SM : EXODUS album will have 10 versions. All ten will cost $250. 

SM : If you want to buy both K and M versions it will cost you $500 plus shipping and handling. 

SM : There is no guarantee that you’re gonna get the photo card of the person whose version of the album you paid for. 

SM : We will release a repackaged version of all 10 albums in a few months, both K and M that will cost more than $250…for each version. Plus more shipping and handling.

SM: “Promise” won’t be on any album. 


Soooo... time/location of the NEXT/FINAL Teaser....

The pathcodeexo hint was beginning = end. Now it’s not going to be the same city because of the acronym. However they’re saying the time is the same for sure and (maybe?) we’ll see Kai.

London also doesn’t make sense because the vast majority of earthquakes London gets aren’t felt by humans and the ones that are cause little damage. There are record instances but that’s nothing to send Kyungsoo there over.

It also has to be a C city to fit the acronym, so it’s going to be 15:01 in some C city. I’m so mad @ SM for keeping everybody’s asses in some European/white Western location except for Chen/Yixing I’m going to flip, so I’m going to put my foot down and demand a South American city for this one. It’s even logical: South America has so many earthquakes and seismic activity in general, that it’d be maddening to think they wouldn’t do it. The only alternative I can see is them doing California maybe, but other than that it just doesn’t even make sense to pump out another European city at the very least. I’ve even come up with a list of nice potential cities that start with C (I’m so sarcastic and bitter you can skip that part lmao) and I’m including that at the end.

Moving on though, because it should be a South American city (it wouldn’t be very much of a worldwide occurrence without one…), the time zones aren’t messy. There are only three time zones in SA so it’s all w/in three hours of each other:

The bad (or good?) news is that it’s already afternoon in South America, so we’re gonna be waiting (or chilling/relaxing, whatever your mood is) for about 24 more hours (a shocker, I know) unless SM decides to punch us in the face and release Kyungsoo’s in the next 2-3 hours (depending on the time zone).

Even if SM used another European city, it’s already evening in most of Europe, and early evening at that. We’d still be waiting around 20 hours still. So the bottom line is that we can largely chill for now until Kyungsoo’s teaser, and we have about 24 hours if we especially consider South America.

I’m honestly just being logical/reasonable/sensible in my assertion at this point because SM likes to hit and miss in that department and I’d like for Kyungsoo’s to be an actual hit this time. This also gives me some sort of expectation for a time on the last teaser and I know a lot of people want that as well, ergo this post.

List of potential cities:

(I chose them because they’ve had significant earthquakes or seismic activity according to my research):

  • Cauquenes, Maule, Chile
  • Camaná, Arequipa, Peru 
  • Chimbote, Ancash, Peru 
  • Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil 
  • Cusco, Cusco, Peru 
  • Caracas, Venezuela
  • Contamana, Loreto, Peru 
  • Córdoba, Argentina
  • Just fucking Costa Rica idc just let it be a country in Central America at this point; SM needs diversity. >_>

Also: ^^ Anywhere around there is plausible ^^ because these things just make sense at this point. That’s a map of some fault lines in South America which hopefully SM paid attention to.

anonymous asked:

Lmao I'm looking at these so called improved blu rays and a lot of changes make things worse, were unnecessary, and even just slides things to other areas without changing the image! "they'll fix it for the blu ray" my ass

They started fucking up the BR by episode 5 so yeah… that’s bad.

Not even the BRs are worth watching lol.

While everyone is analyzing the shit out of the teasers, SM thought people would be too busy noticing the not so subtle Samsung advertising:

Oh nice phone, Tao, Jongin, Sehun, Suho, Baekhyun! Pretty nice headphones Xiumin! With touch on the headphone itself to turn up the volume! Pretty amazing. Just like the fancy in-ear headphones Baekhyun and Lay rock!

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the art in the Digimon poster looks like it's from the same people who did Tsuritama, which is an absolutely GORGEOUS anime, so I wouldn't worry too much about that? Of course, this is just me guessing from looking at one image and it's my opinion, so maybe it won't be your cup of tea /o/

Praying that what you’re saying it’s what’s going to happen.

SM: Let’s see how smart they are

EXO-Ls: *figured what time the next teaser come out, know what location it would be, know which member it might be, know who is going to get the most lines in the new songs, know what is going to happen tomorrow, know what is going to happen in five years in a matter of seconds*

SM: What kind of fans are these?

sm so hardcore about this pathcode thing they all gonna place hints to find out why baekhyun farted this morning and y’all gonna search in the bible the answers just bc the sherlock inside you cant find some chill