Veil of Dark at Tokyo Joypolis, Tokyo, Japan, opened this year with something no other spinning ride has ever had. Veil of Dark includes an In-Line Twist.

The ride includes a dark ride shooting game using controllers mounted on to the restraints, followed by a tire launch in to the rest of the track and In-Line Twist.


Full Throttle (FT), will be appearing at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2013 and adding to the skyline with its record breaking 160 foot loop and Top Hat.

The ride includes three launches, two forward at 70 mph and one in reverse, a vertical loop, a dive loop, a tunnel section and a Top Hat tracing the outline of the loop.

The ride is to be built by Premier Rides, who also built Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The trains will include three cars containing six persons by car, for a total of 18 riders per train. At one time, two trains will be operating on the ride. The cars will also include lap bars, so no uncomfortable shoulder restraints and more freedom to scare the poop out off you when taking on the record loop.