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Can’t Help Falling in Love with You- Please Don’t Leave Me

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is sick with cancer , Tom comes home after an interview to their son Jaxon crying.. 

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Dad Tom, Cute Fluff,Adorable,Sad

Word Count:2,500+ Hella long sorry 0.0

A/N: REQUESTS ARE OPEN :,) Look at my post about it to submit to me.

[Reader’s POV]

“Look over here!”

“Are Tom and you going to split?”

“Does he still love you even though you’re sick?” Your eyes stung with tears as you heard that.

  Thankfully your bodyguard pushed them away. How could they ask you if Tom still loves you. You’re married to him, it’s death till you part for fucks sake. Yet death does seem close cause that’s If the cancer doesn’t kill you first…

  Heading home from my chemo treatment session I close my eyes. Your body felt very weak since this morning. Tom’s mother was watching Jaxon till my appointment was finished. His parents have been a huge help since your diagnosis. Nikki also taking wonderful photos of Jax for you.

  A speed bump makes you cringe from the pain. Pulling Tom’s beanie further down so it doesn’t fall off. It was a little difficult adjusting to your no hair lifestyle. Tom would kiss your head every morning saying “you’re beautiful and it’s just hair.. It will grow back” His support helped you through the hard parts of your illness.

“Mrs. Holland, we’re almost to your residence.. Are you feeling alright?” Illianna your chauffeur asks.

“Y-yes” I say with a small smile. Holding the puke bag in front of you. I could feel bile rising to my throat. Swallowing the liquid before it could surface. It was embarrassing to puke in public and especially in front of people. You’d rather do it on your own.

“We can drive back to the hospital if we need to miss” Her eyes look at you in the rearview mirror.

“N-No I promised to be home after my appointment, Jaxon is waiting for me” A small smile pulling up on my lips. You spent more time with Jaxon ever since your cancer started to progress. Spending time with him was your main priority. The doctors say you’ll make it but your body doesn’t feel like it.

“You’re a wonderful mother miss, don’t listen to them” her statement making me smile, I felt like an awful mother being weak.Illiana is a lovely and sweet but also a woman you didn’t want to make angry. Her driving was quick but slowed whenever there was a bump. You were thankful she did that because the speed bumps hurt your body so much.

  The car pulls up to your home stopping by the driveway. Slowly moving my purse to my lap I open the car door. By the time my door fully swung open Illiana was waiting for me with her hand extended. I thanked her as I grabbed her hand as she helped me out of the vehicle. Her hand giving me support as I walked towards the house. Tom’s mom opens the door with Jaxon on her hip. His little smile reminding you of Tom making your heart melt.

  He reaches out towards me once I reach the front porch. Holding my breath as I held him, the aching in my body rising. I press a kiss to his forehead carrying him inside. Nikki tried convincing you to set him down.

   Refusing because you would look weak if you did. Jax needs affection from you, you don’t know when your last moments with him will be. The thought of leaving him alone scared you. If you died you don’t know how Tom would react either. Tom was your everything,and Jax was your reason to get up every morning and fight your sickness away.

“Mumma I want to show you what we worked on today!” Jaxon smiles up at you excitedly. His eyes shining ,the twinkle reminded you of stars.

“Of course my little star, show me what you did” Setting him down on the ground I watch as he takes off. Taking a deep breath in I walk a little faster to catch up with him. A hand wraps around my wrist causing me to look.

“Take it easy love, you should be resting after your treatment…” Nikki looks at you with concern written in her features. You hated seeing the way people look at you like that. It makes you feel weaker.

“I’ve been at the hospital all week.. I just want to see him” your voice cracks a bit. I hated feeling this way. Being stuck in a hospital and trying to be a mother is so hard. Missing moments with him was the worst. You didn’t let Tom bring him to the hospital while you were there. If Jax saw you connected to tubes and beeping you were afraid he would get scared.

“Him seeing you fighting is what’s good for him, don’t you let those stupid paps say anything to discourage you.. My son’s wife is a fighter, Jaxon seeing you fight is going to be an inspiration to him I promise you” her arms pulling me into an embrace. She smelled like the cookies that they must have baked.

