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A Parks and Recreation Caryl moment:

(I have this theory that if Team Family were to ingest any alcohol now that they’re “safe” in the ASZ, they would all get absolutely hammered, because by now, none of them have any tolerance for it.)

Carol: Oh my god, I’m so hungover.  I’ve never been this hungover.  Are we dead?

Daryl: Nah, I feel fine.  I went on a run this morning.

Carol: Really?

Daryl: No, I threw up in the shower.

Carol: Oh….  You took a shower?

Daryl: No.

looking in the tags and seeing that people are talking shit about richonne only being a ~rebound~ or fanservice or wtfever else is like this microcosm for me of how fandom, through a combination of over- and myopic- thinking, completely warps narratives in their own heads if given time

last fall i read the entirety of the walking dead comic and then went on to mainline seasons 1 through 5 of the show all in the space of a few weeks at which point i was like AWWW YEAH ALMOST TIME FOR RICHONNE

because… it was literally the only place the narrative could possibly go?!?!?! given the show’s adherence to the overall arc of the comics

they’re in asz, jessie is there for a hot second so rick can dip his toe into moving on from laurie, and with the absence of andrea from the tv narrative at this point, he wifes up michonne OBVIOUSLY????? and quite frankly it would have made about ten times more sense if it was michonne in the comics too but let me not get into that

so it’s just so surreal to me to see all the pushback

i mean


but based on the spoilers this is pretty much a direct adaptation of rick/andrea?? so if you weren’t complaining about that in the comics why the fuck are you complaining about rick/michonne? particularly since lbr comics rick and andrea had nothing even remotely approaching the pre-existing relationship and build up that rick and michonne have


Spoiler Warning (Carol, specifically)

It’s late and I’m on my tablet so I’ll be shocked if this post doesn’t get eaten by the tumblr monster.

After reading the latest spoilers I’m heartbroken. Not over more Tobin or complete lack of Caryl. It’s that none of TF noticed Carol’s downward spiral. I get that she’s been masking her true emotional state, but if you’ve survived with a person, bled with them-for them, lived side by side as they all have….how could you not see her struggle? Morgan damn well did.

I know this is the storyline…Morgan vs Carol. The great killing debate. Which looks like Carol loses. Of course. Break her down until she gives up. And I guess Morgan finds clarity or redemption or something the general audience is supposed to find moving. All at Carol’s expense. Nobody else can suffer a moral meltdown over all the people they’ve killed.

Nope, they’re all living in ASZ, falling in love, cuddling in bed and making dinner plans. I’m not saying they don’t deserve happiness, just not to be so caught up in it that one of them slips through. I think it’s Rick’s reaction in the preview. He’s storming the streets, yelling at Tobin and seems like he’s just catching up. Because he is. They all are.

And that’s why I call bullshit on the writing this season. It’s all been about those two comic book scenarios, No Way Out and fucking Negan. Every character has been written to get them to those storylines. The details of who they are, what they are to each other, have been sacrificed for the sake of two scenes. I don’t even know where that lovely bed Carol was lying in is located let alone begin to understand her relationship with Tobin. Wasn’t he married with children? Is he a recent widower? They kiss on the porch, so does that mean they are public knowledge? Apparently none of that matters.

I hope to hell Daryl zooms off unaware of Carol’s letter…only way that bit works. I can deal with his manpain blinders strapped back on if he just didn’t know…but really, dear writers…such convenient timing, his departure is. God forbid anyone who truly cares for Carol can get involved. Nope just Morgan, to the bitter end of this season.

While I know it’s a post apocalyptic show and tptb love the epic scenes of death and near misses, it’s the relationships between these people that keep the show grounded. And I miss that.