You know, as someone who once had a crush on someone and got rejected, I honestly hope the show pushes the “crushes don’t always work out” lesson. I like the friends-to-lovers trope, but honestly, I wanna see a subversion of this trope. Where Star realizes that crushes don’t always work out and sometimes you are better off as friends. Then again, I betcha once that happens st@rco shippers will miss the point and just get mad at the creator for not making their OTP canon.

I think what really creeps me out about some st@rco shippers is they act like it’s canon because Star has a crush on Marco.

They seem to completely ignore Marcos feelings in the matter, as if young girls never have one sided crushes or marco is obligated to return stars feelings because, main character rules I guess.

it’s kinda creepy

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I find it funny and sad that people still think that sta//rco should happen just because of the bloodmoon, the other bloodmoons I have seen didn't mean any thing good (gin no Guardian and the one in breath of the wild - this one is discutable after you get better gear), considering the lack of information we have about what this moon is really about.

I hate that moon being used as an excuse considering how little we know about it.

and then people say it’s because “The Moon Of Lovers”, which also doesn’t work considering we have no idea who even said that or if what they said was even remotely true.

Sorry, but i can’t trust the word of a random painting. As far as I know, someone said that to make marco want to go and protect star from tom, because honestly at this point anything with that stinking moon is possible.

it supposedly binds souls forever, and if it does the demons might persevere it as being romantic? Which is why they treat it that way.

and alot of other things involving this same moon seem to indicate something more sinister.

IDK bout you guys, but this doesn’t scream “Destined to be in love” to me.

And then there’s the FANDOM’s moon, who personify it to hate Marco’s relationship with Jackie, and push for him to be with Star against his own wishes. Which is stupid, because Marco should date who he wants and no supernatural forces should be telling him he can’t be happy.

The fandom turned something with a lot of mystery behind in into SHIPPING FUEL, and as an excuse to claim their ship as being canon.

And if this moon possibly tells you you’re destined for someone, then that doesn’t really work well with the rest of the show.

because you wanna know something nice about the show? How the relationships are done.

Tom//co: Started off on the wrong foot, Marco helped and understood Tom more and enough to respect him more, they have a fresh start again and get along really well.

Jar//co: were mutuals, but over time progressed into more of friends, and then progressed into dating each other at a reasonable pace.

Relationships in this show, are handled much more like real relationships are. People get along, and grow with someone, out of trust, out of care, out of spending time with each other.

and the fandom, is telling me because of a moon, star and marco have to fall in love. Not because they both want to, but because a supernatural voice said so. No, that’s utterly stupid. Them having a relationship like that, because of a freaking moon,  is dumb.

the show should not be telling people that outer voices should tell you who to date, no, it should be the characters who make these choices, not an inanimate rock in the sky.

And, there’s also THIS:


And no one has dismissed this meaning anything yet.

Sorry, but Tom being under this light for a few seconds when the moon has no reason to still be sitting on him is really freaking suspicious


NGC 4725 by Warren Keller
Via Flickr:
Acquisition and preprocessing by Dr. Steve Mazlin 16" RCOS Paramount ME SBIG STL-11000 New Mexico Skies- SSRO North

I’m a colorist and team member of @tiafoe .

And we’re aware our comic has been reposted on Facebook and Instagram.

I bring this up, because those of us on those platforms find a lot of homophobic and nasty comments towards it being a tomco comic on those places and it’s really ridiculous.


Tomco is a great relationship, it deserves to have a large comic considering how they’ve never had one before now and rarely get anything that would give them this kind of attention.

comments in there even assumed Janna would be Tom’s mentor, and boy can i imagine how pissed they’ll be when they find out what we’re planning.

Look, we’re going to do what we want, our team signed up to do a TOMCO comic, and if you’re not going to be respectful of that, then leave well enough alone.

Tomco is still underappreciated in the fandom and it’s finally nice to see them get a huge comic, even nicer to be apart of it.

be respectful, because you’re not making your fandom look any better in my eyes by that kind’ve treatment.

We can’t be sure how big this comic will get, but just having it out there is wonderful just by itself.

And btw, don’t tell any artist they’re “ a waste of talent” by not drawing Sta//rco, because we’ve seen those comments aimed at some wonderful tomco artists that are just insulting. Our community is also very talented and they are not required to draw what you want them to, and they are not a “WASTE” for drawing a ship that makes themselves happy.

Fandom, you need to grow up.

You should know better then this.


The Hamburger Galaxy NGC 3628 Narrowfield C Positive - April 29, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Savannah Skies Observatory using an SBIG STL-6303 camera and 41-cm RCOS telescope on a Software Bisque PME Mount. LINK Negative image: www.flickr.com/photos/43846774@N02/34649087146/ Info about this galaxy: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NGC_3628 NGC 3628, also known as the Hamburger Galaxy[3] or Sarah’s Galaxy, is an unbarred spiral galaxy about 35 million light-years away in the constellation Leo. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1784. It has an approximately 300,000 light-years long tidal tail. Along with M65 and M66, NGC 3628 forms the Leo Triplet, a small group of galaxies. Its most conspicuous feature is the broad and obscuring band of dust located along the outer edge of its spiral arms, effectively transecting the galaxy to the view from Earth.

I like watching theory videos on this show to help provide ideas of my own, but alot of them are just so Star//co biased they start to get on my nerves.

and i’ve run into a bunch called “Why Sta//rco WILL Happen”, which naturally piss me off because that’s the equivalent of saying: “This is what’s going to happen, and despite many other directions this show could take this is absolutely where it’s going to go and all the rest of you have 0 chance of being canon”

I’m a tomco blog, and even I wouldn’t flipping make a theory literally stating why a ship is guaranteed to be canon because i’m open to other directions and possibilities. Even with evidence, i’d say there might be a chance of a fake-out, or that something could also mean something else.

((Plus pushing your ships on others can kinda rub me the wrong way))

But then again, i think they’re all just click bait titles anyway. -_-

So naturally, i use my photoshop powers to make a parody title i WISH i could find on flipping youtube because there is a strange lack of videos talking about Tomco up there.

(( Yeah i said i’m not big on biased theories, but at least this would add some variety and be unique))

Is it clickbaity enough? XD

Tom and Marco pic by @sir-scandalous

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hey!! for the aphobe blocklist I thought I should mention, snak/egay has changed to tre/tijr/ezn/or, torr/acat to les/bia/nli/on, and cen/tip/rinc/ess to whi/tesa/vio/rco/mpl/ex

Oh hey, I didn’t know about torr/acat or sn/ake/gay! Thank you, I’ll fix it.

–Mod Mercy