“Thank you Nikki” a smile coming up to your lips. She kisses my forehead before helping me into the kitchen.

“Grandma and I made cookies an- and we did a puzzle too!” He points over to the table showing a puzzle of Spider-Man. You’re surprised he didn’t do the one that Robert made. It was one of Iron man holding a sign saying “Best Godfather” on it. He is so extra, but it’s amusing.

“Jaxon, now you be careful with your mum.. Your daddy has big news for tonight so we’re going to celebrate” she explains while kneeling down next to him. His eyes sparkle a bit with excitement.

“Does that mean you’re bringing cake grandma?”

A laugh escapes Nikki as she kisses his forehead “ yes I will bring cake, you’re just like your father.” Her hand ruffling his brown curls.

“Thank you for all your help today Nikki” I say picking up Jaxon. Loving the way his arms immediately wrap around your neck.

“Get some rest love for tonight, see you later pumpkin” she blows a kiss to Jax before closing the door behind her.

“Mumma ‘m tireddd” Jaxon rubs his eyes with his tiny fists.

“Okay love let’s head upstairs” My eyes shifting towards our staircase. Looking up them they seemed so much longer in my mind. You can do this.. Do this for Jax.

  Heading up the stairs holding him close to your body. Taking a deep breath you slowly ascend the stairs. Halfway your legs start to get shaky. Normally Tom is the one to carry him but he’s currently at an interview. Jax’s small puffs hit your neck signalling he’s asleep.

  Finally reaching the top of the stairs I let out an exhausted sigh. Stumbling a bit but catching myself on the railing. Jaxon stirs but relaxes again. “Thank God” you whisper heading towards his bedroom. Opening the door slowly slipping in cautiously not to wake him up.


“Shh baby, go back to sleep” I whisper setting him into bed. His arms still locked around my neck. Grasping his tiny hands I unlock them from behind my neck. He lets out a little sigh as you tuck him in the covers. Brushing his curls out of his face you stroke his cheek with your thumb.

“I love you so much my little star” I whisper as a tears falls down my cheek.The door opens more making my gaze drop. Tessa walks in towards Jax’s bed. Her head peeking above the covers to sniff him. Turning in a circle after quietly laying down next to his bed. Pulling your phone out of your pocket taking a picture . A grin appears as you look at the photo.

  Once in your bedroom you head towards the bed. It looked so comfortable the longer you stared at it. A content sigh leaves my lips once my body lays down. Crinkling fills your ears making you sit up. Looking around where your head was there’s a piece of paper.

Hey beautiful wife of mine,

I left the TV on, my interview should be on after you settle Jax down for the afternoon..

I love you and can’t wait to see your gorgeous face tonight.

-Love Tom xx

Ps. I love you more before try and say I love you more.. HA :)

  A laugh escapes my lips as I look up at the TV. They just cut to break so you pull out your phone. Quickly sending him a picture of Tessa and Jax. Your phone dings shortly after it being sent.

Wonderful Husband:

Look at our little human. We did that babe! Oh Tess what a sweetheart ! Gotta go babe I’m on in a few xx

“Mumma I had a nightmare!”Jax’s crying grabs your attention. Getting up fast and heading out the door.

“Jax I’m Co!… coming”I gasped out as the room swirled around making the hallway look like a funhouse mirror. I tried grabbing onto the staircase only to fall against it hitting my head. My vision going blank and into darkness.


[Tom’s POV]

So how’s the life at home Tom?

“Jaxon has formed a bond with Tessa, she’s around him more than me now” I respond with a little laugh. The audience laughs along with me.

“How’s your wife doing though? She’s been in and out of the hospital..”

 Zendaya places a hand on my shoulder. Did he seriously have to ask? I could feel my nerves building up because I tried not thinking of her sickness. I just think of her as my loving,caring,quirky and beautiful wife. Looking up I give a small smile, I know she’s watching the interview she watches them when she can.

“She is taking life like a champ, I know it’s hard for her when I’m away as well. I’m so blessed to have a loving wife like her. Our son is going to grow up full of love ‘cause of her.. If you’re watching this, I love you! Give Jax a kiss for me”  I blow a kiss to the camera making the audience go “awww.”

