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LoK epilogue predictions/hopes

Whether they happen or not, here are my long-term hopes for several characters:

Korra: Widely-respected Avatar throughout the world, particularly in the Earth Kingdom, which she devotes the next several years to helping stabilize following the fall of Kuvira. Tensions are probably high with the concentration camps for non-Earth Kingdom folks, and she’ll be needed to help with that rough political climate. Also Asami’s wife.

Asami: Elected President of Republic City. Approval ratings higher than Raiko’s ever were. Much later cited in history books as the genius who pioneered the largest technological revolution the world has ever seen, bringing the world into the Information Age. Also Korra’s wife.

Wu: Does not win back the throne immediately after Kuvira is deposed. Kicks up an enormous stink about this initially, but it quickly dies out when he realizes he has no support. Falls into a long, rough period of depression. Finally, at the suggestion of Mako, he embarks on a long journey that takes him to every corner of the Earth Kingdom, where he slowly wins the love and respect of his subjects. After many years, he is elected president of the Earth Kingdom under their relatively new democratic system. Then he gets married to Mako.

Mako: Transfers to the Ba Sing Se police department. The move is intended to be temporary, but after moving his family back into their restored home, he realizes he is too attached to leave. Works his way up in the ranks, eventually becoming police chief. Stays single for a long time, married to his work until Wu returns from his journey across the kingdom. 

Bolin: Immediately throws himself into Earth Kingdom restoration. Once that need dies down and he has a little more free time, he stars in more movers and once again captures the heart of the people. Becomes the Earth Kingdom's Secretary of State under Wu’s presidency. 

Varrick: After collaborating with Asami on a wildly successful clean energy business venture, Varrick becomes a full-time Hollywood mover director. Has a torrid love affair with his main star, Bolin.

Jinora: Airbender President.