re animator: the musical

Keith HCs

★ Keith’s hair is always super oily// greasy bc it becomes oily faster than normal people

  • but once it’s been cleaned, all of the Paladins are really jealous
  • Allura is lowkey that his disaster of a mullet iS ACTUALLY PERFECTION ONCE KEITH TRIED TO MAKE IT LOOK NICE

★ ??? He??? Wants??? To??? Pet??? Animals??? But??? They’re??? Scared??? Of??? Him???

★ His favorite musical is Wicked

Keith, quietly under his breath when Lance starts flirting with an alien after the Bonding Moment: No good deed goes unpunished

★ He taught himself how to cry on command when he was younger to guilt trip Shiro 

★ Whenever he gets really emotional or upset his voice cracks

  • People hear it and stop taking him seriously in arguments

★ He can??? Paint nails really well? All the nail polish ends up perfectly on the nail and not the skin

  • Hunk wants to know his secret

★ “My brother said to pick my battles well jokes on him I’m picking all of them.”

★ Half the time he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing in the Garrison he was just winging it

★ He joined Choir in elementary school and hated it

He has a nice singing voice tho ngl

★ He had a mothman poster in his room that he brought with his own money

★ He knows how to draw too?? Shiro is currently the only one who knows

★ The gayest of gays

★ He played the wii so much that Shiro can’t bare to listen to the music anymore

★ Everyone thinks he plays the guitar but jokes on them he actually plays the piano since when he was younger he wanted to play The Black Parade by MCR

★ He’s actually really good at flirting but hardly ever uses it

★ Ming-Na Wen is his role model

  • He learned how to fight in heels bc of her

★ He actually has to wear glasses but he lost them so he just bullshits his way through life

★ One of the reasons he was so good at piloting was that he wanted to impress lance

  • You can see how well that went

★ when Lance showed up to save Shiro he thought they could start over so he pretended not to know him

★ He got kicked out of the Garrison because he was arguing with an Superior Officer about the Kerberos mission and they said smth bad about Shiro so he punched them in the face

★ He only really had Shiro growing up so he’s 100% prepared to take a hit or get into a fight for anyone who legitimately cares about him


  • They go down his back and up his arms it’s gr8

★ He tried so hard to make friends but he always failed or pushed them away on accident so he just stopped trying

★ He played hockey as a kid

★ When he was little he used to pronounce his name as “Quiche” and Shiro as “Shrimp” and “Shaki”

★ Anytime someone called him emo he tried to defend himself but always gave up in the end

★ He has the crop top jacket because he wanted to be a pokemon trainer so Shiro brought it for him

★ When the Kerberos mission was announced failed he cut off ties with the remaining Holts bc he thinks he’s bad luck

★ “Everyone leaves eventually, there’s not really a point for anyone to stay around anyway.”

★ He’s lactose intolerant

★ Camp Rock was his shit when he was younger

★ He’s the type of person to refuse to admit he’s sick as he’s throwing up

★ Has been ready to fight since the age of 6

Can and Will eat an entire package of raw chocolate chip cookie dough

★  Everyone thinks his favorite superhero is Batman but it’s actually Martian Manhunter

★ His favorite candy are the sour skittles

★ He chugged an entire jug of milk and had to go to the doctors

★ He owned 5 kittens at one point in a box and saw that they didn’t have a home so he decided to give them one like Shiro did for him

★ He had a boyfriend at one point but then the dude cheated on him so they broke up

  • He was heartbroken and cried for days
  • Pidge and Shiro fucked the dude up though

★ Shiro dragged him to Sephora and he got lost

★ He was set on being an astronaut with his brother

★ He downed an entire pot of coffee bc some loser at the Garrison told him he couldn’t

★ He cried when he was accepted into the Garrison

  • He cried when he was kicked out too

★ He joined ballet and gymnastics when he was younger

  • He still has some of the skills

★ He has a texan accent but tries hard to keep it hidden

★ He’s super ticklish, Shiro used it to his advantage when he was little

★ Went into the woods alone to look for bigfoot while blasting “Actual cannibal Shia Labeouf”

★ He loves the Percy Jackson books

★ The Garrison didn’t tell him about the Kerberos mission so he found out by the news like the Holts

★ He has horrible tan lines because of his gloves

★ He always smells like apple pie???? Even he doesn’t even know how

  • He still smells like it up in space
  • Hunk and Pidge have a solid amount of theories on how

Keith, trying to make friends: Hello, Keith here

★ He always struggles to put his hair up

★ He’s always cold no matter what

  • 92 degree weather? Boy still has his stupid fucking jacket on

★ Shiro used to blast country music to “build character”

★ Michelle Obama is another one of his role models

  • He loves her more than he loves himself

a collection of living parts // a herbert west fanmix (x)

i. hello, my treacherous friends - ok go
ii. a nervous tic motion of the head to the left - andrew bird
iii. oh no! - marina and the diamonds
iv. i can’t decide - scissor sisters
v. love me dead - ludo
vi. toxic - britney spears
vii. dead! - my chemical romance
viii. fear & delight - the correspondents
ix. somebody told me - the killers
x. overdone - ludo
xi. weepy hollow - fox academy

shwarmi  asked:

k so i was looking through your fanart tag & i saw you didn't know what "animatic" means! (i'm an animation major/nerd) it's storyboards but with, at min., sound, & at max. with camera direction & layer movements etc. it's anywhere inbetween storyboards (which are like comic book panels but for future animations) & the actual animation! they're a lot easier/faster to do than animating (for the most part) so they're super popular with musicals & podcasts and stuff!! the more ya know! :D

That’s so cool! Thanks for filling me in! 

