petitebaguettte  asked:

you wouldn't happen know of any fics where the boys are pen pals of some sort, would you? your blog is my saving grace btw

Aww, Bless your soul for your kind words! <33 

But oh my god, I always loved a good pen pal story! Some of the stories aren’t explicitly PenPal fics, but Draco and Harry still correspond with each other through letters, emails etc. Oh and don’t forget to have a look at my Epistolary fic rec! Basically half of the fanfics listed below were taken from this rec 

  • Inevitable as Tragedy by Lomonaaeren (8k)
    Physical separation is possible for Harry and Draco. Mental separation is not. 
    (I loved watching the growth between Harry and Draco’s relationship in this story as the letters abated into something more personal) 

  • Let’s Go Outisde - by cryptonym (24k)
    Harry’s done with the sofa, the hall and the kitchen table, baby.
    (This was hot as hell! Harry is an exhibitionist of sorts, and so is Draco for that matter. And then Luna has this marvellous idea of helping Harry out with his exhibitionist problems by giving him the address of someone she knew who also shared similar sexual kinks. And the best thing about this fic is there’s so much smut, yet it’s not a PWP. Like, there’s this whole plot to it as well and the characterizations are amazing)

  • Harry Potter and the Communication Journals (Opening Up Communication) - by JosephineStone (15k)
    Dumbledore has a plan to help Harry get over his prejudges against Slytherins. Hermione is worried, Ron gets jealous and Harry falls in love with an in the closet Draco.
    (Such a fun read! A meddling Dumbledore decides to get rid of Harry’s extreme hatred towards Slytherins by setting up these journals that kind of operated as communication/chat rooms and lets whomever is writing in them to be anonymous)

  • Lettered - by pir8fancier  (8k) 
    Harry has a secret penpal, whose identity is as plain as the nose on his face. Except he’s not wearing his glasses.
    (I loved reading Draco’s letters to Harry in this story because he’s so snarky and humorous in them! Harry is oblivious as always and doesn’t know it’s Draco who’s sending the letters to him - even though it’s glaringly obvious)

  • On the wings of an owl - by slowroad (9k)
    Harry has trouble dating because every single one of his dates seems more interested in his name than anything else. He’s lonely and frustrated. So Hermione signs him up with a dating service. Harry gets matched with a mysterious man who calls himself Fire-Breather. They write letters and get to know each other, even as they fall a little in love along the way.
    (In which Luna runs a (very successful) dating service. I loved how Draco and Harry slowly opened up to each other in their letters and revealed more and more about themselves, leading the other to guess their identity. So lovely and sweet!)

  • Letters - by Galadriell (51k)
    Harry inadvertently becomes penpals with Draco.
    (I love how realistic this story was! It’s all sorts of wonderful with a perfect mix of angst and sweetness)

  • Hexes and Despondency - by LissyStage (3k)
    Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, punished to send a letter to each other once a week. The inevitable is quite inevitable.
    (The bickering and banter within the letters Harry and Draco send each other is so realistic and just so them) 

  • Where Your Treasure Lies - by Queenie_Mab (21k)
    Harry and Draco meet again through a journal created by the Department of Mysteries. They face many trials in life together and eventually discover that a love like they have is a force not even death can break.
    (Everyone get yourselves a box of tissues because you’re gonna need them! Despite all the tears and pain you’ll suffer through while reading this beautiful story, there is a bittersweet ending to look forward to at the end!)

  • Catch 22 - by jad (50k)
    As if NEWTS weren’t enough, Dumbledore’s gone and had another one of his ‘bright ideas.’ If all ends well, the Houses will be getting along in no time. Or according to Harry’s correspondent, an Apocalypse will be in order.
    (Draco was portrayed beautifully in this fic! A story where in an attempt to promote house unity, Dumbledore assigns the students with a partner each in which they can anonymously talk to one another)