SATs do not measure those qualities, and they certainly do not measure the academic potential of a young Latina from Brewster, Wash., who has earned a 3.75 GPA while she holds down a job, plays a significant role in raising her younger siblings, and manages the family home because her parents work 12 to 18 hours a day picking crops. This particular student may not have a high SAT score, but there is no achievement gap for her. She has already achieved so much in her young life, and the richness and wisdom of her accomplishments will bring so much to any institution lucky enough to enroll her. Her achievements are as important a measure of quality for an institution as a high SAT.
—  Why Your College Should Dump the SAT. John Fraire, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 28, 2014.
  • Critical Reading:Let there be a value p that is the appreciation when Garcia Lopez Cardenas visit the Grand Canyon. The value p is reduced to 1/1000000000 when a man from Boston visits the Grand Canyon.
  • Me:Looks at beginning of section
  • Me:Looks at question
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“When I prepared to re-take my college entrance exam, I fell asleep a lot during my independent study time. So, if I was sleeping, the person sitting the next row over would take the cloth for her glasses and throw it at me to wake me up. Since you had to be quiet during independent study, she couldn’t yell like, ‘hey, wake up!’ so she threw her cloth at me instead. It hit me right in the back. I would then say, ‘huh’ and wake up. I looked where the cloth flew from and when I caught eyes with her, she mouthed to me, ‘study’.”

“재수할 때 자습시간에 제가 맨날 많이 졸았거든요. 그래서 제가 자고 있으면 옆 분단에 안경 낀 친구가 안경 수건을 저한테 던져요, 일어나라고. 자습시간에 다 조용히 있어야 되는데 ‘야, 일어나!’ 이렇게 말할 수 가 없으니까 안경수건을 탁 던지는 거예요. 그러면 그게 등에 와서 탁 맞아요. 그러면 제가 ‘어홍’ 하면서 깨요. 그때 어디서 날아왔는지 훑어보다가 걔랑 눈이 마주치면 걔가 저한테 입모양으로 말하는 게 보여요. ‘공부해’.” 

How to write a bomb ass essay (For SATs, APs, and all your other essay-writing needs)

This is based on my AP literature class, and so I will be using examples that relate to literature essays. But you can expand this beyond that.

Basically if you can write three sentences, you can write a bomb ass essay.

First write your thesis. Yes I know, writing a thesis sucks! It’s hard to think of something to say when you don’t actually care about what you’re writing. But DO IT. It doesn’t have to be good. It does have to be something you can argue about. Not a fact or a description but an argument. Write it three lines down the page.

Now come up with two topic sentences. Each topic sentence is going to be a mini-thesis that argues your thesis from a specific angle. If you’d like you can put these angles into your thesis itself. (For example your thesis could be “Shakespeare’s Hamlet uses dramatic irony and Christian spirituality in Claudius’ monologue to discuss themes of control.” Then your first topic sentence would be “Hamlet explores themes of control through dramatic irony in Claudius’ monlogue” and your secont topic sentence would be “Clauius’ exploration of spirituality illuminates the themes of control in Hamlet.” I’m sure at least five kids in my AP Lit class used those exact sentences for our Hamlet essay.)

Put one of your topic sentences below your thesis. Now you do the stoplight paragraph/hamburger paragraph/whatever weird metaphor your teachers used to discuss paragraph structure. It sounds like bullshit but it works. Use two examples from the text. (If I were talking about dramatic irony and Claudius, for example, I would probably use the fact that Claudius doesn’t know Hamlet is listening, and that Hamlet doesn’t know Claudius isn’t actually praying. Or something like that.) It should look like this:

“Topic sentence. For example, thing that happens in the text. Explanation of why this has to do with the topic sentence. Another sentence of explanation. A third explanation sentence, if you need it. Another example of this is other thing that happens in the text. Explanation of why this has anything to do with the topic sentence. Once again this can be a few sentences long. Example one and example two show that restatement of the topic sentence.”

Now skip a line and do the same thing with your other topic sentence.

Congratulations! You have just written a bomb ass essay!

Your essay isn’t finished, but you have the most important parts of it, which are your arguments. If you have time now, write a conclusion. I know conclusions are awful, but do it. Honestly conclusions are still a mystery to me, but I know they start with restating your thesis and end with bullshitting one or two sentences in order to sound like you know what you’re doing. Even if you don’t do the bullshitting part, restate your thesis. This is something graders look for. Also, restating your thesis does not have to be a fancy reevaluation of your writing. It means writing the exact same sentence with some words switched around. My usual tactic is to write my original thesis as “Work uses x and y to show theme” and rewrite it as “Theme of work is clear through x and y.”

If you still have time after that, go back up to to the top and write an introduction. (This is a good step to do if you have time, but it isn’t necessary. If you don’t have time or don’t think you’ll write a good introduction, don’t. I didn’t write an introduction to any of my AP lit essays and I got a 5 on the test.) Alternatively you can read over your essay and edit it.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before and it sounds condescending, but I swear to you this is what we spent more than half of my AP English class working on. (The other half was like actually reading books and stuff.) It wasn’t until halfway through the year (my senior year mind you) that I actually understood how to use this structure, and some kids in my class never fully got it. I promise you that if you stick to this model (the crux of which is writing the thesis and topic sentences before anything else), you will pass your AP literature test, and you will absolutely slay the SATs. (The SATs will be so impressed that you know what an argument is and how to write a paragraph that they won’t care whether your writing is any good or your argument makes sense.)

I hope someone finds this helpful. (<–this is me sucking at conclusions.)

if you’re taking the SATs tomorrow come cry with me

!ALSO! Give me tips! Tell me what to do before I go to bed before morning to calm myself because I have a major worry headache. And did you guys find that your score on practice tests was the same as your real sat score? 

SATurday Essentials: Aar’s Guide. 

Snacks [ I always carry sweet&savory snacks because I can’t predict my cravings ]
Yogurt, Dark chocolate, and Nuts bar X 2
• Nuts and Granola Kind bar X 1
• Mini Bruschetta baked snacks X 1
• Cheese and jalapeño pretzels X 1

 Water [Essential]
• Fiji X 1
• Peach flavored X 1

Digital just because I prefer it

Calculators [Fully charged]
• Scientific [ I like using this for fractions ]

Layers [in addition to my leggings and oversized shirt combination]
• Sweater
• Beanie
• Socks

Wallet + ID {school} + Passport
Hair ties X 2

Writing material:
• 2B pencils X 5 [i carry three different kinds because of my grip preference for writing and shading in]
• Erasers X 2
• Sharpener

Obviously this will differ from person to person but this is what I’m going to carry tomorrow, I know some people like eating fruits in break but personally things like dark chocolate keeps me more awake and energized so I take that instead. DO NOT FORGET YOUR ADMISSIONS TICKET AND PASSPORT. Goodluck Guys🍇🌸💕