Today was tough but I love that this was my class reading today

And yes, they do mention Frankenstein’s campy ex-boyfriend from Bride of Frankenstein on the next page of this book. 

Excuse me, now half of Re-Animator the Musical is stuck in my head. Specifically all the times Herbert and Dan sing “We’ll give life!”

wittenberg  asked:

v t q p n !

Thanks for asking pal💛💛

N. Favorite animal?
Dragon!!!!! If we’re taking in account only real animals then owls and cats

P. Music I like
I don’t have a favorite genre, mostly I listen to pop punk, 60s/70s/80s rock but rock in general, musicals (obvs), I had my kpop phase and I still like most songs, aaaand idk man I like anything honestly.
Fave artists are the Queen and Panic! At the disco (and Abba)

Q. Favorite flower
Lilies, smell so great!!
Also yellow and purple Irises

T. 3 things you love unconditionally
(I already answered to this but I love so many things)
- little details and stories in art, like the obscure references and the “dude who looks at the camera like it’s in the office” who usually is also the artist themselves or like the “dude that the artist hates and that has a snake biting his balls” (am I talking about Michelangelo? Probably), or like “I’m painting a girl chopping off a guy’s head because a guy raped me and I’m mad this reinassance society doesn’t respect me as a person” (this was Artemisia Gentileschi, fyi)
-gossiping about dead people in general
-the sea any day any time any weather

V. Big dreams?
Becoming a animated film director who does meaningful stories and makes the children understand that life is beautiful and great and perfect even when it’s not and even when people are bad
I’d love to be inspiring for the little ones

So, everyone keep saying that 2016 was a bad year

And I think so, since it was the worst year for me at school, at home, with friends, personal stuff, etc. But I can’t say it was the worst year since it gave us amazing things like Mystic Messenger, Kimi no Na Wa, Yuri on Ice, Shuumatsu no Izetta, that animated music video called Shelter, Re Zero, the Kizumonogatari movie trilogy (finally), Erased, a Sailor Moon new season and a bunch of other awesome anime and games.

In the end, it couldn’t be the best year, but these amizing things didn’t let it be the worst.

I was tagged by @post-punks awhile ago. Like a LONG time ago. Sorry.

A- Age: basically still a fetus compared to everyone else on here
B- Biggest Fear: being left behind
C- Current Time: 4:16pm
D- Drink You Last Had: Ginger Ale
E- Everyday Starts With: missed alarms
F- Favorite Song: I’m Gonna Crawl
I- In Love With: everyone out of my league lol
K- Killed Someone: nah
L- Last Time You Cried: Yesterday
M- Middle Name: Courtney
N- Number of Siblings: 2
O- One Wish: to be cool
P- Person you last called/texted: my mom
Q- Questions you’re always asked: “You’re a freshman?”
R- Reasons to Smile: Flowers, animals, music, space
S- Song You Last Sang: Changes
T- Time You Woke Up: 10AM
U- Underwear Color: Blue
V- Vacation Destination: Las Vegas
W- Worst Habit: Nail biting
X- X-Rays You’ve Had Done: None
Y- Your Favorite Food: spring rolls
Z- Zodiac Sign: Gemini ♊

Ok we need to talk about the roll of cash in Herbert's pocket in the musical

He seems to be aware that lots of cash up front is a good way to secure this room, so he’s at least that socially aware. Which is interesting.

But my main concern is WHERE DID HE GET THAT.

That’s a thing sketchy people do, carry around rolls of cash. Reanimating the dead and getting kicked out of medical school aren’t exactly things that bring in the big bucks. 

Where did you get that cash Herbert. 

  1. Are you stripping on the weekends. 
  2. Are you the world’s most sarcastic waiter, getting all your tips from blushing college girls like me. And thus you get to keep your job despite being horrible to the customers. 
  3. Are you answering sketchy as fuck ads on craigslist. 
  4. Are you tutoring people. (Somehow I doubt this one most of all.)
  5. Are you working under the table for cash at a dive bar and serving drinks.
  6. Did Gruber leave you everything he had. Hence you have all this cash from exchanging your Swiss bills for American dollars. (Sidenote, google Swiss money, it’s very pretty, I am jealous.)
  7. Are you operating as an independent IT repair person.
  8. Are you sucking guys off in alleyways. 
  9. Are you making meth. 

I need to KNOW.

anonymous asked:

2 and 12, pretty please

2. If your life was a movie, what kind of soundtrack would it have?

LOTS of alternative music ! we’re talking Glass Animals, Mother Mother, Coast Modern, Alt-J    -   All that nice stuff! BUT also rap like Lil Dicky and Cosmo Jarvis haha !

Basically odd and all over the place, but still atmospheric

12. Which character made a more substantial impact on your childhood than you realized back then?

I’m gonna be real boring and say Ash Ketchum, because Pokémon in general has just impacted my childhood SO much - and when I think back the things I most clearly remember is pretending to be pokemon with my friends, trading cards, playing with my (for some reason fucking gigantic) pokemon figurine collection and drawing pokemon (and making up our own games hahah)