rdj shirtless

  • RDJ's Sherlock: *Is on screen in a dress*
  • RDJ's Sherlock: *Is shirtless*
  • RDJ's Sherlock: *Wraps his bare legs around the neck of Jude Law's Watson who is on top of him*
  • RDJ's Sherlock: "Lie with me, Watson"
  • me: "Still not gayer than the BBC version"

coconutice22  asked:

Important question: would you rather RDJ do a film shirtless or without trousers? Because one is abs, but the other, well butt.

That is probably the best ask I ever received, congrats! ;)

Normally I think I would go for shirtless, because

but then without trousers would mean more of this

But most importantly, it might mean more of this

I can’t decide, sorry, all of this is wonderful :D