Time Travel. Is.Difficult. To TRACK.

Especially when there are TWO trips, redoing a day as a double to make sure you live through the day, which if you fail you fuck up the time stream and have no idea how it could turn out since you failed to stop yourself dying, but you at that moment exist.

THE FIRST instance where you got jolted forward to eight different places in the past and present, having no idea what the fuck is happening. As the traveler is on a different ‘frequency’ to the traveled time to avoid a paradox of any sort, realize you’re brain is working twice as fast as you can move and everything feels like it’s in slow motion.

NOTE: Make a graph. NOW.


“From Ground to the Sky” by neocastillo

one-way-cactus-deactivated20150  asked:

oh, Can i ask? Why do start doing this blog? It's just a question(sorry about my english :)) I like your tumbl. you have really cool photos and so on. Don't stop it.

I started this blog, originally, because I noticed there were a only a few Audrey Hepburn tumblrs and most of them were reblogging the same pictures back and forth.  It occurred to me that I had a hard drive and personal library filled with pictures of Audrey, a lot that hadn’t been posted, so with the little experience and knowledge I had regarding tumblr I made my own Audrey blog.  Rare Audrey Hepburn: a tribute to the rare woman in which I hoped that I could surprise people with new and rare photographs of the elegant actress.  This tumblr has slowly snowballed into something wonderful that I hadn’t anticipated.  It’s gained a life of it’s own and it’s been an absolute pleasure, personally, running this blog.  If it hadn’t been for all of my followers this blog wouldn’t have cultivated into this unimagined Audrey Hepburn appreciation blog.  Hopefully this little bio has answered your question.  Thank you for the question and ’s marvelous compliment. <3

smarvelousaudrey-blog  asked:

Hello=D I adore your blog, i check it daily and ive just decided to start my own blog dedicated to the enchanting Audrey Hepburn and i was wondering if you would mind checking it out/promoting if u like it.Thanks so much and keep spreading the audrey love<3

Congratulations! The more Audrey blogs the merrier. It’s very lovely. Everyone should check out Smarvelous Audrey!  Thank you for the compliment and good luck with your blog! <3