Can’t get enough of Alex Morgan and Tobin Heath? My Portland Thorns are your team. They stream their games on youtube, sure, but you should make a trip to the stadium. It’s a fabulous atmosphere. Attendance averages 14,000 or so per game. Excellent supporter’s section. Oh when the Thorns! Go marching in! Oh when the Thorns go marching in! How I want to be in Rose City, when the Thorns go marching in!

NWSL streams pretty much all their games on youtube. 


I have a HUGE FAVOR to ask of all of you. Please please please!

So my husband & mine picture got chosen as one of the semi-finalist for a contest to be on a billboard! I would love it so much if you could take a mere second to follow the link to the picture & like it. Every like on it counts as a vote.


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I have a message to share with the world #RCTID #gameday


clint dempsey is such a piece of shit!!!! it’s so satisfying, he’s a literal 2 year old but not cute at all. 

seattle had oba out on injury, and 2 red cards already, and he fucking grabbed the refs notebook, threw it on the ground, picked it up again, and tore it in half. when he got a red card he then spat on the sideline ref. like holy shit???

this was the craziest game i’ve ever seen. also, fuck seattle fans so hard. their team fucked up massively and they responded by throwing shit at our bench? classless. fucking absolutely classless.