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stop using the bullshit "he fetishizes asians" argument to shit on book!michael, and leave people that like him alone, i hate people that stomp around and pretend to be authority when they find a 'bad thing' like it's thier job to make sure the fandom stays uwu pure 4 hte childwen because they're only adding to the toxicity and discourse for something that's Not Actually A Problem


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i saw a post earlier where that taxi during the torso arc had the words "f*ck touka express" on it. some heavy duty foreshadowing by ishida, but it totally sounds like one of the saltiest anti trains in existence.

Mod K:

It was a joke from the people who originally translated Re:. They added it in often.


“Bill. We love you, truly. So much. But nobody, and I say this with all the compassion and truth in my heart — nobody will ever publish this.
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, dir. Angela Robinson (2017)



3. clarke griffin & commander lexa (the 100)

“Maybe life should be about more than just surviving. Don’t we deserve better than that?“
“Maybe we do.”


This fan re-added the trumpets to the theme song, and mixed it so that it feels like both Pescetto and Barton are singing together. 

Quickie || Tom Holland || {Sequel to Tease}

Read Tease!

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: Delayed interviews means Tom and you can have some time with each other. 

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1948 words

A/N: this is like a sorta sequel to tease (you don’t have to read it to understand what’s going on though) I think I’m just gonna make it like a series of events sorta thing!!

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