Overkill? Mounted my RCBS next to the Forster so I can easily work on multiple calibres.


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I have a whole load of reloading to do before I journey off for some practical rifle next week… I am going to load some 80g smks for the AR..they are longer than mag length so single feed only. It will be interesting to see how far they reach out. I had the 77g smks ringing consistent steel at 800yds. Maybe we will push the 80g’ out to the 1k mark and see whats what. Weather allowing!
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Starting the process of reloading once again. Its so much more interesting when you can make your own ammunition to the specs u want. If only I could find some 65 grain bullets. If anyone knows a place I can get them please let me know. #rcbs #reloading #223 #556 #ar15 (at home)

So last week, prior to an annual shooting trip I was loading some .30-06 cartridges and managed to bend the recalled on my resizing die. I emailed RCBS via their website and asked what I needed to do in order to get a new one. I never got a reply back. Instead the good folks there just sent me a replacement a few days later. That is customer service. #RCBS #RCBScustomerforlife

I got to spend some time using my newest addition to the reloading bench. This weekend I used my RCBS Chargemaster for the first time.

My press is a progressive, Dillon XL 650. I normally just use my powder measure that came with the press, but I was developing some new loads and decided it would be an excellent opportunity to test out the Chargemaster.

Using it was much easier than my Dillon powder measure for load development. Accuracy/ consistency was as expected, nearly perfect. The RCBS has a tolerance of +/- .1 gr. My dillon will meter powder consistently enough for my needs, but it takes a while to adjust the powder measure properly when making slight changes for load development when doing accuracy testing of new builds/barrels.

I have several RCBS tools for reloading. They are all time saving devices that greatly enhance my ability to increase volume with no loss in consistency, some with an increase in consistency over whatever it was meant to supplement or replace.

Next addition to the reloading bench will be an automatic case feeder for the press. Ive been feeding them by hand and feel like now that I have what I have this is going to be the most helpful area to focus on next.

Many people say progressive presses dont provide for enough consistency to produce accurate loads. I use mostly Ramsho TAC when loading .223. My favorite load is 23.4 gr with a 77gr SMK. Ive shot sub ¼" groups at 100 yards while laying prone unsupported using that load produced on my Dillon XL 650. I frequently dispense powder into 20 cases and measure them all to check for variation. normally less than two of them show any measureable variation on my scale. The ones that do vary display less than .2 gr of variation from the others. I dont see some go low and others go high on the powder charges. When they do vary, the ones that vary consistently go slightly low. For what I am capable of doing and what I intend on doing, I have never experienced a problem caused by the ammunition produced on my press. If I really want to, I can use the chargemaster to dispense and measure each powder charge for me to increase consistency a little bit.