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We can actually hear Swift’s critics rolling their eyes. But here’s one of the best things about the star , Even when she’s mocked for writing thinly veiled songs about her love life or criticized for going completely pop and not sticking to her country roots, Swift still follows her own path.
This is a woman who will tell her record label, when instructed not to venture too far off in a new direction, sorry, “but this is how it’s going to be.” She knows what she wants. She knows who she is. And if you don’t like it, she’ll just shake off the criticism and write a song about doing so that you secretly won’t be able to stop singing.
That’s pretty gutsy in an industry that’s running scared. Here are five other reasons why you can’t help but like Taylor Swift, even if you’re not a fan:
1. The catch factor
Have you ever caught yourself singing a catchy ditty and not even remembering how you know the lyrics? It was probably a Taylor Swift track.
Her music has a way of permeating every facet of popular culture, to the point that you don’t have to buy her albums to recognize the twang from “You Belong with Me” or sing the hook from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”
2. Ten Grammys later, still more likely to be found baking with cats
Taylor Swift is one of the most recognizable pop stars on the planet, and we can only imagine the access that kind of fame can yield. We would not be at all surprised if the singer could jet from Milan to Tokyo in the blink of an eye in a private jet with seats lined in mink.
But instead of the usual shenanigans you hear about from the very young, privileged and wealthy, Swift is more likely to be found baking cookies or playing with a new kitten.
In other words, probably the exact same things she’d be doing if she weren’t famous, which is a rare thing to witness.
3. She obsesses over the same TV shows
Speaking of those cats, one of them is named Olivia Benson, as in one of the starring detectives on “Law & Order: SVU.” Another one of the star’s feline friends is named after Meredith Grey on Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy.”
Many celebrities claim to be fans of their famous peers work, but Swift appears to be just as obsessed with your favorite TV shows as you are, almost as if she forgot that she, too, is on the A-list.
4. She’s BFFs with everyone, including her fans
It’s not hard to rattle off Taylor Swift’s famous friends, because she has a growing collection that includes everyone from Selena Gomez and Lorde to actresses Jaime King and Lena Dunham.
But what makes Swift win over in the skeptics is her connection with her fans. She knows at least one of her supporters so well that she could make a surprise appearance at the fan’s bachelorette party with complete ease, posing for pictures and handing over a gift that she knew her fan would like. We’ll say that again: She knows her fans well enough that she can buy them personalized presents. Who does that?
5. Her parties are as dorky as yours
While some stars are always sharing photos of their exclusive vacations in exotic faraway locales, Swift’s get-togethers look like they could’ve been photographed in your neighbor’s backyard. Fourth of July? She’s baking a holiday-themed cake and hitting the Slip N’ Slide. Christmas season? She’s even constructed homemade holiday cards . And of course, as endlessly chronicled on Social media , you know Swift will always dance like no one’s watching.
—  5 reasons you love Taylor Swift even if you don’t want to - CNN article

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Hi ^.^ 1st your blog is awesome! Always i can't wait for reading your opinions, theories ^^ And I have questions. Idk did you answered this or not. Sorry if you answered for this, if yes just ignore me :D Does your family accept your hmm otaku "character" hobby? Are you buying manga SnK, merch etc? 2nd question did you listen preview of new SnK OST? Do you have fav songs from this OST? Thank you for your hard work here and keep going! Have a nice day ^_^

Thank you for your kind words :* I don’t mind answering

1. re: my otaku “character”  hobby
My family is extremely tolerant. We all have nerd hobbies and writing about manga is mine So they get it. In fact, my husband surprised me with the Brave-Act Erwin figurine last year. He knows nothing about ordering online but somehow managed to place an order on AmiAmi. I think that says a lot. As for the kids, smoltaku said, and I quote, “it’s a little embarrassing when friends come over and they see my mom’s action figures and weeb posters. but honestly i wouldn’t have it any other way”. My oldest mostly likes it too. “More good than bad” was her comment. 

2. Merch and manga
I do buy merch and art. I own all the manga and dvds, plus spins off. My office is an Erwin shrine :)

2. OST
Since I’m friends with @guyinlovewitheremika , @leapingtitan and @erensjaegerbombs I can’t avoid the S2 OST previews. They’ve been flipping out for days and their enthusiasm is a magnet. I haven’t listened to it for hours on end like they have, but I played it my share of times. And I can’t choose a favorite song. I think it’s going to be a mood thing. “ApeTitan” and “YouSeeBigGirl” are stunning. I’m sure “Call of Silence” is going to make me cry.  Maybe “ErenTheCoordinate” is my fave? The choirs and powerful orchestral are just wow! “Attacked” is very listenable. I love the optimistic tone and I can’t wait to see how it’s used. All the AOTs2M tracks are beautiful. I like the first one the best, but I can see all of them on my mellow playlist. So… ErenTheCoordinate. Final Answer. lol :) Subject to change depending on mood!

