ZSC2: Be the Dead guy with a Rifle


==> Be the dead guy with a rifle

Whoa, hold up. You cannot be the dead guy with a rifle. First off, he doesn’t have a rifle at the moment. Second, he’s not dead either. For the Seer, it is rather hard for her to determine past, present and future. It may be one of her few limitations, she never knows what time something is happening.

The alive guy with the knife however, is perfectly alright. His future however, is still uncertain.

Wait, how were you supposed to be the dead guy with a rifle in the first place, he’s dead- wait it’s a Zombie story stupid question.

You’ll have to be someone else for the moment.

==>Fiiiiiine, Be the obnoxious leader.

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kayleighember asked:

How do you make your gifs? They're beautiful! I'm asking more about the steps you take to go from dvd to photoshop...

I open my DVDs in VLC Media PLayer (which you can download for free online).  I then choose the scene I want to gif, and for however long that scene is I continuously press “Shift + S” over and over again (shift + S is the action for making screen captures).  Then in photoshop I open up the screen captures and begin making an animation.  That’s when it gets a bit more complicated so it’s probably best to find an online tutorial.  Hopefully this is helpful to you. :)

Time Travel. Is.Difficult. To TRACK.

Especially when there are TWO trips, redoing a day as a double to make sure you live through the day, which if you fail you fuck up the time stream and have no idea how it could turn out since you failed to stop yourself dying, but you at that moment exist.

THE FIRST instance where you got jolted forward to eight different places in the past and present, having no idea what the fuck is happening. As the traveler is on a different ‘frequency’ to the traveled time to avoid a paradox of any sort, realize you’re brain is working twice as fast as you can move and everything feels like it’s in slow motion.

NOTE: Make a graph. NOW.