AHH you guys, I got to do an exclusive LUMBERJANES cover for Rose City Comic Con! I’m super excited about this because it’s my first ever big boy published art thing! I’m always psyched to work on the letters for LUMBERJANES but finally getting to do a cover takes my excitement to a whole other level! If your from or visiting Portland, I hope you notice all the little Portland references I got to throw in here!

If you’re gonna be at RCCC make sure to stop by booth 1201 where I’ll actually be signing these and doing sketches as well!


So here’s my Rose City Comic Con / Rose Quartz cosplay post!

First, a tale of woe…Three days before the convention, I discover that the Rose Quartz dress I had commissioned months ago is a no-go. Yikes!

TIME TO IMPROVISE. Luckily, I had my amazing wig made by rinwebcosplay (http://rinwebcosplay.tumblr.com/) which is SO incredible it’s basically a costume by itself… so I figured I could pull something else out of my hat. Why not a historical Rose cosplay?? Inspired by the shark punching picture from “So Many Birthdays” and by this lovely fanart (http://www.deviantart.com/art/18th-Century-Crystal-Gems-437614037) by FrankRMB on deviantArt, I ran to my nearest costume shop. Luckily they were amazing, so I was ready to roll by convention day.

This year RCCC was very special because my good friends Megan and Kyle were married on the show floor!! <3 My husband performed the ceremony, and it was nerdy and wonderful. The RCCC staff was incredible; there was even a wedding cake waiting for our party in the roped-off ceremony area. Big thanks to everyone who helped make the day special. ^___^

Note: If you are the lovely SU cosplayers in my pictures up above, drop me a line so I can point the way to your online presence!




And it won’t just be comics I got! This year I’m rolling out some BEAUTIFUL GODDAMN PRINTS. They are rich and bright with vibrant darks and look SO. GOOD. Hand on my heart, they look better than on a screen. There’s a larger size for more detailed illustrations, and a smaller postcard size that showcases my animal studies like perfect little jewels. THEY’RE SO PRETTY I SORTA WANT TO EAT THEM.

One of the prints I’m most excited about is my drawing of Baby Bird from Thunderbird, available courtesy of linkenlog ! Cameras hate red so I can’t do it justice, you have GOT to see this thing in person.

I will have Captain Kitten as well, but BE AWARE: once this batch is out I won’t be reprinting it in its current form. If you don’t wanna wait a long time to see it again, snap it up now!


Oh HEY look at that, I’m gonna be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend down in Portland!  RCCC has been an absolute pleasure the past couple of years, so I’m psyched to go back for my third year.  Stop by to say hi, chat, whatever!

My boy Justin Oaksford (O-10) and my buddy Bridget Underwood (P-7) have tables this year as well, so swing by and say hi! :D  Do not let their names deceive you, they are not actually hobbits- just crazy talented artists who don’t like to wear shoes.

See you guys in a couple days, <3



We are all completely wiped our from our trip to Portland, but we couldn’t wait any longer to show you our brand new Hannibal inspired Nightmare Stag necklaces that we debuted at Rose City Comic Con. 

If you follow @unicornempire you might remember her struggling to decide which of her Nightmare Stag sketches she liked best. Well, we all ended up liking them both so much that we decided to make both. You can find them on Etsy at UnicornEmpirePrints.etsy.com