people really need to understand that lesbians and gay men really are no more “visible” or “represented” than bi/pan people. you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how homophobia works, and how gayness is seen by most people (especially homophobes)

like, give me a list of at least ten characters who get to say “i am gay/lesbian”. i cannot really think of many, because most of the time characters are not explicitly one identity. they are hinted to be same gender attracted through stereotypes or some kind of “well, y’know…”, and most of them are jokes or they die (bury your gays has always been a moral lesson on how being sga leads to unhappiness)

when homophobes talk or think of “h*m*sexuality”, they do not think “man who exclusively loves men”. to them, it’s a condition or an act, the same way “s*d*m*te” was a person who had strayed to committing sins (eg anal or oral sex [between the same gender]). they do not think, ah, yes, gay men are 100% sinful while bi men are only 50% sinful. we’re all just s*d*m*tes to them in an equalmanner

so when homophobes speak of h*m*sexuality, it’s not gayness being visible or represented. and acting like it is and we somehow benefit from it is incredibly homophobic and benefits no one but homophobes. like, if these people truly saw gayness as an identity, why would they believe in conversion therapy and shit like “lesbians just haven’t met the right man”? but sure, because the porn category is “lesbian” and not “bi women”, even when it’s porn for men and othen including men, it proves lesbians are more privileged

might write more on this later but yeah, sip on that my friends

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