rdj in china


From a DMG employee assigned to hang out with Robert Downey Jr. in Beijing on his day off–

When these pictures were taken, he insisted on holding the jar on his left arm, saying ‘the rightful owner holds on the left!’

While he doesn’t say that he is crazily obsessed with Chinese culture, he is very keen on it.  For his day off yesterday, I accompanied him to the Capital Museum and as we’re walking and talking, I asked him why is he so fond of China.  'I don’t know,’ he said.  He then pointed to an intricately carved plate and said he’s 'particularly interested in those kinds of patterns.’

When he turned around and saw me taking a picture of this display –

he started laughing!

When he left Beijing, he kissed me on the cheek, gave me a special gift (a gold Iron Man keychain), and wish him all the best on his next few stops. He parted by saying 'See you next time!’

I hope 'next time’ isn’t too far away.“

(source | h/t kayytx for the partial translation)