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Riot of Rot Skins

Turnout for the skin and accent contest for RoR has been abysmal and the vast majority of the skins and accents submitted either break the rules, are obviously from other Festivals and are just getting resubmitted for the lulz, or for quality reasons will never win. And the staff have no one but themselves to blame for that. They created Plague with super dark lore at the start of the game and have been systematically strangling it ever since. I’ve been in Light since I joined and even I can’t even with their crap. Ooh, no blood or injuries or suffering! Somebody might get upset. This while bloody bandages and hideous infections and fungal growths are a-okay. You think that stuff doesn’t hurt? Shit is ridiculous. The official description of the plague region celebrates pestilence and death and a survival ethic in as many words. But now they’re trying to push artists in a poorly defined PG direction with skeletons and zombies. Um, wouldn’t that be an embarrassment/unacceptable to the Plague deity under the terms of your own fucking lore? Skeletons and zombies are dead. They failed. They did not survive.

If I were an artist, I would have no idea what to do with their vague, ambiguous rules. Well, staff, have fun judging Blobby Red and Green Airbrush Lines, Barely Visible Scars, Obvious Fire Skin, and the rest.

anonymous asked:

High-key think that anon has a little too much salt in their system lol. Yeah, nobody is perfect, but it was super unnecessary to go to your ask box and send you something like that rip. In any case, Ondria you're PERFECT, and you're THE BEST ARTIST IN THIS FANDOM c; ❤ ❤ ❤

It is really nice to hear anon, thank you so much <3<3

anonymous asked:

I?? Really love your art style, honestly?? Like- the lines are so clean and it's just very nice to look at! I've only been following you for like a week, but I think you're my new favourite artist??


youaresuneater  asked:

ur officially getting ur own tag on my blog bc WOW. Quality content™. You're my fav artist on this cursed website

f fuck THANK YOU I DON’T DESERVE THAT HONOR (´°ω°`)// idk what to say im a mess

also i hate tumblr too but then i always come back to it like im only playin’ my damn self

embrace-the-rainbowz  asked:

Hey man I just saw your TAZ video and let me tell you that I have watched it so many times while unhealthy staring at every frame for all the little details you put in. I had just finished the final episode and just seeing that made me so happy and you're such a good artist!!! I loved all your character designs but honestly I love your Kravitz so much and I wish there was more art of him in your style 😅 Please keep up the amazing artwork you amazing person!! 💕

:,0 :,0 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! honestly i wish i drew kravitz more, he is. one of my prouder designs. he looks like a businesses man in the late 1800s who worked on wall street but was recently fired due to his employer finding out about his secret cult where they meet up in the forest to summon ancient aztec demon birds. anyways, i’m glad you like the taz video!! and sorry i haven’t been drawing taz lately i haven’t had time to listen to the newer stuff

anonymous asked:

sorry if u have answered this before but wut do u use to draw like firealpaca paint tool sai etc?

I use Krita! It is free and easy to use! I recommend it to any beginner digital artist, or if you’re an experienced artist!

francyverlengia  asked:

Since you're an amazing artist, have you ever though of making speedpaints on your channel? (Btw I loved Split's intro)

Thank you very much! :D
I have thought of that but it didn’t appeal to me much. Mostly because I’m a very slow artist and get distracted by youtube or tumblr every 2 minutes so I don’t think I could get a nice clean video out of that.

i did this piece a while ago for a friend’s first solo-curated gallery so i think it’s okay to post :O!!! it’s a big one. the theme was “quiet moments” and i wanted to depict the wonder you feel as a child when it comes to exploration and the unknown at one of the quietest times of day (5 am)