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REAL Open House Event in East London #focusE15

Members of the Revolutionary Communist Group in north, east and south London have been supporting the new social centre occupation which sprung up on Saturday in the middle of the half boarded up Carpenter’s Estate, Newham.

Some media reports so far (also has been on BBC news, radio, Channel 4, ITV etc)


(written by Senior Guardian economics writer)


(Kate Belgrave blog which has good videos too)


This was organised with other groups including UKUncut, Digs (Hackney), Tower Hamlets Renters, Feminist Fightback, Common House social centre, Plan C, Stop City Airport, Radical Housing Network, Heygate Estate people, Lewisham People Before Profit and lots of individuals who have supported the campaign over the last year. 

The striking thing about this occupation of ex-council homes is that these flats are not ‘run down’ or ready for demolition. One had a virtually new kitchen and bathroom. Some are slightly damp (due to council neglect probably) but generally these are GOOD HOMES.

Residents came over to support the occupation, even a local shop keeper who gave his solidarity and explained how his family member used to live in one of the flats but got evicted. There is only support from local people -  admiration and solidarity from the community.

Also working in the new social centre are a few current and ex-residents of the area - other working class people who have been evicted or constantly are in ear-shot of someone else’s story of poverty and eviction. Their commitment to defending the social centre is clear and political.

The E15 Social Centre will be a family friendly space, open to all concerned about issues around housing, cuts and gentrification. A variety of workshops and events will be held for people to get together, share skills and experiences, learn and organise the fightback.

Visit the social centre on the Carpenters Estate, Wilmer Lea Close, Stratford E15 2HR.

Contact the social centre on: 07933 845 685

Here are some photos from day 3 of the social centre’s opening and setting up:

Enormous banners outside the social centre alert passers by to stop by and take part

The previous front room of an evicted tenant. The flat has been cleaned and hoovered by the revolutionaries

Perfectly good bathroom left to rot and go in to disrepair by Newham Council. How could a flat like this be demolished? Labour council - an anti working class party?

Kitchen in same flat was also good condition - an incredible waste of state funds. Only capitalism is capable of such economic mismanagement. 

This furniture was left in the flat - obviously the previous tenant was evicted so fast that they could not get their stuff (kitchen also has a new cooker, usable fridge).



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