Interesting facts about Kens character. If you’re interested you can read

So, like my other OC, in his canon (main verse) Ken is actually supposed to die (hence why I reblogged that meme). How I had envisioned it is that Kens brother (yes he has a brother, he NEVER talks about him. He mentions his parents but he’ll never mention his younger brother) is the one who kills him.

Since Kens parents view him as a failure they would have Ken and his brother fight for their favor. Naturally, Ken doesn’t care, but they threaten to ruin the rest of his life if he doesn’t accept the challenge. What Ken doesn’t know is that it’s a fight to the death.

As you would imagine, since he hasn’t been training as hard as his younge rbrother has, he loses the duel. Ken is impaled with a sword and begins bleeding out. His brother, a bit mortified (Kens parents had been feeding his little brother lies the whole time as to why Ken was never around), can’t finish off Ken so his father does it instead.

His parents dispose of his body (dump it into the ocean) and their family takes one more family picture, a picture of his mother and father with their hands on Kens younger brothers shoulders. The picture resembles Kens first family photo he took with them.

So ye that’s actually a thing I had planned.


New Releases for later half of February for Brothers Conflict 

<3 Love the artwork for Brothers Conflict feat. Natsume <3 So cute

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