Thanks for the ask!

Advice | 2

fandom: SHINee
member/reader: Onew, female
genre/warning(s): CollegeAU!SHINee, smut, language, 
length: 2K+
summary: In which you tell your friend Taemin about your crush and he has some sound advice. prompt: “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.”
part 1 | part 2

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It makes me really sad when I see swifties dragging other artists, like these past few years has turned this fandom into a little bit of a mean bunch. Like you can defend Taylor without dragging someone else lol . Just my opinion

i think we’re about 1/10th as mean as anybody else and it’s always in retaliation sooooo most of what i saw about swish swish was about the song being a piece of shit and nothing to do with kp as a person

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Rule: List your top 10 Naruto ships in order and then tag 10 people you’re curious about.

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1) KakaYama. The otp of all otps. I will go down with this ship.

2) MinaKushi. My fave canon power couple.

3) InoSai. So precious. So pretty. Their kid is my fave.

4) NejiTen. What should have fucking been.

Originally posted by sasuke-uchiha-is-bae

5) NaruSasu. These idiots are so in love.

6) JiraTsuna. The power couple that should have been.

7) ShikaTema. The first canon ship I shipped.

8) HashiMada. NEVER have I ever seen two people more in love with each other.

9) MadaKaka. BRUHH I am a new and reluctant passenger on this ship thank you @purple-possibilities you have ruined me

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10) ObiRin. My sweet babies you deserved so much better.

I tagggg, @ayyyez, @relationshipyard, @akatsukietc, @pyroinquisitor, @yakashi-lover, pretty much anyone that wants to do it lol

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1. you're a supercorp hero 2. i had noooo idea how cute YOU are damnnn <3

oh my goodness staaaaaaahp! pretty sure that was just katie being next to me! 

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I don't think armchair activists will ever realize there're only 2 ways to "fight the majority", either you go on full-war, but then you need to be ready to suffer and potentially be killed and see your family and friends suffer and be killed (and no, it's not already the case in the US, real war is much much worse, people) oryou suck up you "righteous wrath" and you actually talk to other people and try to peacefully make them understand you point of view. But if you're just spewing insults (1)

(2) without doing anything than sitting on your entitled arse, you’re just going by antagonize everyone, potential allies included, and you’ll end up with 5 more years of Trump. Nice work, guys, you’re proving to everyone that the neo-nazi propaganda is right and that you’re dangerous, uncontrollable piece of shit! And afterwards, you damage and risk the lifes of nice minority people who just to live their lives in peace.


Like, I get the need to change things. I feel it too, but the method is as important as the goal.

We have the privilege of being able to dialogue, to talk and to discuss things, we have these human rights recognized and we can discuss things together. Thanks to centuries of philosophy and then the French Revolution, we gained the possibility to actually talk rationally about politics and human needs and rights. 

Our content (equality, same rights, no discrimination) are correct and valid, but if we bring it on with an invalid or violent method, that won’t in any way serve our goal in the long run.

Tumblr is not only solely focused on the content (without context or method discussion), but their arguments are based on feelings and irrational statements instead of rational and logical ones. While ofc some people will change their minds due to feelings (eg people with high empathy will feel bad discovering gay people being hurt), laws are made or supposed to be made through rational processes and the argumentation against those can’t be based on thin air. We have to discuss openly about the naturality of lgbta+ reality, its not intrinsecal negativity, the fact natural and artificial are in a time of glasses and pacemakers also overly expired concepts, about what defines human essense and rights and what actually marriage/adoption/transition is about and what is not about morally. This fight can be done with many methods of discussion: more intimate, ad absurdum, per points, very “i hit the base of your prejudiced beliefs and make the whole tower crumble”, but insults is not one of them.

I’m not a diplomatic person by nature, I am really hypercritical, but if there is a thing I learnt with years is that some battles you win by fighting and some you win by talking and making peace.

LGBTA+ people need to fight ideas of homophobic, transphobic, biphobic and acephobic origin, we need to fight those and not the cis/straight people who have those ideas due to society’s poor tolerance levels.

Some people won’t want to listen and that is obvious, but most will want, if we dialogue calmly, respectfully, with real arguments and with a strong rational view. 

Dialogue that is whining, crying and insulting is called throwing tantrums and nobody will take us seriously if we act so.


Acting like we’re enemies won’t help anyone. 

Straight cis people is not the enemy. Homo/Bi/Ace/Transphobia are.

And if we fight the people instead than the wrong ideals, we never really prove the ideals wrong and they keep pestering and infesting and haunting the world.

