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Sherlock Jewellery Commissions

Hi everyone ! I’m still having cat problems and vet bills so I’ve decided to try and do some commissions.

Exemples of my work:

Fandoms: BBC Sherlock but I’m open to other Sherlock Holmes incarnations (Granada Holmes, RDJ Sherlock…). If you want anything else, it doesn’t hurt to ask, I’ll probably say yes.

What I don’t do: I don’t  do cuff bracelet from fan art that isn’t yours. Don’t even ask, sorry.

How a commission works: Message me on tumblr. If you want a cuff bracelet, I’ll need a good quality picture and the size of your wrist. I’ll then work on a pattern. If you’re happy with the pattern, I’ll start the bracelet or order the beads if I don’t have them already.

Turnaround time: It depends on the beads I have and the beads I need for the cuff. If I have all I need, it takes a week. If I have to order some beads, it can take up to one month. At that point, if the turnaround time is too long, you can still change your mind. Once I’ve started the beading or once I’ve passed the order, you can’t change your mind.

Pricing: The price of a cuff bracelet depends on the number of beads I need. You have to count a minimum of 45€. I’ll ask you to pay upfront using Paypal  or through my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for reading and I’d appreciate a reblog. 

Have a nice day!

Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (11)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: Busy week( I got my license and passport and hopefully will be leaving to the USA in a month of two to go aupair) So here it is, hope you like it! Please hit me up with requests if you have any, I might need a break from writing this soon… because Part 12 is already done and 13 is on it’s way! ;)

Word Count:  1905

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 )( Part 10 )

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all this drama in Sherlock Fandom™: *happens* 
me: so when is guy richie’s sherlock holmes 3 happening?


A Vision to Behold (WIP)

“Erm.. nothing. I… uh…”

“You kept me waiting, darling. Oh! I managed to decipher the manuscript. Page two-thirty-eight contains instructions to create an instrument - something akin to a miniature cannibal star - that is sure to nullify the charges of anything that is a construct of similar constituents; designed to then consume the…”

“Baby, please. Please don’t do this to me.”

“Do what?”

“You can’t be unclad and immersed in water, looking like Nerites himself, and be throwing science at me. It weakens me in every manner.”

“And what if I say: everything you lay your eyes on is for your taking; will you then feel powerful again?”

i’m disgusted by myself at how attractive i find tom holland’s lip sync battle like girl pull yourself together smh but he looked so Good™ and honestly umbrella will never be the same again

anonymous asked:

Was the Irene Adler thing also a problem in the RDJ/Jude Law Sherlock Holmes movies, you think? It's been a while since I saw them but I.. honestly can't remember there being much sexual tension as much as "she's gonna fucking stab me" kinda tension.

I’ve gone back and watched the both of them and I think you’re pretty much right. Irene and Sherlock excite each other because they’re both so good at what they do.

Notably, he’s fixated on her because she’s the only mastermind to outsmart him – repeatedly, no less – while she’s literally under orders to manipulate his feelings for her. It’s not quite a fatal attraction (second movie’s events notwithstanding) but no one would suggest that they could ever settle down together.

(*cough* And then there’s Jude Law. *cough*)

Can You?

After the departure of Pepper, Tony feels like anyone can walk out of his life at a moment’s notice. Once he sees you, he can’t you keep off his mind, but not wanting to be a replacement for Pepper, you refuse to enter a relationship until he can prove himself to you.

“Little Black Dress?” you said holding up the longer, low-cut black number. “Or the Red Hot Jumpsuit?” you held up the garment to the MacBook camera. Your best friend Y/BFN looked thoughtfully at the two pieces and finally decided, pointing at the black number. “You always look insanely hot in black; you might even pick up the Tony Stark in that!” you rolled your eyes at the camera and scoffed loudly. “I doubt that hun, word on the street is that he’s taken.” You proclaimed, walking back into your walk-in closet, taking off your cream, white silk robe.

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 “Well that’s never stopped you, has it now Y/N?” you gasped at her. “You’re painting me like some sort of home-wrecking whore Y/BFN!” now it was her chance to roll her eyes at you. “You know I didn’t mean it like that, you read too far into things. Come on, if you got a chance at the billionaire, you wouldn’t care about any of his attachments, and I’m speaking for every woman on the planet.

You grabbed your Chanel clutch bag, iPhone 6s and your crisp, clean envelope with your formal invitation to the banquet. You walked down the apartment complex stairs and through the big, double glass doors, out to the waiting taxi. After you had set off, you unlocked your phone and texted Natasha Romanoff, telling her you were on your way. The two of you had been friends since you could remember, having a common interest in ballet as children. Ever since then, the pair of you had been inseparable.

She had always wanted to introduce you to her Avengers troop, but you had never mustered up the nerve to meet any of them, I mean this was “superheroes” you were talking about, those people you read about in comic books. She had let you know that they were all going to be here tonight, so it was inevitable.  Natasha had especially gotten you invited, and you didn’t want to disappoint her. Due to this, you decided to get the courage to meet her friends, how different to you could they be?

