12 July 1971, Tour de France.
Team Fagor (Spain) drags the race leader Luis Ocaña after a severe crash. Ocaña was nearly 8 minutes ahead of Eddy Merckx, his biggest rival in this race, believeing he could continue the race the day after. Ocaña had to be hospitalised, though, and Merckx took the win. To show solidarity with the spanish team Merckx refused to wear the yellow jersey. 


UK Muscle Car Drag racing Scene


Spring is here - time to get back on two wheels!  This segment of a W.P.A. film from 1937 extols the virtues of an active lifestyle, and in San Jose that meant bicycling!  This new velodrome was San Jose’s 4th, constructed in a spinach field where Lincoln High School now stands.  You can almost feel the wind in your hair!


Some updates!

I missed a lot of screenies, but these will have to do!

  • Top 125! Happy about this, at this rate in 2 months i’ll be in the top 100
  • I got my comp cape back ages ago, but there’s my yakamaru kill
  • I bought corruption shot, Op as hell for chinning in abyss
  • 3.4B Xp
  • 130M Wcing & Rcing (missed screenie of rcing)
  • 110M Slayer & Div
  • 70M Smithing
  • I also got 30M Con! Finally I’m 30m base! 


B33 < oh shit i just looked through that blog 

B33 < yeah anons wtf step off 

B33 < and anyone who has a purroblem with me can come off anon and say it to my face 

B33 < ofurwise theyre not an issue to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I canno+t believe peo+ple actually derive delight fro+m to+rturing so+meo+ne by fo+rcing things that make them really unco+mfo+rtable o+nto+ them.

And I´m a demo+n fro+m hell, saying this, mind yo+u.