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Jily are best mates, and she accidentally slips smtg like god i love you

This caused me much grief. It’s another story of me hitting the wrong button and being a derp, but here it is. Completed and with a newly written ending. Enjoy.

Lily’s laugh echoed off the walls of the corridor as she and James walked through the third floor of the west wing. Well, James was walking, Lily was holding onto his arm for support and trying not to fall over.

“Stop,” She managed to get out, still laughing. “I can’t breathe.” She pulled him to a stop and worked on catching her breath, but James quite liked seeing her all red in the face and laughing, so he wasn’t quite finished with his little story that he was mostly making up.

“She really did say that.” He lied. “Sirius was completely rat-arsed and still singing ‘God Save the Queen’ while Remus was attempting to get Peter unstuck from the rubbish bin.” That part actually was true and Lily was holding her sides now. “And then my mum finally walks back in, takes a look at the four of us, and then just turns around and leaves again.”

James allowed Lily to catch her breath this time and when she finally got control again, she shook her head and wiped a tear from her eye. “How do you all find yourselves in those types of situations? I mean, normal people never have stories like this.”

“Are you saying I’m abnormal?”

“Are you claiming to be normal?” She countered. She wiped her eyes again, still smiling and James found that he himself was a bit breathless at the sight of her. Her cheeks were all rosy, her hair a bit askew, her eyes a bit brighter due to the tears her laughter had caused, and she just looked so bloody beautiful. “James?” She waved her hand in front of him when he didn’t respond and he blinked rapidly, trying to pull his mind out of that avenue, because they were friends, just friends, and that was good with James. He liked being Lily’s friend.

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