RDR Opinion:

Phi Phi got what she paid for.

No, really, you can blame editing, you can blame the producers, you can even blame RuPaul…


Phi Phi said every word that came out of her mouth. You cannot deny that she was more than willing to say what was on her mind, which is perfectly fine, say what you need to say, but if you’re going to openly talk shit about someone you gotta be willing to stand by what you said.

Did the show make her look like an evil bitch? Absolutely. Is she a bad person? Probably not. But when you say something in front of cameras you’re handing them receipts to use on you later, and thats not a smart move.

Don’t read this as a “I hate Phi Phi” post because I honestly really wanted Phi Phi to do well, I respect her style and she’s clearly very clever. I think her run on All Stars 2 was impressive, far more impressive than Coco or Ginger honestly, as Phi Phi proved that her style has evolved immensely in comparison.

I just can’t respect someone who lies through their teeth enough to say that she deserved to go any further than she did when it seemed that she had played all her cards and was grasping at straws.

Footnote: I also believe Roxxxy was worth sending home as well, as she has now been in the bottom three times and is barely treading water, but since both Alyssa AND Tatianna agreed that Phi Phi was the weakest link, I can’t really protest.