Fighting people is the easy game, for a kid who wants to feel powerful because with insults it made another one cry, but doesn’t solve anything.

I’m so so SO worried about this new generation, because they seem to have a lot of heartful, strong spirit, but they do not seem able to convey their ideas properly… and that… is politically very easy to exploit against them, especially in times where the extreme right wing rises like it is doing.

Naruto Ships tag!

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Rule: List your top 10 favourite Naruto ships and tag 10 people you’re curious about!

1. NaruSaku
2. MinaKushi
3. SasuSaku
4. NaruHina
5. NaruSasu
6. KakaSaku
7. SasoSaku
8. ShikaIno
9. NaruGaa
10. JiraTsu

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Dermestid Beetles

So the mini colonies are 2 months old now, so it’s time to drop the applications. 

I only have 2, since 1 is already spoken for. Cowboy and Gilliam are the 2 groups available now. They both have around 300 meat children in them atm. They’ll stay with me for another month or so to give y’all time to get a set up and to get some food properly dried out for them!

So if you’re interested, just send me a PM with an email in it and I’ll send you the applications. Id send it over messenger but they’re pretty long.

Slot 1:

Slot 2:

It’s pretty much first come, first serve, but I don’t think I’m gonna have a whole lot of y’all chomping at the opportunity lol.

for the record re: villainous

1. black hat is my Favorite
2. no he’s not the new onceler (calm down you fucking babies)
3. he’s not the next “human bill” either why would i even give him a human design
4. he’s hot the way he is
5. imma Smooch Him


post ten (10) songs you’re currently vibing to;

1. saint motel - for elise
2. saint motel - my type
3. the makemakes - the lovercall
4. earl st. clair - good time
5. siamés - the wolf
6. the baseballs - umbrella
7. queen - fat bottomed girls
8. billy talent - surprise surprise
9. sia - unstoppable
10. fanta 4 - danke

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Naruto Ships Tag

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Rule: List your top 10 favorite Naruto ships in order and tag 10 people you’re curious about!

1. NaruSaku
2. MinaKushi
3. KakaYama
4. ShikaTema
5. KakaRin
6. SaiIno
7. SNS
8. LeeSaku

I don’t mind most ships but I don’t have anymore I like a lot so I guess I’ll stop there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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do if ya feel like!

10 naruto ships

Rules: Name your top 10 Naruto ships, then tag 10 others you’re curious about. 1. Kakagai 

That’s it. highkey none of the other ships can touch this one.  Lol ok no fr 

2. Gaalee 

3. Naruhina (I know its not realistic just let me have this)

4. Sakuino 

5. Shikatema 

6. Kakayamagai 

7. kakayama

8. higkey I ship all of team Gai with anyone in team Gai except for y’know Gai 

9. uh narugaa yeah thats a good one

10. kakagai

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Dunno if you’re still accepting MOTHER 1 headcanons, but here’s a few music specific ones just in case y'are, just for something a little different!


- Ninten tends to favour rock and metal, in what’s a surprise to absolutely nobody. Anything with sick riffs that gets the blood pumping is A-OK. His favourite acts include Whitesnake, Motley Crüe, and Urban Dance Society.

- Pippi, being a kid, pretty just listens to whatever is on Top 40 Radio. Which, during Mom 1’s time, means a ton of Stock, Aitken and Waterman-produced acts and Enya. If she had to pick favourites, she’d probably choose Kylie Minogue, Annie Lennox, and (bafflingly) The Reynold Girls.

- Ana is very into Folk music as a general rule, as well as other primarily “acoustic” genres like Blues. In part due to her upbringing in a church, however, she also has a soft spot for Gospel and Soul music. Some of her favourite musicians/groups include Simon & Garfunkel, Scatman Crothers, and B. B. King.

- Loid is, as you might expect, into various electronic genres. Specifically, he’s into Electropop/Synthpop and it’s various offshoots, and the at-the-time-only-just-emerging Techno scene. Favourite acts of his include Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Thompson Twins, and Derrick May.

- Teddy is really, really into Punk. The louder, angrier, and more anti-establishment the better. Eff the Man™ and all that. Favourites include Crass, Extreme Noise Terror, and The Jam (but they do NOT include the Sex Pistols, because they’re “POSEUR SCUM” in his book).

- Giegue, being an alien with an entirely different perspective on tonal and percussive sound arranged in aesthetically pleasing manners, doesn’t exactly go in for music the same way we do. He thinks human concepts such as Free Jazz, Industrial, and Musique Concrète are quaint, though. He’d probably get a kick out of Sun Ra, Throbbing Gristle, and Delia Derbyshire if he cared enough to engage with it.

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omg i love this. 

I’ll admit I’m too young of a fart to recognize most of these bands, but I know what music to be exploring for draw time :)