Goal: get fitter, hit harder, go faster!

After going to the world cup I know the only way I’m going to have any chance at becoming awesome is to get fitter. I saw lots and hopefully took in lots from being there. I know I need to get fitter so I never have to call of a power jam because I’m tired. To work on my core so I can take hits like Suzy Hotrod and Bonnie thunders. Also hey feeling better is always good :)

Going to give YAYOG program a go when I’m not training, means I can’t use the excuse that it’s to cold to go running, hopefully Ill stick to this some of my friends are getting back into the whole lets get fit thing, so ill have them for support.

I meant to keep tumblr far more updated when I was away but access to good internet was lacking and when I did have access I was out drinking or to tired to think. Be updating pics though :)