After my driver pulls up to the studio, I reach into my pocket and grab my wallet to float him a few bills. “Thanks for the ride G.” I say with a smile as I reach up and pat his shoulder, turning to get out and head inside the studio. “hey y'all.”

Demi steps out of her car, looking a little confused. Smacking her gum, she locks her car. Her fingers ran through her black hair in an effort to disguise her anguish. Demi feels her heels irritating the back of her foot, but remains strutting towards the entrance. “Sorry!” She shrieks, as she bumps her shoulder on to someone.

With a mischievous gleam in my eye, I proceed to full the large super soaker in my hands. Once finished, I place it up against my shoulder and stalk my way over to the pool area for a victim.

Looking at the clock as I chewed on my minty bubble gum before swallowing it. After talking to a few friends that already arrived, I knew I had already missed the tour. LA traffic was a bitch. I sighed as I walked around clueless as hell, hoping to spot someone that could guide me to where our dressing rooms were. 

━ TASK 4: THAT’S THAT SHIT I DON’T LIKE | @rcoh-task


- when white girls say “big black cock”

- domestic abuse (unless ya girl being naughty and needa spankin 😏)

- rape (just get a flesh light 😐 or one of them blow up dolls)


- drugs (weed is what chu need)

- violence (beat a bitch up, yup)

- everything else that I can remember

Due to the absence of our cast members we’d like to smooth things over with an event. It’s for all ages, there will be the following; food, drinks, and plenty of entertainment. Small children will get in free, teens five dollars, and adults twelve for an all day pass. A few of the cast members will be performing to make up for our Rcoh original host for this event.

If you’re interested I’ll send you all more details please contact me.


— Rakim Mayers


                                                       ◠ ◡ ◆ ◊ ◆ ◡ ◠

– · – TASK #4┊Triggers, no-no’s, xo’s.

it’s LIT ! :

✓ Drugs

✓ Alcohol

✓ Cursing

✓ Fights (depends, because dummies be god-modding 99 times out of 100)

✓ Violence

✓ Awkwardness

✓ Drama

it’s SHIT ! :

✗ Pregnancy / babies

✗ Unreal bullshit

✗ Homophobia

✗ God-modding

✗ Copycat


                                                       ◠ ◡ ◆ ◊ ◆ ◡ ◠