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I tried to send you a request and I don't remember if I've sent it or not 「(゚ペ) So here it goes again: How would g1 optimus/thundercracker, mtmte rodimus/drift/overlord react to s/o trying to be sexy, but actually cute? s/o don't realize their clumsy actions isn't working. Thanks!

I can relate, I can’t do sexy ;3

Optimus Prime:
-He watches you flirt with him admiringly
-When he calls you cute and you look disappointed he corrects himself and apologizes
-He likes watching you awkwardly try to be sexy, but he won’t say how adorable he thinks it is that you’re trying so hard to be sexy

-He’s so confused, he doesn’t understand why you’re being so awkward right now
-He is genuinely concern for you until you get pouty with him, then it hits him and he feels so stupid
-He assures you, “you are so cute… er, I mean sexy, you are so sexy.” (Smooth Thundercracker)

-He teases you while laughing, “look at you! Are you being sexy? Well it’s not working, you wanna know why? It’s because you’re so gosh darn cute!”
-He kissed you and tells you how much he loves you and your awkwardness
-When he passes by you later, he winks and says “hey sexy!”

-He stares at you trying to figure out what it is you’re trying to accomplish then smiling when he realizes you’re trying to be sexy
-He doesn’t want to upset you but he’s fighting back laughter as you awkwardly try to seduce him
-He ends up laughing and telling you he’s sorry, you’re just too cute

-He stares at you annoyed, “what are you doing? You’re too cute for that.”
-He laughs if you get pouty or mad at him
-He teases you about it because your reaction to it is always adorable in his optics

3 seconds of a MV i’m currently editing where the full MV is gonna be over a minute long

i learned how to do some of the effects i did in these 3 seconds from some favorite MV/MEP editors i love!

and yes, credit will be given in the final product when i publish to YouTube; AND, before you ask, i use Sony Vegas Pro 13

this MV is gonna be the fucking death of me i swear

Science Fact Friday: Wallace’s Line

This line may seem like small potatoes but Wallace discovered it before Darwin’s theory of evolution and long before scientists developed the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift. Scientists were still uncertain /why/ these two regions had such different wildlife. Tigers and monkeys on one side, kangaroos and platypus on the other. What gives?

Even though they are (relatively) close now, Australia and Asia haven’t been connected since the supercontinent Pangaea broke up about 175 million years ago. At that time, Australia was next to the Indian subcontinent and Antarctica. India gradually drifted upwards into Asia, Antarctica southwards to the pole, and Australia has been an island ever since. The consequence of this is that Australian species have been evolving, isolated, for about 80 million years.

The line has been modified a few times - Huxley proposed a small shift (pictured), and two other lines (Weber’s and Lydekker’s) have also been suggested.