Have the doctors said any-”

“I think you’ve asked enough.” Zendaya says bluntly holding her hand up silencing the interviewer.

I didn’t mean to-

“This interview isn’t about your nosy questions pertaining his sick wife it is about the second and third Spider-Man movie..” she looks at the man annoyed. Her hair is flipped over her shoulder staring at the man with a glare.

The audience was dead silent.

“That was really unnecessary and insensitive” Jacob crosses his arms over his chest. I felt like a kid who’s parents were sticking up for him.

So sorry Mr.Holland, Let’s get on with the movie questions” he fumbles nervously with his cards trying to find the one he wanted.


  Walking to the front door I get my keys out of my trousers. Unlocking the door I head inside. Setting my keys on the hook next to the door. A blur passes by causing me to look up. Jaxon stands in front of me crying, tears pouring down his cheeks. Ripping my headphones off I toss them onto the ground. Kneeling down in front of my son placing my hands on his cheeks.

“What’s wrong buddy?”I ask looking over his body for any injuries. Why was he crying?

“N-nightmare an-and I called for mum-mumma and she did-didn’t come then s-saw she was on th-the floor and w-would’nt wake up!” my heart stops for a second once he finishes the sentence. Standing up I rush up the stairs taking bigger steps to get up there faster. The closer I got to the top I could see her body on the floor.

“God babygirl please wake up, what the hell happened?Wake up darling please” I beg shaking her body. Her face not stirring from the motion I was causing. Lifting her body up I carry her to the bedroom. I heard Jaxon still crying downstairs. The sounds of him crying and the situation that’s happening made my heart pound harder.

“Fuckin’ hell please please wake up love” I whisper setting her on the bed. Going closer to her face I listen for breathing. Feeling her light breath made me sigh in relief. Getting up from the bed I get a washcloth getting it wet. Folding it after I squeeze the excess water out. Quickly heading back to the bed I place it on her forehead. Lifting her head I place a pillow underneath it. Climbing onto the bed I hold onto her body.

  Praying quietly that she’ll wake up, tears falling down my cheeks. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Looking at her chest rise and fall slowly Jax comes into the room trying to hold Tessa but failing. Tessa jumps onto the bed laying next to her feet. I help Jax up and he lays in between us.

After thirteen minutes she finally spoke “T-Tom? Where’s J-Jax?babe, wh-why are you crying?”

“Y-You were unconscious for I d-don’t know how long cause Jax can’t tell time and I got ho-home later than normal” my voice shaky as I tried hiding tears.

“I’m f-fine Tom I think I just got up too fast is all” she gives me a small smile making my heart ache. She’s not fine, she tries to be so strong when she’s this way. I take her hand giving it so many kisses.

“Darling, there’s a fine line with being fine and this happening..” I press kisses to her face after removing the cloth from her head. She tries to protest but Jaxon interrupts.

“Mumma wh-when will you get better?” Jaxon asks tilting his head. His cheeks and nose were red from crying.

“Hopefully soon baby, I’ll let you dress yourself for daddy’s surprise tonight okay?” Jax nods with a smile following Tessa out of the room once he’s let off the bed.

“C’mon babe, I’ll go put the kettle on” Her lips press against my cheek as she sits up. Slowly she stands grabbing a beanie off of the side table. Pulling it on she looks in the mirror fixing her outfit. Turning to the side she re-zips her dress. My gaze dropping to the floor. I almost lost her. I could have lost my everything.


Tom Holland

Thomas Stanley Holland

Looking up I see her looking at me with a small smile. Standing up I head over to where she stands. Wrapping my arms around her waist. Her body flush against mine.

“I love you darling, please don’t leave me..” I whisper holding her head against my chest.

“I love you more” she whispers humming against my chest.

“Well I love you most” I whisper lifting her up and carrying her downstairs. Her head laying against my chest. I could feel her smile against my chest. Once downstairs I set her down as I get the kettle ready.

“I love you more though” she tries to argue looking at my walk around the kitchen.I pause looking back at her with a smile.

“Not a chance darling, not a chance.”