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Daryl & Carol filming together Collated

After my anon and another post I saw tonight, I wanted to make it easier for everyone to see WHEN Daryl and Carol were spotted filming in the same location at the same time. This does not necessarily mean they have scenes together but it is certainly a possibility. And it will help us set our expectations for when we might see some Caryl scenes (of any kind).

All info is taken from @thespoilingdeadfans

Episode 9:
8/20 Overnight shoot - ASZ
8/21 Overnight shoot - ASZ
8/24 Overnight shoot - ASZ
8/25 Overnight shoot - ASZ
8/26 Late Shoot - ASZ & Studio (this was the day of bloody shirt Carol and shirtless Daryl)

Episode 10:

Episode 11:
9/11 ASZ - interior shots
(Carol is not with the group who go out with Jesus at this point, so if we see her it will likely be just at the start of the ep)

Episode 12:
9/22 Cove Rd (large group out on the road)
9/23 Cove Rd
9/24 Cove Rd
9/25 Cove Rd
9/29 ASZ - late night shoot

Episode 13:

(all studio filming so very little is known)

Episode 14:
10/16 ASZ
10/20 Carver Rd (large group)
10/22 Pimento Ave (Daryl filming scenes with Rosita and Denise)
10/23 Solomon St (shopping area)
10/26 Solomon st (filming in an alley)
10/27 ASZ

Episode 15:
10/28 ASZ
11/2  ASZ