Well, that happened...

What’s your most favorite thing to do right after getting out of the shower? With your clean legs and clothes..  and nice lotion on.. with your pretty, shiny, clean, soft & fluffy hair..

Is it to go outside into the rain and thunder and lightening to cover up your rabbits because you had no idea when you got into the shower that it was about to pour rain and storm outside? Is it to step in lots of muddy, grossness in your little flip-flops that you threw on so you could get out to your rabbits more quickly? Is it to get bitten a few times by the random (invisible) ants and bugs? Is it to battle GIANT ants that you didn’t even know existed out in your yard? Is it to have your massive American Bulldog-Golden Retriever jump up onto your fresh clean clothes only to nearly knock you over in your slippery flip-flops and put big muddy paw prints all over your clean & pretty shirt and shorts?

IS IT?!?!

:O It’s not?!

There must be something wrong with you….