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Quinx becoming ghouls because of the traits they share with Kaneki

Something that was revealed in this chapter is that Urie’s RC count has become high enough at 1911, which it technically at a ghoul’s level where Urie could not eat Shiba’s sandwich without getting sick

However, from his straight up denial in the next he tries to play that it’s just the smell that got to him. It also hasn’t been revealed if Urie having trouble eating human food is a result of his Rc cell spike and that it went down, or if this is a permanent development. Yet, it is implied that after the Island Mutsuki also has become a full fledged half ghoul, as his Rc cell count is still unknown and it’s obvious that it must have spiked do to healing and implied that he might have eaten an investigator do to Mutsuki having an official CCG uniform by the time he found Amon. Also Mutsuki has had two dark marks holding that he is in fact a ghoul over his character, the blood Saiko smelt on him. 

These two facts brought one major question to mind and that is will all the quinx slowly turn into ghouls based on the one personality trait, or character arc that matches with Kaneki. I thought of this based on the fact that both Mutsuki and Urie have pretty much been condemned to having become a ghoul. Though both of them are doing so through ways the mirror Kaneki’s Journey, as Urie is doing so to protect others at the cost of himself, and Mutsuki through a traumatic event and coming to terms with his dark side.

Urie shares a personality trait with Kaneki that wasn’t really revealed until the passing of Shirazu, that Urie would sacrifice himself to make sure no other quinx is hurt every again by getting stronger. This mirrors what Kaneki did in part one by trying to stop Aogiri Tree. Urie has risked his own health to open frames to get stronger and by letting Hige go and fighting Donato on his own Urie will probably do the one thing Shiba told him not to

Thus foreshadowing that Urie will most likely do that turning him into a full half ghoul,thus following his Mentor in falling apart trying to help others.

Then there is Mutsuki who has been the most blatant parallel to Kaneki with the eyepatch and the sweet disposition. Yet, it was when Mutsuki was captured by Torso we learned that their was more to Mutsuki then we thought, much like we did about Kaneki during the Aogiri Tree arc. We learned about their families and the true nature of their childhood. Which leads to both of them accepting their darker side and fighting a stronger ghoul as if to seal the deal. 

Saiko however is the most stable of all the quinx’s as her Rc cell count hasn’t changed the most over the series and with it being 852 meaning it only spiked by 2 from the original 850. 

However, she is going through a very similar arc to Kaneki about learning that there is a difference between what a good ghoul and bad ghoul are and making the judgement for herself. Depending on where this character arc takes her she could either end up as a half-ghoul herself or in a way become an honorary if she decides to leave the CCG.

Yet, it all seems to fit considering

Kaneki was able to surpass Arima (I use surpass liberally here) which being a half-ghoul was what it took to “defeat” Arima, and as the quinx mentor it would make ironic sense if they follow in his foot steps.

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Hello Cor, Could you tell me if Kanou's note about Amon in volume 9 explains why his RC level is abnormally? and you know tell me if there's anyone else who has this same abnormal RC level in the manga?

Hello Nonny! Nope it doesn’t say why as far as I’m aware!

Some reasons why his Rc level sky rocketed could have been a combination of him receiving a kakuja kakuhou + being a Floppy. Seidou received his kagune from the Old Man Yoshi too but his surgery was a success so perhaps his body could take the burden for whatever reason. I’m interested to know if it’s linked to the human’s original Rc level, which we know varies. The way Amon’s kakuja tried to almost ‘eat’ Seidou and transfer Rc cells into him might seems like Amon’s kakuja is in a state where it’s almost on rampage through his body. Rather than integrating properly with his body like Kaneki and Seidou, it’s almost like a separate entity (omg my autocorrect just changed that to titty and I almost didn’t notice jfc)

Another reason could be simply that Kanou was taking a different approach with Amon and actively trying to create a kakuja.

