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Questions were being asked all around and the moment you saw your daughters hand go up into the air, you froze.

The volunteer came to her immediately, with mic up to her face.

You could feel your stomach begin to churn. You had no idea what was about to happen.

“Hi.” She smiled.

All the captain America cast all awed and smiled back at her. Both Chris Evans and RDJ were expressing how adorable they thought she was, which you couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How are you sweetheart?” Robert asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and huffed. “I’m okay. How are you?”

The crowd bursted out into laughter, Chris leaned into the mic, “who are you here with?”

“My mommy. I asked her to take me here so I can ask you a question.” She giggled.

Your daughter was only 6 years old and to this day she surprised you with her wit and knowledge. She was such a brave little girl, which you were absolutely proud of.

“For me?” Chris pressed his hand against his chest.

She nodded, “will you marry my mommy?” She asked.

You widened your eyes as you felt your body tighten. All eyes were on you, people awing and clapping.

Chris threw his hand out and laughter escaped him.

Your daughter was giggling looking at you then back up to the panel. You wanted to run, far away from that place, but you were scared to make any sudden movements.

“Can we talk to your mom?” Robert asked, flashing a cheeky grin.

You were handed the mic, shaking profusely.

“Did you know about this? Did you put your little daughter up to this?” Robert cackled.

You shook your head, feeling your cheeks burn Crimson as your heart fluttered insanely. “Not at all. Trust me, if I knew this was her evil plan, we wouldn’t be here.”

The cast members chuckled along with the crowd.

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want to marry Chris?” Robert taunted.

You began to panic a bit, the heat radiating off your body. “N-No, I mean yes. I mean-” you let out a long breath. “I don’t even know the guy!”

Robert turned to Chris, a smile forming his lips. “Well, what do you have to say about this kid?”

Chris scratched his nose then shrugged his shoulders. “How about this, how about we get to know each other.” He smirked.

“Woah, are you asking her on a date?” Paul asked, teasing him.

Chris nodded and looked back to you, making your breath hitch. “So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?” He asked. “Wow, I feel like I’m in high school again.” He chuckled.

You were frozen once again, until Your daughter tugged at your shirt, catching your attention. “Mommy! Say yes!” She exclaimed.

You swallowed hard, hearing everyone chant yes simultaneously.

“Come on, sweetheart. Don’t make the guy beg.” Robert winked.

Taking in a deep breath, your lips curved into a shy smile. “Yes, I’d love to go out with you.”

Everyone, especially the cast members all jumped up and applaud. Chris was a blushing mess as he motioned for you to go over to him on the stage.

The volunteer escorted you over, your heart thudding with every step you took.

He gave you a quick hug, a smile never leaving his face. “Wow, you’re even prettier up close.” He chuckled.

You let out a nervous giggle. “Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.”

Your daughter was in awe, feeling proud of the situation. Chris gave her a high five, and took a picture with her.

“This was the cutest way to get me to go out with you.” He muttered pulling his phone.

You looked down at your daughter who flashed a cheeky grin. “Yea, too bad I didn’t even know about it until you did.”

He shrugged his shoulders, and passed you his phone to put your number in. “But it worked out. I’m going on a date with a beautiful woman.”

You rolled your eyes, dialing your number and letting it call your phone so you had his.

“She likes pasta.” Your daughter muttered.

Chris tilted his head back and laughed. “Thanks for tip.” He winked. “I’ll be sure to take her somewhere Italian.”

Handing him the phone back, you flashed a smile. “You know, you don’t have to do this.”

He slipped the phone back into his pocket, “trust me, I want to.”

“Alright love birds, we have to get this thing going.” Robert exhaled.

Chris gave you a quick peck on your cheek, making your body shiver. “I’ll call you tonight.” He smiled.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Walking back to your seats, your daughter was squealing in excitement. “Mommy! You’re going to marry captain America!”


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RDJ: “BEEEENEEEEDIIICT!!!!!!” LMAO, just two Sherlock’s greeting each other

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