rdj == tony stark


Bucky, the winter solider, rebelled against Hydra and became the boss.  He saw you one time and immediately, he wanted nothing but you. However, you’re Tony Stark’s wife. Therefore, he decided to get you by all means

imagine if the MCU existed within the MCU and the characters meet the actors, imagine RDJ meeting Tony and neither groups being 100% sure which one they’re talking to at any point, imagine Bucky meeting Sebastian who is essentially the enthusiastic puppy from Up in human form and Steve watches them both fondly whilst Chris meets Sam and compliments how phenomenally grounded he is in comparison with Mackie, just imagine the possibilities

iwantcupcakes’ Iron Man Christmas giveaway

Iron Man’s colors are red and gold.  Two of the three colors of Christmas are red and gold.  Coincidence? Well … yeah.

My first giveaway went ok so I’ve been thinking about doing it again with some duplicate Iron Man merch that I don’t need.  It happens to be the holiday season so it’s the perfect time.

All of these are new and in their original packaging–.

  • Iron Man convertible backpack from ThinkGeek
  • iHome Iron Man rechargeable AUX speaker
  • Captain America: Civil War Iron Man 4″ die-cast metal figure by Jada
  • Iron Man “character containers” candy + stickers pack

Items as pictured above. In order to enter–  

  1. Reblog this post.
  2. Reblogs and likes both count.
  3. Ideally must be 18 or older.

Please, I really don’t want folks to click the “follow” button just because I’m giving away free shit.  Following me, while cool, is absolutely not required.

The winner will be chosen by 9pm CST on 12/16/2016.  I’ll contact the winner ASAP; if no response in 12 hours, I’ll pick a different one.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.