rc colas

The signs as things my friends have said

Aries:She gave me the wrong kind so I took it home and destroyed it in a blind rage
Taurus: I know we just went through taco bell so Im gonna need you not to judge me in the Krystal drive thru
Gemini:It’s not my fault that everyone is against me
Cancer:I was all excited to order Chinese but then I remembered I have to call
Leo:I’m not gay, but I mean we’ve all thought about it
Virgo:I have that kind of face that just says ‘tell me your life story’
Libra:Bitch you are the RC cola of this friend group
Scorpio:I remember watching forensic files as a little kid every Friday, Ahh the memories
Sagittarius:I don’t know why she thinks I don’t like her, that wasn’t true, but now I don’t like her
Capricorn:I mean eighty dollars is eighty dollars
Aquarius:It’s only illegal if you get caught, duh silly
Pisces: I guess I’ll do it since no one else will