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Look at this!!! Look at proud Dad!Tony. 

He is so proud of Peter making the right choice. Of growing as a human being. He helped shaped him. 

Tony is working on himself (see India). He is trying this pseudo-parenting thing, and it’s working out for the most part. He seems to be doing ok in his relationship with Pepper. Though I seemed to have missed that part of the movie. 

He has taken on Peter as his own. A kid like him, that is super smart and loves science. He is overcoming his father’s “parenting” legacy, and doing it well. 

Not only is RDJ’s and Tom Holland’s acting is superb on the boat, but it is so real when it comes to Tony. He is fighting with how he was parented. HE IS TRYING TO DO BETTER. 

You can see how heavy the responsibility of having to shape this young, reckless, superhero is weighing on Tony. Like a father looking out for his son. He is beliving in a kid that no one else believes/d in. He would take Peter’s death upon himself if it were to happen. That is parenting. 

It feels like people who hate Tony are stuck on the Iron Man 1 Image of him and not the current one.  I hope he’s doing well and keeps growing as a person. 

@ladyarianne I hope it’s ok that I used your gif. I just had to get this out.