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I find it ridiculous that after somebody made confession on magical girl confessions that in their opinion "boht Crystal and Classic have terrible animation" many people now are saying that BOTH ARE BAD!!!! ITS STORY WHAT IS DECENT GET OVER IT BOTH SUCKS. And I want to send them wonky frames from Disney movies and say SEE EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE. Why people don't understand animation mistakes ALWAYS happen and Classic had average amount of them and Crystal had way too much errors, Thats a problem

Well every anime has its animation errors and that’s ok but in the classic anime the number (or the level) of the errors were never that disturbing like in Crystal is.

Classic anime: oh no, Sailor Moon has a piece of her ribbon miscoloured on the very first episode!.

Crystal: watching that face for at least 3 good seconds.

You can’t even compare, also the franchise was just starting with the classic anime and with Crystal it is already one of the most famous, rich and well known franchises all over the world.

So, what’s the excuse?

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i agree re: naoko not being a great writer. what would you do to improve the story? i want the opinions of your watchers too~

My own Sailor Moon story would be:

- Shittenou and Queen Beryl ending just like in the first season of the classic anime.
- Same goes for the Ayakashi sisters.
- No Chibiusa.
- No SuperS.
- Character development like in the classic anime.
- The senshi need to be stronger too.
- A transformation for our good sis Saturn.

And that’s all I can think of atm lol.

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I'm sorry if you've talked about it before, but I was wondering if you were as horrified by the way toei is animating the hair as I am? Especially that one shot of Usagi in the opening. It makes me think all the animators are bald and have no idea how hair actually works.

It’s really bad animated and it also bothers me a lot how every girl has a balloon shaped head to support all of that insane amount of hair.

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I understand hating on crystal, but just hating on aspects of the manga written by noako is just stupid. Keep in mind this was written for 14 year olds. And she came up with one of the most original, long deep stories, that I don't think could be reciprocated by anyone else. It's a classic for a reason. Respect that. If your hate puts other people in the fandom down you need stop. Be fuckin positive Jesus it's not that hard

Well you can’t certainly like every aspect of a story especially when Naoko’s story is not exactly flawless.

The manga story is overall good and I like it, but sis there are some things about that should’ve been replaced, omitted or at least done better.