rc9gn fantasy au

Fantasu au doodles!! 

(Thanks for the prompts!! Gonna sleep now but might draw the other prompts later)

1: Howard & Randy arriving in a town after several days in the wilds,I’m not sure whether towns or the wilds are a better place for them to be…

2: Hired farmhands. (Almost wrote farmhams….), they probably don’t get paid except in food and a place to sleep haha.. Also Howard is sick of eating beets by now

3: Sneaking into a private hotspring. Not sure if they knew if it was private or not


More weinerham doodling!!

If you’re wondering about the top one, it’s an AU (medieval/fantasy setting!) where Randy & Howard gets thrown out of their community to survive on their own out in the wilds. They’re not very good at it, but at least they’re in high spirits!!! …For the most part. Also Randy doesn’t have the ninja thing going on, instead he’s cursed to turn into a ferocious monster every time they’re in danger. Guess that’s why he got exiled in the first place

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I personally think that Randy and Howard being stuck with Booray would actually be better for them because 1) a place to sleep, 2) Booray probably has to feed his workers so they dont die on him, so food and 3) being able to live without getting mauled by some weird animal unless randy does something stupid

You know, that’s actually a really good point. Even so I don’t think that Randy & Howard would realize this themselves, I’m pretty sure they’re under some kind of false impression that they’d be better off on their own (at least Randy, he’s totally overconfident about everything which eventually gets them into trouble no matter what they’re dealing with)

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what if in fantasy AU they met a monster that could shape shift into anyone it sees like maybe i dunno Randy~???

Whoaa..!! Actually McFist & the sorcerer are in the au too, the sorcerer being… Well, a sorcerer, and McFist being some kind of powerful person and instead of being united they fight each other about the position of ruler of the land. They both know about Randy’s power and that it’ll play a big part in the outcome, they both want to use his power for their own gain so they constantly come after him and fight each other about it. Maybe this monster could have something to do with that, hmmm??

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Honestly, I can imagine Booray treating Randy and Howard well as long as they "behave." Not out of any affection but because he wants people to know he takes care of his property.

While I don’t think Booray cares what people think (since he isolates himself in a swamp haha) I totally agree with you on this one!