Live for the Art

Ok so I’ve decided, after 3 to 4 years of debating, that tattooing is what I would like to pursue! I have a growing passion for not only art, but creating art. In fact, I love the art of design so much, that most of the art tattooed on me, is of my own; but not all. Tattoos are an addiction. I want the two together.

Back to the reasoning behind this post, All of the drawings I’ve previously posted have been of my own collection, and I will definitely post more. A few of the drawings posted were custom tattoos and/or designs for people from all over. if you would like a custom drawing, (even half to full sleeve tattoo designs) anything etc., Email me. Eventually I’d like to start a clothing line featuring my art amongst other artists as well, but for now, all the money raised (aside from work) will be saved for an apprenticeship; all drawings collected through orders will be made into a portfolio, which will be presented to whoever I choose to apprentice under. For anyone interested, my email is: kchidgeydesigns@gmail.com & my Instagram is: katietheblonde_

Thanks for supporting me!!!

Kylo’s Moving Castle

Another character introduction: Mitaka as Michael, Howl’s apprentice.

Mitaka looks up to his master’s power, but gets more and more frustrated with Kylo’s whimsical nature. Once Kylo - disguised as a charming aristocrat - makes an approach to a maiden Mitaka had admired for a long time, Mitaka finally decides he is so done with his nonsensical master. At first, Mitaka regarded Hux rather suspiciously, but as he gets to witness the miraculous control Hux has over Kylo and Saber, he begins to look up to Hux and swears secret allegiance to Hux. (Hux doesn’t know it.) 

Once the Wizard of the West is defeated, Kylo makes Hux’s long time dream to live in a house full of flowers come true, and Hux opens a flower shop in a corner room of the house. Mitaka gladly assists Hux in running the business.

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Kangaroo Mother Care - a technique in which a breastfed premature infant remains in skin-to-skin contact with the parent’s chest rather than being placed in an incubator - has lasting positive impact on brain development, revealed Universite Laval researchers in the October issue of Acta Paediatrica. Very premature infants who benefited from this technique had better brain functioning in adolescence - comparable to that of adolescents born at term - than did premature infants placed in incubators.