes into direct contact with his Human self, and the Ghoul realises what a great mistake he’s made in abandoning the Human. But the Human sees the virtue in the Ghoul self as well. 

They embrace, and they fade away together, to merge into one.

To merge into Haise, whose hair is both black and white to symbolise the co-existence of the two selves. As Haise, he seems, like Touka, to have mastered this balance. Simultaneously, a kind and gentle soul…

…And someone who is willing to fight when it’s called for, especially when it’s to protect his loved ones.

However, the transformation is not yet complete. Haise still fears sliding back full-swing into the Ghoul World, reluctant to use his kagune. Rather than his two selves being in union, they are fighting for dominance. He sees his past self as the demonic figure in Yamori’s chamber, and it frightens him.

The reason that he has adapted so badly compared to Touka is that the pain the Ghoul side of himself brought him was so extreme, he tried to shove it away entirely, locking away his memories. Being raised in the CCG with its strong prejudice against Ghouls only made his self-denial worse, to the point of crying when Urie calls him a Ghoul.

Touka equally fears Kaneki slipping back in the Ghoul World after seeing what it has done to him (and the own pain she felt because of it), and it’s her principal reason for not trying to bring back Haise’s memories. She believes him to be better off in this not-quite-there state, lest he regress dramatically (as indeed he later does).

(And of course Tsukiyama wants Kaneki back in the Ghoul World, because that’s where he is.)

But to Haise’s surprise, the mental image of the devil within changes into that of a child.

A white-haired child. The Ghoul self he was hiding from was as vulnerable as the human side he treasured. Haise re-examines his perspective, and seeks to understand the part of him he was suppressing. Beginning to understand the Ghoul inside of him is an important part of Kaneki’s development, but it takes him to darker places before brighter.

The confrontation with Eto, the reflection of himself - the Half-Ghoul who strayed from Anteiku into the Ghoul World to fix the world herself - brings Kaneki to a crucial revelation about himself.

Kaneki had always believed that the Ghoulish side within him was something that came about with the implantation of Ghoul organs into his body; indeed he initially tried to carve them out in the hope it would make him human again. However, with the flood of recaptured memories, Kaneki remembers that his life characterised by violence had begun long before that. He had been in the ‘Ghoul World’ even when he was human. The stream was poisoned from the source, and there was no escaping what he saw as his tragic fate - so he embraces it, seeking to at least do something positive with his Ghoul abilities before he can destroy the violent monster he so detests for good.

The white-haired child had represented the major memory Kaneki had been suppressing all along, an ability he possessed that was foreshadowed by the existence of Haise. It represented that he had his Ghoul nature even when he was a child - as foreshadowed by the ‘Black Goat’s Egg’, suitably written by his doppelganger - and so, though it is red in actuality, in the monochrome style of manga, his hair turns black as he accepts the Ghoul as an irremovable part of himself. Black hair was the colour of his human self, but the Black Reaper is the most Ghoulish of Kaneki’s personas - it represents how the distinction in Kaneki’s mind has been utterly obliterated, and he can no longer see where the Ghoul ends and the human begins. 

This destruction of the boundaries could be a positive thing for his character, if he didn’t despise himself for it. His hatred for himself is symbolised by slicing his doppelganger in two - although, of course, she survives, and reforms, because the Ghoul within Kaneki cannot be destroyed so easily.

Another thing about doppelgangers; according to legend, when one first meets their doppelganger, death will soon follow. And that is exactly what Kaneki believes. But this is a conviction that is thrown off balance when Kaneki comes to interact with someone who has been a Ghoul since their birth, and who has dived into the human world as well. Someone who has managed to demolish the boundaries between her Ghoul and Human sides in a far healthier manner.

Though Kaneki believed himself to have been part of the Human World, his past was characterised by the Ghoul World in his mother’s abuse long before the attack by Rize. And although Touka believed herself to have been part of the Ghoul World, her past was characterised by the Human World in her father’s kindness long before she went to school. Seeing Touka again is what triggers Kaneki’s self-doubt over his initial goal. Seeing such a healthy specimen of Half-Ghoulness - having now seen her both kindly serving customers in :re and breaking into Cochlea to save Hinami - makes him start to question his self-hatred.

Then, in his mind he speaks with Hide, and recognises that the Hide he is talking to, urging him to live on and demonstrating Human kindness to the highest degree, is a mental conjuration. Which makes that Hide part of Kaneki’s own mind. And if that’s true, then Kaneki can be Human too, after all. Human and Ghoul - he’s always been both. So he doesn’t have to hate himself anymore.

His hair turns white once more to represent the new peace he has found with his Ghoul self, and to call back to the self-confidence and determination to change the world that the first Shironeki possessed. With Ghoulish hair and a Ghoulish eye, his face is lit up by a Human smile. He’s finally mastered the way of the Half-Ghoul.

And that is precisely what makes him the One-Eyed King.

And where does Kaneki wake up after all of this?

In :re, the home of the half-Ghoul.

Kaneki has finally returned to Anteiku.

Now both Kaneki and Touka have destroyed the boundaries between their two selves - also represented by the mixed membership of Goat between Anteiku, Aogiri, CCG, and independents - they have saved themselves, and now that they have saved themselves, they can save the world.