We haven’t seen any reported Rc levels as high as Amon’s so far. Haise’s was around 2750 way back near the start however it’s probably increased since then. Seidou’s was 7188 so that’s a lot closer and perhaps reflects that they received a kakuja donor. I wonder what Eto’s was- whether her levels were high or if her status as a half ghoul meant she could use her Rc cells more efficiently?

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So I just talked to a friend about the thing with (maybe) RCiel having shot Agni/Soma, and suddenly he pointed out that, if RCiel is still alive, is Ut helping him? And if yes, why would he help RC to kill Ciel's friends? Basically, why would Ut support RC's revenge going that far, to the point where he'd let RC kill people Ciel cares about? (We know he cares about Soma/Agni) Or did Ut never care for Ciel? Because that doesn't seem likely at all. I just can't see Ut helping with this. Thoughts?

@midnight-in-town just answered pretty much the same question here in much detail and I agree with her. :)

We were all thinking that UT was the real mastermind of the sect. But if that person with the gun is really the twin I don’t think UT would support such actions when in the past he always seemed like he might even want to help our Ciel. And it would be very strange if that all changed all of a sudden and if UT would suddenly take the side of one twin in such a drastic way. So maybe UT actually isn’t that involved in the sect as we all thought. Or things are starting to get out of his control. At any rate, I don’t see UT supporting the real Ciel in killing people when he always told our Ciel to take care of his soul.

Happy Kuro Positivity Day, Anon! :)

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Hi,I loved your rcs of Lumia's hair and I was wondering if you could tell me wcif everything she's wearing? I checked your tag and didn't find anything. And this preview looks soo good <3 /post/158170743392/

if you were wanting like.. the makeup it can all be found on my resources page and the earrings have been answered, so that just leaves the top hahaha, and thank you 💕💕💕


Shikorae’s kagune and the power of “Jail”

So if you’ve read chapter 63 of Tokyo Ghoul:re, then you’ve probably seen this image of Shikorae appearing to use an ukaku kagune in addition to his bikaku kagune

This is important, as it shows us that Shikorae is a chimera with two different RC types. At this point I don’t think there is any real doubt that Shikorae is Rio, not only do they have identical bikaku, but now Shikorae’s ukaku seems to resemble Rio’s and we also get to see that Shikorae has the same eye markings as Rio when he uses his kagune.

Shikorae being Rio is no real shock at this point but the multiple RC types of Shikorae caught my attention. We know that Rio (as the ghoul “Jail”) was mass killing investigators with no problems. Killing a large number of CCG investigators is a pretty impressive feat and let’s not forget the damage he was able to deal to Kijima, a capable investigator himself. Shikorae’s multiple RC types seems to shed a little more light on Rio’s real power. Perhaps the markings around his eyes are somehow linked to him having multiple RC types and were part of what made “Jail” strong enough to kill investigators en masse. I also can’t help but wonder if Shikorae can use all four RC types rather than just the two RC types we’ve seen him use thus far, since it would seem strange to give four options for Rio’s kagune in the game but only make two of them canon. It could be that he was the child of two chimera or has a unique mutation in his genome himself or something but that’s just me speculating. Regardless, even if he only has the two RC types we’ve already seen, being a chimera makes him very formidable especially considering the versatility of a bikaku and the range of an ukaku. If Shikorae is truly capable of using all four RC types that would explain his ability to kill so many investigators in the Jail incident and also make him a terrifying foe for anyone he ends up facing later on.

Side note: I love his (headcanon) bromance with Seidou!

RC Levels

Just a list as a comparison for all the RC levels we’ve been given during the series to put it in perspective

In Chapter 2:

  • Haise: 2753
  • Urie: 902
  • Saiko: 850
  • Shirazu: 920
  • Mutsuki: 655

Mutsuki’s is the lowest and stated to be not that different from a normal human’s RC count

In Chapter 44 (showing Kanou’s subject’s progress after surgery):

  • Kaneki: 170 –> 911 –> ???
  • Seidou: 211.2 –> 7188.7
  • Kurona: 191 –> 4110
  • Nashiro: 189 –> 3789
  • Gagi and Guge: 3800

In Chapter 108:

  • Urie: 1911
  • Saiko: 852
  • Shao: 892
  • Hige: 701
  • Aura: 980
  • Mutsuki: *cliffhanger*

Saiko is magic, her level has only gone up 2 counts despite the enormous growth she’s gone through with her kagune.

