@tceraulo: I was looking for a “30 Rock” #tbt photo that I actually appear in and this was the best I could do, which is surprising given the number of photos I appear in here on Instagram. But @ericandrew16 took this of me, Bob Carlock, @laurengurg, and half of the back of @kmiervs’ head (I think) listening to Tina talk to Burbank after the Episode 615 table read, Silvercup, 2/9/12.

I’d like to think that at the very least, this show will encourage people to make some of the same mistakes we made. Because I do think that memorable television shows - they’re not copies of something else. And I think we made our own show and I hope that it will encourage other people to be as foolish and care as much and create that next show that people - at least for a little while - talk about.
—  Robert Carlock