There has been a SERIOUS lack of RDJude on my dash, so I felt the need to make my own reminder of how awesome they are! And also, can anyone else be as excited as I am about their “meeting” this month?!

Enjoy some pics/gifs above and some quotes below to remind yourselves all why we love them so! :)

Cute Interview Moments: (RDJ- BOLD 

**When asked about their onscreen chemistry and how long it took for them to click “Haven’t met before, and it took-” “Thirty seconds.” “Thirty seconds for it to click.” “It was absolutely instant..”

**When asked about RDJ’s Golden Globe nomination: “I’m excited, you deserved it dude.” “I’m excited that you’re excited. You deserved it too.”
**When the interviewer said, “Someone was telling me you had kind of- kind of a guy crush on Jude Law-” his reaction was INSTANT “What?! Quite the reverse! Oh1 In the movie you mean? In the movie my character doesn’t want him to get married because that’ll take him away from me. In real life, Jude was calling me last night while he was on his way out to dinner telling me he missed me."  When they showed Jude the clip from RDJ’s interview the next day his reply? "He’s right. I called him last night and said I miss you. So he’s kind of broken my heart live on TV, what can I say?”

**When describing their first time meeting, “It started there and then, the love affair started then.”

**“And often times he would congratulate us on being able to deliver some sort of performance approaching heterosexual..”

**Interviewer tells RDJ that he’s a beautiful man and Jude Law says, “It’s true.” they then proceed to have about thirty seconds of eye fucking.

** “Have you ever seen a guy adjust better to a tache? I saw without him afterwards and was like ‘That’s not my Judesie..”

** When asked about who he was currently dating or with, Jude says, “The only person I’m currently in love with is on my left.” **See 3rd gif above

**MOST RECENTLY: (two separate interviews) Jude is asked about his man crush, and told about Channing’s crush on him he replies with, “I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Robert Downey Jr. but that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Even in the films we flirt our way in and out of adventures.” “He’s a good one to have a crush on.” “He is, isn’t he? He’s a little Peter Pan.” 2nd Interview: “It has to be Downey.” “Your choice?” “Has to be. Only because he’d be devastated if I said anyone else.”

**Another recent interview, when asked about the “meeting” that’s supposed to happen this month, “He’s been saving the world in so many different guises, I’m gonna have to, ya know, *sigh* Iron Man 3, Avengers.. he’s saving the world..” “He’s really into it, isn’t he? Is he all buff now?” “Well, he’s a fit guy, very health conscious, wasn’t always, but is now. Uhmm, for all I know is.. there’s talk we’re gonna meet in March and start the script process.. I hope we do, I had a lot of fun making those.”

** Phrases they’ve used when describing their interactions/chracters/chemistry: “bickering like two old queens..”