I’m so curious to find out Mutsuki’s level- will it be close to Haise’s?

Also worth mentioning is Yamori, who was stated to have a 5000 RC level kagune to make up Juuzuo’s Quinque, counted as a ‘Monster Class’ kagune.

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Yeah, the haircuts this season for GG, LP and RC are just not good (GG & LP's haircuts look like aging society matrons and RC's is just odd).

I think RC’s short hair is miles better than his scraggly, greasy, limp do of seasons past.

New Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli costumes!!

•• custom made high waisted Hussar inspired riding coat embellished with gold, black and amber crystal embroidery

•• custom made long sleeved black lace bodysuit with a lace embroidered belt embellished with strass snake motif

•• custom made Victorian inspired black taffeta silk coat with lace ruche lining

(Sketches with captions found on RC’s instagram)


I wonder if this could be Amon related. Since a bunch of us think Amon could be held in the CCG facility…

  •      For one thing why would the CCG need to move a large store of RC suppressants to a new location except maybe to work on a subject even more so one with an extremely high RC count (Amon’s was 10,181).
  •      For another thing Amon has always been attached to the Major Aracana card The Emperor #4 from his birthday to certain symbols he carries.
  •      Also he seems to have an Arata armor possibly fused to him and we all know how interested the CCG is with the Arata kakuja and it’s usefulness.

what are the chances of Sphinx Trading Co’s weird RC juice being pumped into the dying bodies of old garden grads to preserve them?

…and is it anything like Eto possibly stuffing Noro full of RC cells to keep his creepy decrepit self going for so long?  

same for Kanou’s Q’s– presumably dead investigators being strung along by their new organs (and subsequent huge influx of RC cells)?

All of them share a weird puppet quality, so I feel like there’s something in common with them. Kanou says that ghoulification shortens a person’s lifespan, but presumably because– like his old pre-owl failures– the kakuhou consumes the host. But maybe if the amount is controlled, there’s a tiny window where the RC cells can use the body for basic survival purposes, just like the cordyceps fungus. 

  • Asami: Lost her mother a the age of 6 to benders
  • Asami: Doesn't hate benders nor blames them like her father did. Even dates one and eventually dates the Avatar
  • Asami: is an exceptional fighter without bending and extremely intelligent
  • Asami: Turns on her father, all she has left of her family and joins the Avatar
  • Asami: inherits a crumbing business at the age of 18 but does everything she can to keep it going
  • Asami: Supports to all her friends and knows how to comfort all of them. And is a completely selfless human being
  • Asami: Makes a very human mistake in a moment of weakness.
  • Asami: Continues to support Team Avatar and proves her amazing engineering skills by building a sand sailor from scrap metal.
  • Asami: Takes care of Korra at Korra's lowest point and even offers to leave her business(what she sees as the last of her family)behind just to help Korra recover
  • Asami: Pretty much picks up that failing business that was going bankrupt and rebuilds RC's infrastructure around the spirit wilds all on her own at the age of 19
  • Asami: Speaks to her father 5 years after he pretty much tried to kill her and eventually forgives him
  • Asami: Creates the suits that cut through Kuvira's giant mech
  • Asami: Loses her father after finally forgiving him
  • Half of the fandom: Asami is so bland and boring. Ugh she's so clingy and useless. She's such a Mary Sue it's annoying. She didn't do anything.

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She thought she would become famous as S Hunter, simply by marrying him, because she's terribly fabulous in her own mind. Fame by association. It worked for a bit after the engag: pr about the multi-talented educated fiance of the internet boyfriend. Then they did their rc's & showed there was nothing there, just two pissy out of sync people with no chemistry no romance in sight. She's empty--no charm, no personality. The media moved on. They get write ups only if their pr pushes or her fuckery.