Oh, the island life

Sun tanning, snorkeling shipwrecked remains, and re-living the battle of 1813 like it was yesterday. 

RBR struck gold when we were invited to play at the Tall Ships Festival over labor day weekend this past summer. Taking place in Kelleys Island, Ohio, the festival celebrates the victory of the U.S. in the naval Battle at Lake Erie. Original vessels from the battle gathered to re-enact the struggle on the water. The island seemed to be transformed into a time capsule of people dressed in the garb of the day, complete with cannons firing to commemorate the event. 

When we weren’t playing tunes for festival-goers, we were bicycling around the island accompanied by the notorious captain Barnes and one of our wonderful hosts, Bob Zeller. We enjoyed watching the other artists as well as jamming with the crew of the Appledore ship. 

A huge thanks to our wonderful hosts, the Zeller family, who made this trip possible.


We were also excited to see our friends, the Nossek family, at the celebration!

String Academy of the Plains Residency Many thanks to our hosts Priscilla and Gordon Hallberg of the String Academy of the Plains for organizing a wonderful weekend of workshops, performances, and dancing with Run Boy Run. Here are a few pictures of our four day residency in Garden City and highlights from the weekend. Please visit their website to read about the String Academy of the Plains: http://thestringacademy.com/String_Academy/Welcome.html  Friday, 8/23 Demonstration at Garden City High School auditorium for their music classes For thirty minutes, we performed for the band, choir, and orchestra classes at Garden City High School. In addition to talking about our instruments, traditional music, and our songwriting, we performed the following songs:  “Get Up Jake” “Little Girl” “Roving Davey” “Wild Bill” “Train on the Island” Saturday, 8/24 High Plains Public Radio (HPPR) interview and on-air performance with Debra Bolton & Lynn Boitano on their Silver Rails Radio Show. We love public radio! Sunday, 8/25 Bekah, Jen, and Grace sang “God Dipped his Pen of Love” at the community church service and invited the congregation to come to the square dance that evening.  Square Dance at the Congregational Church  30 people from Garden City and the Tumbleweed Music Festival came to jam, learn square dances, and dance the night away. It was a great way to close out the Tumbleweed Music Festival. Grace called the dances, with one participant joining in to call a line dance, and Matt and Run Boy Run providing the fiddle tunes. We were excited to have two brave youngsters from the local fiddle group “String Beans” sit in with us and learn rhythmic back-up.  Monday, 8/26 Workshops and Group Jams 6 - 7 PM: One-on-one workshops with String Academy students 7 - 7:30 PM: Run Boy Run demonstration 7:30 - 8 PM: Group jam at the Congregational Church, led by RBR 8 - 9:30 PM: Fiddle, guitar, and singing workshops at the Congregational Church About 30 participants attended our Monday night workshops, bringing a mix of fiddles, viola, and guitars. Participants joined in on the group jam at the beginning, playing fiddle tunes like “Boil the Cabbage”, “Devil’s Dream”, and “Soldier’s Joy”, and then worked with Run Boy Run to learn vocal and instrumental parts to Angeline the Baker.  Everyone walked away with a new fiddle tune and a good experience playing in a group setting. 

Setlist collage at the State Room, Salt Lake City, and a view from backstage during sound check. We’re tucked in there to the left next to @campgreensky. We had a blast opening for The Special Consensus tonight. Great to see friends from the Ogden Music Fest. Can’t wait to be back in Utah!

Fancy-free on the Front Range

We took a few days off from tour last week.  We took them in our hands, cradled them, and let them sit quietly as we settled into a few days of rest in the Denver area.  We’d been touring for five weeks, with another five weeks staring us in the face, and we wanted to take a step back to catch our breath. So we hunkered down in the foothills of the front range at a family’s home, exploring the cities, riding our bikes (we’ve finally unhitched them!), and spending a few of the dollars we’d been saving on our tour. Here are a couple photos from our excursions! —G

There are a number of great bike shops in the Boulder/Denver area.  I had a wonderful experience with the good folks at Standard Bike Repair (http://www.standardbikerepair.com/), who helped me “Watch, Help, and Learn” to fix my own bike.  Jesse had a major repair done seamlessly by folks at Salvagetti Bicycles (http://www.salvagetti.com/), and Matt and Bekah went for a spin in downtown Denver’s on rent-a-bikes. Bike city!  Keeping to our two-wheeled vehicles, we fell in love with the city’s architecture, all right next to beautiful countryside.

Our CDs are now being sold at Bart’s Music Shack! A very rad record store on Boulder’s Pearl Street. (http://www.bartsmusicshack.com/)

And, although not exactly from our rest days, we owe a big shout out to the fabulous sound engineer Shaun Wall, for doing our sound at our Denver show at the Walnut Room. Finicky acoustic instruments need a good ear at shows!

Last but not least–it looks like somebody made like a bandit and snagged Moby some new VHS tapes for the road!  Perhaps we ought to add dramatic film recreations to our live show repertoire…. Look out!