rd artist

So, I’m exhibiting at an event called ArtSource in the RDS Arena in Dublin from 10th-12th Dublin. The majority of my recent work including all my personal works from the last number of months will be on show there. It’s a large art fare with around 150 artists and it will be hectic to say the least. So much prep and framing and such and such.

Here’s one last piece I’m working on for it. Hopefully I’ll have the inking finished tonight and blast through the painting tomorrow c:

Gibson RD Artist.

Brian Towell posted this beauty on the Guitar Porn Facebook page last week and we thought it would definitely benefit from a wider exposure. He says “Not every new guitar Gibson introduced in the 70s was a disaster. Check out the almost sensual lines of this seventies giant: Gibson RD Artist ‘77 in natural maple. Still playing like a dream, and sounding like a rainbow.”


“If you wanted to do harm, you succeeded.”

“No, I didn’t want this. It was something else.”

“What thing?”

“I don’t know… I wanted to touch him, but I am afraid you cannot understand.” (x)