Shoe of the Day (River City Fashion Writers)

Name: Bria Gepitulan

Year: Freshman

Major: Dance and choreography with biology minor 

Shoes you are wearing: Were her mom’s from the 80's 

What you love about RVA fashion: The ratio of fashionable people to the total population of Richmond is incredible. It is obvious that lots of people pay attention to high fashion trends and everyone’s take on these trends is inspiring and always makes me smile. 

A bit more about Bria: From pink tights to skinny jeans, tutus to pencil skirts and pointe shoes to stilettos, I am Bria – dancer by trade, fashionista for life.

I grew up either in or around big cities, so my style reflects the city life – always changing and evolving, eclectic, and a melting pot of different styles. Trends from the runway, menswear, European style and vintage styles all inspire my day-to-day looks.

I love to translate the high fashion trends seen in designer collections on the runway to an everyday outfit that anyone could wear. Designers such as Stella McCartney, Gucci, Jil Sander and Kenzo create collections that motivate me to take more chances with my style choices. Also, a few of my favorite brands include Topshop, Zara, and J. Crew. 

I swoon over menswear. There is something so inspiring about small details like the pattern of a shirt cuff peeking out from the sleeve of a blazer or the trimming of a double-breasted shirt. I catch myself looking at menswear more than women’s sometimes; and I am always looking out for new Tommy Ton pictures. The limitation of what men can wear inspires me to play with details and experiment with androgyny.

European style is the definition of class for me. I love to copy the women’s need to play with color and accessories. Their constant need to look effortlessly elegant is such an inspiration to any outfit.

Thrifting is also a passion of mine. Searching for unique pieces to add to your wardrobe is always exciting, and I love finding the pieces that will still look fashion forward and fresh.

Richmond and VCU have one of the best fashion scenes that I’ve seen and experienced. The different styles that are in the city make me even more enthusiastic about fashion, and I love being a part of it all.

About by Bria Gepitulan