Episode 25 thoughts

Only 1 episode left until Crystal finishes and we finally got the quality we deserved (more like Crystal itself deserved).

These were gorgeous to see and I’m pretty sure we all were really surprised by this.

Too bad that these were only a few scenes that didn’t last longer than 3 seconds, the rest was bad as usual:

I don’t know why this happened (different animation teams or just some very high skilled animator or just TOEI deciding that those scenes needed to look the best -it would have been the first time tho-), anyway, it was good to see how Crystal would have looked if someone actually gave a damn.

However, I think this backfired because it only showed the inconsistency of animation even more.

Especially on this episode it’s easy to see how differently each scene is animated, it looks like different scenes of this episode were given to different teams that have no communication among them whatsoever.

In that sense, the episode was really bad.

It was very cool to see those out of this world beautiful scenes but it only made me feel worse about Crystal.



EXO [ 1 ] || lay u better run 😒

rickleone asked:

SMC episodes now are so fucking boring and slow that I have to push the forward button like during the porn videos with plot or positions lasting more than 5 minutes

I never found Crystal boring but since some episodes ago some parts are really boring and make me wanna skip them, especially all that never ending talking and 0 action happening that goes nowhere.

Not even Black Lady’s new boobs could keep me interested.