re animator: the musical

Today was tough but I love that this was my class reading today

And yes, they do mention Frankenstein’s campy ex-boyfriend from Bride of Frankenstein on the next page of this book. 

Excuse me, now half of Re-Animator the Musical is stuck in my head. Specifically all the times Herbert and Dan sing “We’ll give life!”

To My Future Best Man

When you’re on cocaine
Your phone sinks into the front pocket of your jeans,
Burrowed there, it is as useless as the
Eight missed calls I should never have dialed.
When you’re on cocaine
Your environment drips with each color
That the universe has to offer.
Your CNS is rocketed into action,
The drinks are poured, the music is animated
When you’re on cocaine
Bland coworkers (that you didn’t pour out your whole existence to in Vermont for a year and a half),
Become increasingly important.
Bland coworkers willing to share their bag,
Become increasingly less bland.
When you’re on cocaine
Your life is divided into chambers of privacy,
The bathroom stall.
Where credit cards clink the porcelain, and
Giddy employees splash tequila on themselves, the walls, their hearts.
So we haven’t spoken between 6 pm and 1 am in months.
I have needed your intoxicated words,
Descriptive, affectionate, curious.
Like all last year, I found them in bitter, hopeless nights.
But now I don’t expect you to pick up
As with each missed call,
Your voicemail greeting reaches me one ring sooner.
And the powder in your pocket is the only thing you’re digging for
And you’re thrashing and laughing and loving
And I may be really excited, or I may be in tremendous pain
But neither of us will know if the other survived
Until 4 pm the next day.
If I survive
Will you stay
And say your sorry,
Would you stay
Would you stay

Ok we need to talk about the roll of cash in Herbert's pocket in the musical

He seems to be aware that lots of cash up front is a good way to secure this room, so he’s at least that socially aware. Which is interesting.

But my main concern is WHERE DID HE GET THAT.

That’s a thing sketchy people do, carry around rolls of cash. Reanimating the dead and getting kicked out of medical school aren’t exactly things that bring in the big bucks. 

Where did you get that cash Herbert. 

  1. Are you stripping on the weekends. 
  2. Are you the world’s most sarcastic waiter, getting all your tips from blushing college girls like me. And thus you get to keep your job despite being horrible to the customers. 
  3. Are you answering sketchy as fuck ads on craigslist. 
  4. Are you tutoring people. (Somehow I doubt this one most of all.)
  5. Are you working under the table for cash at a dive bar and serving drinks.
  6. Did Gruber leave you everything he had. Hence you have all this cash from exchanging your Swiss bills for American dollars. (Sidenote, google Swiss money, it’s very pretty, I am jealous.)
  7. Are you operating as an independent IT repair person.
  8. Are you sucking guys off in alleyways. 
  9. Are you making meth. 

I need to KNOW.

So, everyone keep saying that 2016 was a bad year

And I think so, since it was the worst year for me at school, at home, with friends, personal stuff, etc. But I can’t say it was the worst year since it gave us amazing things like Mystic Messenger, Kimi no Na Wa, Yuri on Ice, Shuumatsu no Izetta, that animated music video called Shelter, Re Zero, the Kizumonogatari movie trilogy (finally), Erased, a Sailor Moon new season and a bunch of other awesome anime and games.

In the end, it couldn’t be the best year, but these amizing things didn’t let it be the worst.

anonymous asked:

What’s your favorite class at Auradon Prep?

Anything related to animals really. They’re my passion, my life. Oh, no no wait, music class! I love hearing harmonies or singing. It’s music to my ears honestly, not to make a bad pun.