Fightback 2013! Marxist Dayschool in Manchester

Saturday, July 6 - 10:30am to 4:30pm

Cross Street Chapel, Manchester, England

A day of revolutionary discussion and debate on cutbacks and working class resistance. Also featuring the film ‘The Black Panther!’

+ Capitalist crisis, the working class and women’s oppression: Discussing the politics of the cutbacks hitting working class communities. Why working class women are facing the harshest effects of the crisis.

+ What’s the alternative? What do communists fight for and what can we learn from Cuba and Venezuela?

+ Filmshow: The Black Panther. The story of the revolutionary struggle of the Black Panthers, told through film and music, with archive footage of speeches by leading Black Panther figures.

+ Marxist books, DVDs, t-shirts…

Dayschool organised by the Revolutionary Communist Group and the newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 

For more info and to get involved with the RCG, get in touch:

07519427093 / frfi.manchester@gmail.com 




6.11.14: Today we had a stall and noisy protest outside Tottenham Jobcentre. We were protesting about the punitive sanctions imposed on people claiming Job Seekers Allowance in Tottenham.

Tottenham Jobcentre issues sanctions at a rate that is well above the London average. And this is not a new problem. During November 2012 - June 2013 they issued 45% more sanctions than the London average!

People going in and out of the Jobcentre were really supportive and thankful for the opportunity to speak up and start the fight back.

As one person who came out of the Jobcentre said “I’ve been holding this in for so long, but now I’ve seen you lot, I want to scream and shout about the way I’ve been treated”.

Join us in saying no to all sanctions and cuts. Get involved in building a real fight back!

We demand Tottenham Jobcentre gives an explanation about why it is sanctioning well above the London average!

Join us for our next protest outside Tottenham Jobcentre (640-656 High Road, Tottenham N17) on:

Thursday 13th November 2014 at 10.30am.

South London RCG - What can we do about racism, the cuts, and war in Syria? Wednesday, October 9 - 7pm Cafe Crema, 306 New Cross Road, London Open political discussion and organising group hosted by South London RCG. We will be looking at the new issue of our newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and discussing how we can build resistance. Bring issues and ideas you want to take action on!

anonymous asked:

How do you think RCG is going to out Mac (and Dennis)? I want Dee to walk in to her apartment and find them banging in her bed, since Dennis and Mac are living with her right now. I think that would be the best way to do it.

Ok so I want Mac to walk into Dee’s apartment and be by himself, so he decides to watch one of Dennis’ tapes. When he goes to look for one, he finds either a blank tape or a tape with a gender-neutral name like Jordan or Devin so Mac decides to pop it in and he’s forced to watch Dennis get fucking drilled by some big beefcake. After like 10 seconds of watching the tape, he just gets up screaming and runs out of the apartment doing the sign of the cross. Fade to black. Mac is at confession and the priest says “What are your sins?” and cut to Mac, he says “I’m gay.” Cut to commercial.

Out both Dennis and Mac in one shot 

A friend mentioned to me that I hadn’t blogged anything in a while. The reason I’ve been trying to think of something to share that isn’t negative bile  or saccharin sweet shit about the man I love, because I only want to put INTERESTING stuff on here, stuff that does not BORE other people.  Nothing came to mind.

Although, I do now have my R.S.A and R.C.G……

Hurts like shit when the people you want to spend time with most are always busy. Not trying to be selfish, I just miss you. That’s all. It’s really okay though, you’ve got your life & I’ve got mine. You have plans & I just want to spend time w/ you.

It’s alright, though. I understand.

slippery roads..alcohol..gambling

driving to nowra yesterday and this morning was nuts! Pouring rain and i mean POURING. Trucks, buses and cars banked in front and behind. Traffic jams and a lack of vision.

oh yes.. it was a thrill.

RSA and RCG with mr benjamin was cool.

Sitting next to this sexy male pulling faces at me and writing notes to each other, we cant help but laugh!

It was like being a school when the assessment was handed out except you didn’t lose marks for leaving out the dollar signs or for one word answers.

One huge lesson i learnt today is that i am at risk of becoming addicted to gambling..my love for bingo may take over me D:

Ang Kapal Kapal Kapal Niya! >:)))))
  • SA TEXT:(Classmate ko ngyon, seatmate ko din)
  • Siya:Crush mo ako?
  • Ako:Asa ka muna! Kain ka bubog! Hinde ah!
  • Siya:Ulol ka.. Crush mo tlga ako..
  • Ako:Kilabutan ka nga sa mga sinsbi mo! :p
  • Siya:Nde, crush mo tlga ako .. :p
  • Ako:Utot mo! Mhiya ka naman oy!
  • Siya:Haha Nde crush m tlga ako.. :P wag mo na ipagkaila Ok lang skin ;)
  • Ako:Ano ba! kakain pa ko eh! Nawawalan na ko ng gana eh
  • Siya:Alam ko nmang crush mo ko! XD
  • Ako:ewan ko sayo!
  • Siya:Di nga. Ok lang yun skin wag ka na mahiya.
  • Ako:Utot mo!
  • SIya:Mabaho sympre!
  • WAAAAAA! kakairita siya! Ang kapal kapal kapal ng mukha niya! Hahaha. Nakaw. Oo alam kong Cute siya pero Hinde eh. Hahhahaha Lol ANG SAMA KO FOREVER ALAM KO YON! >:))))) HAHAHAHAAH

Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG), Britain

In Libya we are witnessing the premeditated murder of a nation by British, French and USimperialism. The people have not won in Libya; any victory will be that of NATO, the oil companies and imperialism.