The taxi pulled up outside a skyscraper of a building with golden doors, a long red carpet and flashing lights of cameras from paparazzi’s trying to get a glimpse of the hottest stars attending. Your phone buzzed, Natasha told you she was waiting in the foyer for you.

You got out of the taxi, using your hand to cover your eyes from the flashing cameras. Briskly walking to the entrance, ignoring the questions from the relentless paparazzi’s.

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“Y/N! Y/N! How did you meet Miss Romanoff?”

“Give us a smile; you’re looking beautiful Miss L/N!”

“Enjoy your night, Miss L/N!”

You saw Natasha in a gorgeous dress with her hair done in short curls, she waved at you as you came through the doors. As you approached her, she pulled you into a hug, warm and loving as always.

“It feels like forever since I last saw you! You look stunning by the way Y/N!” she said, chirpy. “Why, thank you. You look better than I ever could Miss Romanoff.” You truthfully stated. She grabbed your arm and interlocked it with hers, “We all know that’s not true Y/N.”

You finally got to the top floor of the building, walking into the main ballroom. People were dancing with each other in the middle of the room and some were sat talking at the dinner tables, sipping champagne and cocktails. “I even got you a seat next to me.” Natasha guided you to the table. You saw your name in curvaceous writing, sitting on a clean, white, gold rimmed plate. You took a seat and waited for the ceremony to start, you should have asked Natasha who you were all waiting for to conduct the evening but you decided against it, drinking the champagne a waiter had brought over for you.

Suddenly, everyone went back to their seats, the music went off and the lights dimmed. A spotlight appeared at the top of the tall staircase, cascading down in a curve. Everyone’s eyes were on the spotlight, waiting to see who would be entering it. The grand doors behind the spotlight opened, the mysterious figure walking into the spotlight.

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 “Welcome all. My name is Tony Stark, but you all already knew that.” Laughter erupted from the crowd, with a eyeroll from Natasha. “Tonight we are here to celebrate the work of the Avengers Incentive, so please enjoy yourself and have a good night!” Everyone started to clap and then the lights came back on, the music played again and Tony made his way down the stairs, taking a glass of champagne from a tray on his way.

Wait, he was on way to you? Probably not, you thought to yourself. Obviously not, he’s friends with Natasha; he’s coming over for her. How stupid of you to think Tony Stark would want to converse with you, even if you were close to Natasha. He approached you and Natasha, taking his sunglasses off. 

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You looked off into the distance, making it look like your attention was somewhere else, when really all of your attention was on Tony.

You felt a warm hand on your shoulder, making your head whip around to look at the person, and it was Tony. “And who is this, Natasha?” he said, a soft smile on his lips. “This is Y/N, I’ve been meaning to introduce her to everyone.” She stated as you locked eyes with Tony. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. Natasha has mentioned you before but she failed to tell me how beautiful you are.” He said as he grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips, placing a quick peck on your hand. You had to admit, he was charming but you knew his type. Thinking a few complements and sweet gestures was going to get you to give into him. “Would you care for a dance?” he asked you, looking into your eyes. “Of cause, Mr Stark.” You accepted standing up, letting him lead you to the dance floor, filled with other couples, dancing the night away.

“Please, no need for the formalities. Just Tony.” He insisted, as you began to dance. 

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During that night, you learnt more about the desirable Tony Stark, including small bites of information, such as his favorite colour, his taste in music and his favorite places to visit. You learnt that he was just a ordinary man who put on a front for the rest of the world to see, which was understandable. You sat on the balcony of the building, talking the night away under the stars.

You and Tony had exchanged numbers that night and had been talking non-stop since then, you loved his humor and his charms were really working on you. Though some may find it stalkerish, you looked up Tony online to gain more information about him, curiosity took over you.

Most of the search results were about his projects, the Avengers, the Stark Tower and unfortunately, many photos of him with women on his arms, at many prestigious events. Your heart sank a little, surely you knew him better than the media did. The media only saw the side of Tony he wanted them to see, they hadn’t had conversations with him, intimately and knew about his life. He had told you about his experiences including the ‘Afghanistan’ incident and many childhood stories he shared with you. You felt like this showed that he trusted you in a way, but then again you didn’t know how many people he had told about these stories. You didn’t want to ask Natasha about it, as she might not know anything about it and you will have given away stories Tony may have only wanted select people to know about him. Looking further into the rabbit hole, you decided to search ‘Tony Stark previous girlfriends.’ You knew that searching this would break your heart a little but remembering it was past relationships, you were sort of okay with it. You discovered that Tony didn’t really have exclusive girlfriends, more ‘female friends’, what if that was just what you were to him? The website did state that he broke up with his previous girlfriend pretty recently, ‘Pepper Potts’ his former personal assistant.

