rdj bday


Happy 50th Birthday Robert John Downey Jr!

Discipline for me is about respect. It’s not even about self-respect; it’s about respect for life and all it offers. And not indulging. I have happily reconsidered my position on a bunch of things I didn’t want on my “no” list despite all evidence that I couldn’t handle them. At the end of the day, anything I think I’m sacrificing I’m just giving up because it makes me feel better.

To celebrate his 49th birthday today, here is a list with

49 reasons to love Robert Downey jr.

  1. The way his hair curls when it grows
  2. His smile and laugh
  3. How cute he looks with ridiculous hats
  4. The grey in his hair
  5. The way he moves his body
  6. His singing voice
  7. His hands
  8. His sexy duck butt
  9. His belly button
  10. The way he looks at Susan
  11. That he wears sneakers to his suits
  12. That he can be the only one in a room full of people laughing at a joke
  13. The way he talks and phrases things and jumps between thoughts
  14. His jaw
  15. His incredible eyes and how they seem to look right into one’s soul
  16. The kindness in them
  17. His nose
  18. His lashes
  19. His puppy eyes
  20. That he thinks about life’s deeper meaning
  21. His vulnerability
  22. His dedication
  23. How you can tell how much he loves Susan
  24. that he dares facing his flaws
  25. that he stands up for his friends
  26. that he is able to accept things he can’t change
  27. his neck
  28. the way his smile can start on one side of his face and then work its way slowly to the other
  29. his ‘huh’ face
  30. his honesty
  31. the way he can express anything just with his eyes
  32. that he can step back and be humble when it’s appropriate
  33. that he is full of contradictions but combines them just beautifully
  34. That he’s the most eccentric person I ever came across while being totally grounded at the same time
  35. That he is careful about what he says but then means it
  36. That he’s not denying his past and takes responsibility for it
  37. How wonderful he is to his little fans (and fans in general)
  38. That it’s ok for Exton to rather want to play with the Justice League of America
  39. The way he plays cool
  40. His hairline
  41. His wonderful voice in general
  42. The curve of his body
  43. His creativity
  44. How he gets into the music when he sings
  45. The way he moves his mouth when singing
  46. That he appreciates when life teaches him something
  47. How he casually licks his lips while talking
  48. How he can get all excited about the little things
  49. That he can pull of grandpa sweaters

It’s my birffday today and my plans include getting wasted, paying for some chick to grind her hoo ha on my dingus, and have really hot buttsex. Unless someone offers me a better alternative, but it sounds like a pretttty lit day to me already.

Also FUN FACT: I celebrate my bday with RDJ and goddamn that man is like fine wine, only gets better with age. I aspire to be him, tbh.