We are shown the opponents of the Libyan government celebrating in the Green Square; we are not shown their white European advisers and the British and French mercenaries that guided them toTripoli. We are shown the NATO-backed rebels ransacking the Bab al-Aziza compound; we are not shown the 144 NATO airstrikes that reduced the compound to rubble before the rebels arrived.

Anti-government forces entered Tripoli on 21 August. The following day the share prices of BP and Royal Dutch Shell rose and have continued to rise. ENI, the Italian multinational oil company with the largest stake in Libya, had its shares leap by 7%. ENI’s boss was to meet the head of the anti-government Transitional National Council (TNC) to discuss restoring oil production.

NATO bombing paved the path to Tripoli. The Daily Telegraph (22 August 2011)disclosed that British military and intelligence officers helped the NATO-backed rebels to plan their attack on Tripoliand that the Royal Air Force launched coordinated raids on key government targets to clear the route to the city. On 25 August The Daily Telegraph reported that Prime Minister Cameron had ordered British SAS forces into Libya and that ‘the SAS soldiers, who have been dressed in Arab civilian clothing and carrying the same weapons as the rebels, have been ordered to switch their focus to the search for Gaddafi’.

Media coverage of the attack has been directed from NATO’s Italian headquarters as a psychological warfare operation. Specialists from Israel’s Defence Ministry of Information have been seconded to the base to advise their NATO allies, devise stories and presentations which have been reproduced across television and radio stations and in the press. …

This war has been waged with almost no opposition in the countries of the main belligerents:France, Britain and the US. The largest left party in Britain supported the rebels in Benghazi and called them ‘revolutionaries’. In its 27 August edition of Socialist Worker the SWPstates, ‘The end of Gaddafi’s regime is a cause for celebration.’ They echo David Cameron when he said, ‘This has not been our revolution, but we can be proud that we have played our part.’

Today I completed my Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) course at the RSA School in Haymarket. The six hour course flew by and was lighthearted despite the topic. Here in New South Wales there are duty of care signage posted at the entrance of all gambling venues, such as “What are you odds of hitting the jackpot? – A million to one”, there is the G-Line helpline (signage quite visible) for problem gamblers, and a self exclusion scheme to assist in the recovery of a problem gambler by keeping them out of gambling venues. We also learned how we might approach these customers if we notice an addiction. 

Tomorrow I will be completing the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course then I will be all set to legally work in a bar, casino, and/or restaurant in New South Wales!

Tuesday I will be taking an extra course on Bar Skill and Cocktail Mixology for knowledge to increase my odds on getting a bartending job. 

Right after my last course Tuesday evening I have an interview at a bar in Darling Harbour and Wednesday evening I have a try out shift at another bar in Ultimo, both of which are in the Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District). 

Wish me luck!!! :)

By Carol Brickley, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

There has now been a constant stream of politicians, police and press anxious to condemn violence on the streets of Tottenham, Brixton, Enfield and elsewhere, all of them threatening dire ‘retribution’ to the ‘rioters’. The press is already leading the witchhunt to spot the ‘looter’. Deputy Mayor of London Kit Malthouse is anxious, as well he may be: ‘Obviously there are people in this city, sadly, who are intent on violence, who are looking for the opportunity to steal and set fire to buildings and create a sense of mayhem, whether they’re anarchists or part of organised gangs or just feral youth frankly, who fancy a new pair of trainers.’ There is condemnation only for the violence of the oppressed; none for the police violence that killed Mark Duggan; none for the lies that have been told about him. This response is identical to previous uprisings, from Brixton in 1981 to Broadwater Farm in 1985. Promises of revenge and exemplary sentences issued after the Broadwater Farm uprising led to this community being under police siege for months and the framing of three innocent men for murder.

As in 1981 and 1985 the Labour Party has been just as keen as right-wing Tories to condemn the demonstrators. Ken Livingstone, voice of the Labour left in London, neatly avoiding any comment about the plight of black people and poor people during the years of Labour rule, is now criticising the Tories for creating ‘social division’. But his real point is the same as always:

‘In a period of cuts and unemployment it would be extreme folly to continue to erode the neighbourhood policing teams that put the Met into direct daily contact with communities and ensure a closer understanding between local people and the Met. The plan to force hundreds of sergeants in local police teams to reapply for their own jobs must be abandoned.’

Livingstone is concerned that the British state should be strong enough to police the oppressed in times of crisis.

Commentators are trying to argue that life for inner city young people is better than it was in the 1980s, so there is less excuse for rising up against the police. But, in fact, London is an increasingly divided society. The rich live in ‘gated’ boroughs where the Cameron Coalition government is aiming to ensure that there are no benefit claimants, no council houses, no beggars, no youth on the streets and private rents are beyond the reach of anyone even on average income. Workers will need to commute into these boroughs to provide basic services at minimum or below minimum wages. In areas like Tottenham, Hackney and Brixton, where black and oppressed communities have to live, the pressure on families is growing. There is no work for young people, especially young black men. Benefits are being cut, so that families with young children are under the most strain. Schools in these areas are the ones most under stress, where teachers are hard to recruit and facilities are poor. Working class children do not see a future for themselves and grants like the EMA (which helped them stay in school) have been abolished, alongside the dramatic hike in university fees. The children of the working class, the poor and the oppressed, have to compete for a future with middle class and rich children who buy their privileges at private schools and elite universities.

Mark Duggan’s family know the truth – that for the Metropolitan Police Mark’s life did not count. They also know that their distress at his killing is of no account. Working class people in inner London have no illusions. We are expected to pay the price of solving the public sector debt crisis – the capitalist crisis – without fighting back. We are expected to acquiesce to police repression of our communities. Make no mistake. It was the uprising in Tottenham on Saturday night that made Mark Duggan’s life count, and made his family count. Fighting back is our answer to the ruling class who would like us all to quietly rot.