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From the photos you saw, you could tell Tony really liked this woman, his eyes showed it all. This disheartened you very much, could he ever see anyone like that again? Let alone you? Natasha’s plain, boring friend?

“I thought you could come round to mine tonight and we could eat and watch a movie?” he asked down the end of the phone. You smiled to yourself. “Well, I’ve got a pretty uneventful evening planned anyway. What time would you like me to come around, Mr. Stark?” “Whenever is convenient for you, darling.” You couldn’t lie to yourself, hearing him call you darling made your heart flutter. 

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‘God, Y/N you sound like a schoolgirl crushing on her hot maths teacher.’ “I will see you very soon then.” “Bye, doll.” Again with the pet names, god. What is Tony Stark doing to you?

You had just finished getting ready, smoothing out your dress in front of the mirror. Tucking your hair behind your ear, you grabbed your phone and car keys and walked out the door.  You put your phone on your passenger seat and started up the car, pulling out of the garage.

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You pulled up outside Tony’s gargantuan mansion, giving yourself a pep talk into the small mirror. ‘Come on Y/N, he’s just another guy. With a really cute smile, charming attitude…oh my god, you are falling for him.’ You stepped out of your car and walked towards the door. Before you could knock the door swung open, “Hello, Miss L/N. Mr Stark is expecting your arrival.” You were so confused; who was that talking to you? It defiantly wasn’t human as it had a hint of a robotic sound to it. “Um, who is that?” “Oh I am sorry. Allow me to introduce myself, I am F.R.I.D.A.Y, Mr Stark’s personal assistant.” Well that clears it up a little. “Ah right, Where is Tony F.R.I.D.A.Y?” you asked the virtual assistant. “Upstairs on the top floor, he’s currently setting out food for the two of you.” That alone melted your heart. “Thank you.” You told the system. “My pleasure, Miss.”

You left the elevator, to find Tony frantically pouring glasses of wine. “Wine? My kind of man.” You stated, making him jump, turning to look at you. You had caught him off guard. “Y/N. Welcome to my humble abode. Mi casa es su casa.” He stated, holding out the glass of wine for you. “To an amazing evening and the many to come, I hope.” You smiled at that, “I’ll toast to that.” Your glasses clinked as they hit off each other.

 “So you really did steal grapes from a convenience store?” he asked, sniggering. “Yes, I felt horrible about it. I was 8! I thought I would be arrested and put into jail!” he laughed even more. You had lovely food and 5 glasses of wine, and you were defiantly more than tipsy. You had delved into your life and Tony seemed to enjoy your anecdotes. He looked into your eyes and you mirrored his actions, you started giggling and he joined you. Laughing loudly with your face placed on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around your back, pulling you into him.

You pulled your head back up, and you both stopped laughing. It went so silent; you would have been able to hear a pin drop. You searched his face for any sign of emotion but he continued to stare into your eyes. You should have felt nervous under his surveillance but the alcohol running through your bloodstream made you feel confident.

You both leaned in at the same time, your lips molding into each other’s. His hands ran up your body into your hair, slightly tugging at it, your hands placed on his cheeks. 

The kiss became more passionate and furious, like you had been waiting forever for it to finally take place (which you had). You both pulled away to come up for air, never leaving eye contact. “Bedroom?” he asked, hesitant of your answer. There was only two ways this could end.

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A surge of confidence went through you, getting up off him and pulling him to try and find the bedroom, once you realized you would never find it, he picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom.

He threw you softly on the bed, crawling over your body, removing his jeans and shoes in the process. You began kissing again, more furiously than earlier but you couldn’t take that voice in your head. “Pepper, Pepper, Pepper.”

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“Wait. Tony. Tony?. TONY.” You eventually became more aggressive. He pulled back shocked and panting. “Yes?” he asked, confused. You sat up, pulling your body from under him. “I need to know something before this happens.” He stared at you, anticipating your question. “Are you completely over Pepper? Am I just the woman you want to pass the time with until she comes back? Am I just a replacement for her? Can you love me? Can you hold me?”  There. You had gotten out all the worries that had been haunting you for the past few weeks.

He looked at you. Now you were nervous, what if he lashed out because you had mentioned her? Oh God, why did you have to mention her? Especially as he was half naked and you were about to have sex.

He looked straight into your eyes, sighing. “I don’t know what you have heard about me and her. I can promise you, Y/N, You are not a replacement. I can’t deny I won’t ever lose feelings for her, there are too many there but you….” He grabbed your hands. “You are special to me, you are a beautiful, independent and sexy woman and I am lucky that we were introduced to each other. When I saw you that day at the banquet, I had to get to know you; I couldn’t let myself let you leave without talking to you. I knew I would have regretted it after. I don’t know what this is right now and I don’t know what this will become but I do know whatever happens… We won’t regret it. I need you.”

That was enough for you. Your journey with the infamous Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, and Philanthropist had only just begun.

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