• Crunky chocolate:So we are creating a cf
  • SM:EXO
  • Crunky chocolate:and we need people
  • SM:EXO
  • Crunky chocolate:but it's just for some chocolate...
  • SM:EXO
  • Crunky chocolate:we were thinking some of your trainee's...
  • SM:EXO
  • Crunky chocolate:okay so we use EXO... how does that sell our chocolate?
  • SM:EXO running, breaking guitars, posing with chocolate, rock themed
  • Crunky chocolate:that makes no sense-
  • SM:and kai will run at the cars like a dumb ass but he'll look hot
  • Crunky chocolate:no wait we have ideas-
  • SM:and Kris will being wearing a leather trench because why the fuck not
  • Crunky chocolate:no but we-
  • SM:tao's martial arts sells so lets have him kick a bag while in the air
  • Crunky chocolate:that sounds dangerous...
  • SM:dangerous sells, EXO sells, and so will this chocolate
  • Crunky chocolate:but-
  • SM:shhhh EXO

Heechul I applaud you!

Let me tell you he isn’t some idiot amateur at this stuff. You can tell by the questions and the way the article is set up he was totally supposed to talk about EXO but he freaking was like ‘Nope i’m going to talk about my Chinese hubby Hangeng, Super Junior, TVXQ, and lets throw some Yunjae in there… oh plus lets talk about how Lee Soo Man has control over naming too while i’m at it’.  

Actually i don’t just applaud you I bow to you.

Electoral college reform: If you redrew U.S. state lines so that every one had the same population, this is what the country would look like. In addition to being an awesome visualization, this map proposes some truly great names for the new territories. How cool would it be to say “I’m moving to Big Thicket,” or “let’s take a trip to Shiprock this summer?” Neil Freeman, the creator of the map, argues that this plan would not only eliminate the well-documented issues with the electoral college, but also create House districts that are perfectly equal in size. It sure sounds a lot more reasonable than the GOP’s proposals for electoral college reformsource