Πάνω από λευκά χαρτιά έψαχνα τη λογική 
μα τη χάνω, πάντα,
γιατί η σκέψη μου δεν είναι εκεί,
η προσπάθεια μου μόνο δεν αρκεί 
και ξέρω πως από τους δαίμονες μου έχω νικηθεί ..
—  Καμένα Μυαλά//Αντίθεση

Last Call with Woody Harrelson - Saturday Night Live


Last Call - Saturday Night Live

Live for the Art

Ok so I’ve decided, after 3 to 4 years of debating, that tattooing is what I would like to pursue! I have a growing passion for not only art, but creating art. In fact, I love the art of design so much, that most of the art tattooed on me, is of my own; but not all. Tattoos are an addiction. I want the two together.

Back to the reasoning behind this post, All of the drawings I’ve previously posted have been of my own collection, and I will definitely post more. A few of the drawings posted were custom tattoos and/or designs for people from all over. if you would like a custom drawing, (even half to full sleeve tattoo designs) anything etc., Email me. Eventually I’d like to start a clothing line featuring my art amongst other artists as well, but for now, all the money raised (aside from work) will be saved for an apprenticeship; all drawings collected through orders will be made into a portfolio, which will be presented to whoever I choose to apprentice under. For anyone interested, my email is: kchidgeydesigns@gmail.com & my Instagram is: katietheblonde_

Thanks for supporting me!!!